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Name: James Godwin
Service: Army
E-Mail: Jamesgodwin255@gmail.com
Unit: 1/17th FA A btry 75 th
Name: Robert Kamp
Service: Army
E-Mail: rkamp7@yahoo.com
Unit: 345th CSH
Name: Evelyn
Service: Army
E-Mail: firimarie@gmail.com
Unit: 201st evacuation Hospital
Name: Martin Shaw
Service: Army
E-Mail: Martin.shaw61@icloud.com
Unit: A co 2/68 Armor Baumholder
Name: dennis davis 1/5 ADA
Service: Army
E-Mail: dennisdavis87@yahoo.com
Unit: 1/5 ADA Ft Stewart GA
Name: Leslie Morrison
Service: Army
E-Mail: ds1cav@man.com
Unit: 1st Cav
Name: Stephen Venneman
Service: Army
E-Mail: stephen.venneman@gmail.com
Unit: F TAB 333FA, 3rd Armored Dicision
Name: Marvin Blackwell
Service: Army
E-Mail: marvinblackwell9@gmail.com
Unit: 4-67 Armor Bandit
Name: Richard Robinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: rrobbin2569@gmail.com
Unit: 8th ORD CO. Ft Bragg
Name: David A. Pass
Service: Army
E-Mail: davidpass5@cox.net
Unit: 1st AD, G2
Name: Michael Hank
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mhank@uw.edu
Unit: 1st Force Recon CO
Name: Ronnie Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronnie.smith.jr@gmail.com
Unit: 632nd Maint Company
Name: Charles O'connor
Service: Army
E-Mail: oconnorc59@aol.com
Unit: 3rd Infintry Division
Name: Dan Cummings
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dcummings2a3@gmail.com
Unit: NMCB1 1
Name: Wells, Leonard"Tony"
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tony_wells45@aol.com
Unit: 3/3 TARO
Name: Raouf Bishay
Service: Army
E-Mail: Raouf@comcast.net
Unit: Reserve operation center
Name: stephen christensen
Service: Navy
E-Mail: urbanprankster2006@yahoo.com
Unit: at (tow) co, 1st tank bn, 1st Marine Division
Name: Matthew Timony
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: crttact@yahoo.com
Unit: 1/4 Charlie Co.
Name: Stephen Boyd
Service: Army
E-Mail: sksboyd@gmail.com
Unit: C-Troop 1/ 2 ACR
Name: Sylvia Magallanes Eberly
Service: Army
E-Mail: Eberlysyl@hotmail.com
Unit: HHB 35th ADA BDE
Name: Joey Martin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: joemartinxgpmudloggers@gmail.com
Unit: Fox Battery 2/14
Name: Damon Reese
Service: Army
E-Mail: dreese1118@aol.com
Unit: HHC 3/187 INF. REGT.
Name: Daniel Botsford
Service: Army
E-Mail: dbotsfordtat@yahoo.com
Unit: Aco, 4/66 Armor
Name: Bill Walton
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: wwalton67@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/7 H&S Company
Name: Dellun C Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: lmiller@careersourceclm.com
Unit: 5th 158th
Name: Marsha Jill Mann
Service: Army
E-Mail: marshajillmann@gmail.com
Unit: HHB 212 Field Artillery Fort Sill Oklahoma
Name: charles nevels
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeffnevels@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st battalion 67th armor 2nd armor div
Service: Army
E-Mail: collette.weary.civ@mail.mil
Unit: BAMC
Name: Jeff Jaenson
Service: Army
E-Mail: what_about_jeff@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 3/41 2AD
Name: Shawn hughes
Service: Army
E-Mail: s_hughes08@yahoo.com
Unit: A/3 320 FA 101st airborne div
Name: leslie
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: leslie_arellanes@hotmail.com
Unit: A co 1/4 platoon 2 rm 329
Name: Anthony Thompson
Service: Army
E-Mail: netookska05@msn.com
Unit: 4/27 th FA, 6/32
Name: James Thomas Ashmore
Service: Army
E-Mail: jtashmore@gmail.com
Unit: 2nd Armored Division
Name: Edward Ortman
Service: Navy
E-Mail: wealthymtguardian@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Wisconsin BB-64
Name: Darren Brunson
Service: Army
E-Mail: darren.brunson@tamucc.edu
Unit: 1011th S&S
Name: Donald Goram
Service: Army
E-Mail: dggoram@gmail.com
Unit: C Co 19th Engr Bn
Name: Jeff Sitze
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sitzeicurn@gmail.com
Unit: HMM 365
Name: steven renner
Service: Army
E-Mail: fixitguy331@aol.com
Unit: 92d engineer bn
Name: fred nelson
Service: Army
E-Mail: fnelson1@fidnet.com
Unit: 181 chemical co
Name: Ed Lager
Service: Army
E-Mail: eddielager@yahoo.com
Unit: C btry 1-158 MLRS
Name: B. Matthew Scudieri
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: matt_scudieri@yahoo.com
Unit: MCSSD28 / 8th Motors 2fssg
Name: Ed Turner
Service: Army
E-Mail: ethome4u@yahoo.com
Unit: 4/159th
Name: charles oconnor
Service: Coast Guard
E-Mail: ChasConn54@yahoo.com
Unit: PSU-301
Name: Richard N Clark
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rclark_65714@suddenlink.net
Unit: A 1/11
Service: Army
E-Mail: dvallellanes62@yahoo.com
Unit: Fort Hood, Texas
Name: Billy Brinsfield
Service: Army
E-Mail: billybrinsfield@yahoo.com
Unit: 385TH SIGNAL CO.
Name: Jeff Pulfrey
Service: Army
E-Mail: pulfrey@charter.net
Unit: 9002nd trans 22nd Support Grp
Name: ronald M campbell
Service: Army
E-Mail: campelectrical@yahoo.com
Unit: 38th signal battalion
Name: Dennis P Longdaue
Service: Army
E-Mail: dlongdaue@comcast.net
Unit: 618th Engr co,le,abn
Name: Robinson, David E Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: daviderobjr@gmail.com
Unit: HHC, DISCOM, 82nd Abn Div
Name: Don Grogan
Service: Army
E-Mail: dsvet65@yahoo.com
Unit: 632nd
Name: Denise A. Evans
Service: Army
E-Mail: Daenikerocks@aol.com
Unit: 1st Tiger Brigade
Name: Travis E. Kloth
Service: Army
E-Mail: travkloth@gmail.com
Unit: 320th FA, 101st ABN DIV
Name: Michael Brewer
Service: Army
E-Mail: Mickbrewer76@att.net
Unit: 21st TAACOM (CA) Indianapolis
Name: Jaimie A. Brehler
Service: Army
E-Mail: iformudd@hotmail.com
Unit: US Army SETAF
Name: James M Idland
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jimidland@gmail.com
Unit: NMCB-1
Name: Anthony Bennett
Service: Army
E-Mail: ahbennett@mchsi.com
Unit: D Btry, 6/3 ADA, Stinger Platoon
Name: jerry cress
Service: Army
E-Mail: thejscproject@gmail.com
Unit: HHC 2/18 INF, Scout Plt. 197th Inf Bde
Name: William Cosby
Service: Army
E-Mail: wcosby@netcourrier.com
Unit: 2/320 Field Artillery, 101st Airborne Division
Name: James R. Green
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: agi6521@gmail.com
Unit: Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 16
Name: Fred "Bo" Dunning
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bodunning@gmail.com
Unit: 1st TFW
Name: Kelly McClain
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kellymcclain@centurylink.net
Unit: 2nd marines
Name: Scott Sturm
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: 5sturms@gmail.com
Unit: 1st Fighter Wing
Name: steven Monticue
Service: Army
E-Mail: smonticue@hotmail.com
Unit: 192 qm
Name: Michelle Renee Wiley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Wrightm35@hotmail.com
Unit: Bahrain
Name: Michael Dykes
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dykesorama@gmail.com
Name: Andrew Coon
Service: Army
E-Mail: acoon@army.mil
Unit: 5th SFG. 595 ODA 3rd
Name: Brian Scheider
Service: Army
E-Mail: brianscheider@yahoo.com
Unit: CID
Name: james norman
Service: Army
E-Mail: jamesnorman7667
Unit: hhc 1/8 cavalry division
Name: Brian Cooper
Service: Army
E-Mail: becoop2@gmail.com
Unit: A Co 7th/159th Aviation Reg Germany
Name: Troy Hochstetler
Service: Army
E-Mail: troy_hock@yahoo.com
Unit: 4/7 Inf. HHC medic
Name: Douglas Dare
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: doug.dare@greenbush.org
Unit: Kilo 3/9
Name: brian davidson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: briandavidsonelect@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/2 lima co. 87-91
Name: Wagner, Marion D
Service: Army
E-Mail: dewayne.07@hotmail.com
Unit: B Btry 6th Bn 3rd ADA
Name: James L. Ballard Jr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bigjim-cvamc@hotmail.com
Unit: VMGR 352/252
Name: Hector Antonio Rodriguez
Service: Army
E-Mail: hrod581@gmail.com
Unit: B Btry 1-39th AFAR
Name: sergio
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: salvarado72@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd tank btn tow co
Name: Robert Morris
Service: Army
E-Mail: Remorris65@gmail.com
Unit: 47th Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
Name: Duane Stone
Service: Army
E-Mail: ceal29@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/6 cav 11th avn
Name: Scott G. Koennicke (Lumpy)
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: z2868camaro@yahoo.com
Unit: 354th TFW (USAFA)
Name: Ralph ( Chip) Steinberg
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: penthrynn@aol.com
Unit: 4449 MOBSS
Name: Dale A. Webster
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: vetscop1999@yahoo.com
Unit: 4401 Air Postal Unit / 2040 Comm Squad
Name: Sheila Dawn Lewis
Service: Army
E-Mail: s.lewis718991@gmail.com
Unit: A Quartermaster company/Ohio
Name: Randy Thornton
Service: Army
E-Mail: Thorntonlawn@yahoo.com
Unit: 325th Maintenance Co. With 7th Core
Name: Michael V. DeGaetano
Service: Army
E-Mail: Mvdegaetano@yahoo.com
Unit: 197th inf medical company
Name: Millard Lee Moore
Service: Army
E-Mail: CSMLeeMoore@cox.net
Unit: 311the MI Bn, 101 Airborne Division
Name: Carlos T. Mendoza
Service: Army
E-Mail: cmendoza31@sbcglobal.net
Unit: HHC 34th Sig Bn, EMS
Name: Darren Brunson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Brunson81@gmail.com
Unit: 1011th s&s co.
Name: Greg Fetchko
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: usmctank@comcast.net
Unit: Aco 1st Tk Bn 1st Mar Div. TF Ripper
Name: robert Rappley
Service: Army
E-Mail: iraqsgtbob@aol.com
Unit: C/588th engr Bn
Name: Robert Schmidt
Service: Army
E-Mail: chefrobert69@gmail.com
Unit: 5th/8th FA
Name: Fred Bailor
Service: Army
E-Mail: Bailor@verizon net
Unit: 300th Field Hospital
Name: Theresa Dionne
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tdionne3@verizon.net
Unit: 337th Airlift Squadron
Name: Michael L. Billotte
Service: Army
E-Mail: mlbillotte@me.com
Unit: HHC 2nd BDE - 24th Inf. Div. (Mech)
Service: Army
E-Mail: paula.j.hall.civ@mail.mil
Name: Char Weber
Service: Army
E-Mail: char0318@aol.com
Unit: 249Th Blacklion Battalion Karlsruhe Germany
Name: Dennis Hill
Service: Army
E-Mail: Ezhillmi@gmail.com
Unit: 9002nd T.C.
Name: oscar l jones
Service: Navy
E-Mail: adonlaura@hotmail.com
Unit: comsixthflt
Name: Israel Rodriguez
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gorays47@aol.com
Unit: Bravo Co
Name: deena
Service: Army
E-Mail: deenabrigham@gmail.com
Unit: HHQ 5th ID
Name: Tim Alexander
Service: Army
E-Mail: timaalexander@aol.com
Unit: 936th Maintenance Company
Name: David D Hatfield
Service: Army
E-Mail: ddhatfield@gmail.com
Unit: HQ USCENTOM Deployed Forward HQ
Name: richard cure
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rickcure@yahoo.com
Unit: hotel 3/12 10th marines
Name: Andre Tetrault
Service: Army
E-Mail: andrerogert@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/325 PIR
Name: Andrew F. Hartnett
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: medevac1611@comcast.net
Unit: 1611 AES(P) Delaware Air Nat'l Guard
Name: William G. Davis, II
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: sycamore20@netzero.net
Unit: 436th Security Police Squadron
Name: Glenn Stewart
Service: Army
E-Mail: gstwt60@gmail.com
Unit: C Co, 13th Signal Bn 1St Cav
Name: Robert
Service: Army
E-Mail: pyrosthenes@yahoo.com
Unit: C17 Sig atached to 143Sig/3AD
Name: Paul Bannister II
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pbann1611@gmail.com
Unit: 3/1 Mike Company
Name: Joseph M Agredano
Service: Army
E-Mail: jmagredano@comcast.net
Unit: 101st airborne 3/320 fa
Name: Steve Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: htimsds9999@yahoo.com
Unit: A Btry 2/43 ADA
Name: 1SG Brian Adams
Service: Army
E-Mail: Adamsb422000@gmail.com
Unit: Charlie Battery 3/43 ADA
Name: Eric Thorn
Service: Army
E-Mail: ethorn12@comcast.net
Unit: 121st signal battalion, 1st ID
Name: Daniel A Dembinski
Service: Navy
E-Mail: glassriverflyrods@hotmail.com
Unit: Seal Team 3
Name: Christopher Lee Kelley
Service: Army
E-Mail: ibleedcrimson69@gmail.com
Unit: 3/4 AdA
Name: Thomas A Day
Service: Army
E-Mail: cindyandtommy@hotmail.com
Unit: 437th mp co, 190th mp co during desert-storm
Name: John C Gordy
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Jcgiii@me.com
Unit: USS Princeton (CG 59)
Name: Tony Wilkerson
Service: Army
E-Mail: tdwilk43@yahoo.com
Unit: 428th MEDSOM
Name: Eddie Aubrey
Service: Army
E-Mail: budman115491@yahoo.com
Unit: HHT 1-7 Cav
Name: jay
Service: Army
E-Mail: jaysnk19@yahoo.com
Unit: c co. 3/5 cav
Name: Todd Kilgore
Service: Army
E-Mail: lktk@rocketmail.com
Unit: HHC 2/67 ARBN
Name: Chet R. Reagan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: iowafalconer@gmail.com
Unit: Fox Co 2nd Medical Bn Field Hospital
Name: Mike Bagley
Service: Army
E-Mail: mbagley@hmtel.com
Unit: D Co 522 MI LRSD
Name: carl tidwell
Service: Army
E-Mail: cctidwell73177@msn.com
Unit: E co 724 SB 24th ID
Name: Ronald Byrd
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: byrd.ron@dol.gov
Unit: 438 maw
Name: Robert L. Herbert Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: herbdtr@gmail.com
Unit: 24th Signal C company
Name: Rodney LeBlanc
Service: Army
E-Mail: rover12away@yahoo.com
Unit: 844th Eng. Co. A
Name: Robbyn Wallace
Service: Army
E-Mail: heavannah@yahoo.com
Unit: Mississippi 155 BCT
Name: Marty Yaw
Service: Army
E-Mail: sentinel46@verizon.net
Unit: HHC 2nd Bn, 34th Armor
Name: Shane Edenfield
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: secondshot223@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co 1/6
Name: James Stewart
Service: Army
E-Mail: freddy776@gmail.com
Unit: 3rd Combat Eng. 24th Infantry Div
Name: Rodney Sturgill
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rsturgill70@gmail.com
Unit: I 3/11
Name: Scott Clark
Service: Army
E-Mail: sclark7136@gmail.com
Unit: B CO 3/37 Armor 1ST ID
Name: SPC John H Aguiar
Service: Army
E-Mail: soxfan271@hotmail.com
Unit: HHT 1-4 Cav
Name: joanna reed
Service: Army
E-Mail: reedjoanna@yahoo.com
Unit: 300th field hospital
Name: Roger Moore
Service: Army
E-Mail: mroger@okstate.edu
Unit: 4-66 AR
Name: Dawnyel McCarty
Service: Army
E-Mail: dmccarty68@gmail.com
Unit: 1113th Trans Co.
Name: Donald Carter
Service: Army
E-Mail: chief3667@aol.com
Unit: 337 Armor 1 Division
Name: Willey Thompson
Service: Army
E-Mail: thorn65@aol.com
Unit: 238th Ranger
Name: Raul Marquez
Service: Army
E-Mail: buggzee1964@yahoo.com
Unit: 43rd Eng.2/3 ACR
Name: Carl Russell
Service: Army
E-Mail: crussell68@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 32nd MEDSOM
Name: Richard Shives
Service: Army
E-Mail: shivesster@gmail.com
Unit: 2/4 CAV, Ft. Stewart, GA
Name: Patrick Orr
Service: Army
E-Mail: patrick.orr@aol.com
Unit: 345th CSH
Name: Jeff Baldwin
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Noleone9123@gmail.com
Unit: CV-60
Name: Kevin Hearn
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ihsmantx@yahoo.com
Unit: 35 TFW Weasles Baby!
Name: Jerry Parker
Service: Army
E-Mail: jerry.parker@live.ttcshelbyville.edu
Unit: RSS 2nd ACR
Name: Scott Coomer
Service: Navy
E-Mail: scott.fmp@gmail.com
Unit: USS Reasoner and USS Fife
Name: William Renta
Service: Army
E-Mail: msgrenta@gmail.com
Unit: 189th PSC Kleber Germany
Name: Steve Larimore
Service: Army
E-Mail: lslarimore@insightbb.com
Unit: B Co, 124th MI Bn
Name: David Hall
Service: Army
E-Mail: bradfield53@yahoo.com
Unit: 5th MASH
Name: JAMES Mako
Service: Army
Unit: 108TH mp CO, (BRAGG)
Name: Andrea LoIacono
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: aclswcomp@yahoo.com
Unit: 1683 ALCS (P)
Name: Eric Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: smitheric2@yahoo.com
Unit: 4-1 Aviation Battalion
Name: Lawrence Semmel
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: afvet28@aol.com
Unit: 70th APS (Reserve)
Name: William Lingenfelter
Service: Army
E-Mail: alpha14@gmail.com
Unit: A Co. 4/67 Armor
Name: Bryant Barbee
Service: Army
E-Mail: topnotchcleaningservices1@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/17 FA Ft. Sill Oklahoma
Service: Army
Unit: C CO 5th BN 16th INF (DEVIL RANGERS)
Name: james m kovach
Service: Army
E-Mail: jkovach1137@comcast.net
Unit: 13th ord co
Name: Russell Holmes
Service: Army
E-Mail: haldans@yahoo.com
Unit: D Co, 201 MI BN, 513 MI BDE
Name: Cary Snyder
Service: Army
E-Mail: Cary.Snyder@Sprint.com
Unit: 4th B N 66th Armor 3rdID
Name: Figueria Hiram
Service: Army
E-Mail: hiram.figueroa@us.army.mil
Unit: 1 CAV
Name: Ernesto Escobales
Service: Army
E-Mail: titoadjuntas@yahoo.com
Unit: F Co 24 Avn Reg Hunter AAF
Name: John P. Gilles
Service: Army
E-Mail: jj76541@ymail.com
Unit: 1st ID Divarty
Name: Corey Perrillioux
Service: Army
E-Mail: coreyperrillioux@yahoo.com
Unit: 101st 2/44 ADA
Name: van howard
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tv.howard@gmail.com
Unit: headquarters co, 8th mar
Name: Jason Dousharm
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jaydoo88@yahoo.com
Unit: 554 SSF
Name: Marcus Mingo Sr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: marcus.mingo@us.army
Unit: 270th Transportation Detachment
Name: Christopher geiman
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Will047@hotmail.com
Unit: Unknown
Service: Army
E-Mail: otis_lavell@yahoo.com
Unit: 9th engineers alpha company
Name: Lisa Mia Kennedy
Service: Navy
E-Mail: luvgodluvpeople@aol.com
Unit: AIMD
Name: Thomas (Ted) Simmons
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: baron.tadhg@gmail.com
Unit: HMA-775
Name: Troy Blayne Cary
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tcary@me.com
Unit: NHO 420
Name: Timothy L. Snell
Service: Army
E-Mail: snelltim2002@gmail.com
Unit: 92nd Chemical Company (Recon)
Name: Douglas Horne
Service: Army
E-Mail: horned324@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Signal Batallion and B 2-7 ADA
Name: Jim Oxenreider
Service: Army
E-Mail: james.oxenreider@us.army.mil
Unit: HHC 3/5 CAV
Name: dean
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bird_360@hotmail.com
Unit: 728th acs/ 75th ranger
Name: Phil Chavez
Service: Army
E-Mail: Tyrant_real_8@yahoo.com
Unit: 79 ECB and 249 ECB
Service: Army
Name: Deirdre Lint
Service: Army
E-Mail: dlint7777@gmail.com
Unit: 586th Maintenance
Name: Ninia Deloris Richie-Thomas
Service: Army
E-Mail: nirith2304@aol.com
Unit: 502 PSC
Name: Page Yahnke
Service: Army
E-Mail: Stoic8@yahoo.com
Unit: 24th Infantry (Mechanized)
Name: John M. Keane
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jmkeane2002@yahoo.com
Unit: 7440th Combat Wing {Provisional}
Name: Mike A. Santillanes
Service: Navy
E-Mail: santillanesma@gmail.com
Unit: 5th BN 11th MAR 1st MARDIV
Name: Joe Glass
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jglass@coxinet.net
Unit: HE Plt Supt Co 1st CEB, CSSD-16
Name: Patrick C Noble
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pcn@olypen.com
Unit: Various, 1st Mar Regt, Task Force Papa Bear
Name: Hector Santiago
Service: Navy
E-Mail: hlsantiago@gmail.com
Name: Peace William
Service: Army
E-Mail: bearhunter@phreego.com
Unit: 9th ENG/ 237th ENGINEERS
Name: Richard Darnell
Service: Army
E-Mail: iampd4@gmail.com
Unit: 498th Spt Bn 2AD (FWD)
Name: Scott Herman
Service: Army
E-Mail: Scottherman.fl@gmail.com
Unit: 52
Name: Linda Vetre
Service: Army
E-Mail: llong827@gmail.com
Unit: Delta 2/7 ADA, 11th ADA Bde
Name: David L. Bennett
Service: Army
E-Mail: david.l.bennett@us.army.mil
Unit: 76th HEM CO
Name: Donnie Lambert
Service: Army
E-Mail: donnielambert1@verizon.net
Unit: 3rd Armored Cav.
Name: Christina Stanley
Service: Army
E-Mail: clstanley@mchsi.com
Unit: 28th Combat Support Hospital
Name: Vanessa L. Calica
Service: Army
E-Mail: leimomi122@comcast.net
Unit: HQ, 46th Engineer Battalion
Name: William Roberson
Service: Army
E-Mail: admin@confusedveterans.com
Unit: 84th Chemical, 46th Chemical, 2nd Chemical Bn.
Name: Maximino Berrios
Service: Army
E-Mail: maximino.berrios@us.army.mil
Unit: 23 Engineer BN
Name: Richard Hollingsworth
Service: Army
E-Mail: richard.hollingsworth@us.army.mil
Unit: 233rd Transportation Company
Service: Army
Name: LT Rick Hawkins, USNR
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rickhawk27@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Truett (FF-1095)
Name: Kenneth Mouton
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kenmouton46@yahoo.com
Unit: MWSS 273, MCAS Beaufort SC
Name: SD Proctor
Service: Army
E-Mail: sandmanlives@msn.com
Unit: 1/7 ADA
Name: Ted deWit
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tdwneb@gmail.com
Unit: 23rd TFW
Name: Jeffrey Crosby
Service: Army
E-Mail: horsewoman_97344@yahoo.com
Unit: HQ-HC 3-35 AR 1st AD Bamberg, Germany
Name: Christopher J. Zastrow
Service: Army
E-Mail: cjzastrow@gmail.com
Unit: 13th Signal Battalion
Name: Timothy Brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: i.am.timmyb@gmail.com
Unit: 369th PSC
Name: Vanota Atkinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Langenau19@web.de
Unit: C 3/17 FA
Name: Eric F. Holman
Service: Army
E-Mail: eztrucker247@yahoo.com
Unit: Civil Service/Big Red One
Name: Gregory Lowe
Service: Army
E-Mail: thelowerider@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd AD (fwd)
Name: michael mooney
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: michaelmooney5@aol.com
Unit: edwards afb det-3
Name: Carmen T. Pitre
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: cpitre@live.com
Unit: 39 MSSQ
Name: William P Buemi
Service: Army
E-Mail: Williampbuemi@comcast.net
Unit: Delta Battery 5/3 ADA
Name: George pearman
Service: Army
E-Mail: Gp61197@gmail.com
Unit: A 2/187 inf
Name: Richard Szabo Jr.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rzabo2@live.com
Unit: 1st/14th Bravo Batt. Pico Rivera CA
Name: Robert McGuire
Service: Army
E-Mail: bpmcguire@aol.com
Unit: 82nd Batallion engineers
Name: Ed Pickering
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: southflfiremedic@gmail.com
Unit: TOW Co. 8th Tnk
Name: Robert Edward Deakins
Service: Army
E-Mail: rsldeakins@yahoo.com
Unit: 11 BDE 3/43 ADA Ft. Bliss
Name: Leisa Meachell Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: lmiller32179@yahoo.com
Unit: 5th/158th Aviation Brigade
Name: Benny James
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: benny.james@ec.rr.com
Unit: Headquarters 8th Marines
Name: Dennis Scott Fulkerson
Service: Army
E-Mail: dsfulker@yahoo.com
Unit: 312th Military Intelligence - 1st Cav
Name: victor r berrios
Service: Army
E-Mail: vberriosg@aol.com
Unit: 6/43 ada-2/43 ada
Name: AL Moore
Service: Army
E-Mail: almoore900@comcast.net
Unit: 19th Engineer Bn.
Name: Brian Paul Coppinger
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bkcoppinger@wavecable.com
Unit: first medical battalion
Service: Army
Unit: 920TH
Name: Stephen Waugh
Service: Army
E-Mail: swaugh.2010@live.com
Unit: 630th Trans
Name: Willie Mae Ashley
Service: Army
E-Mail: collie.jones8674@att.net
Unit: 988 Supply Company Dublin, Ga.
Name: Frank
Service: Navy
E-Mail: fcs39532@yahoo.com
Unit: Cargo Handling Battalion 13
Name: Thom Perry
Service: Army
E-Mail: gulfwar911@gmail.com
Unit: Aco 326 Eng. Bn. 101st ABN Div
Name: Paul Wheeler
Service: Army
E-Mail: cameradoodle@hotmail.com
Unit: 380th QM CO
Name: John Gloria
Service: Army
E-Mail: john.gloria@us.army.mil
Unit: 5-7 ADA
Name: Olaf Jorek
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: olaf.jorek@gmail.com
Unit: 35th Tactical Fighter Wing 35 CRS
Name: Ronald D. Kline
Service: Army
E-Mail: zzflattop@msn.com
Unit: 101st
Name: robert gomer
Service: Army
E-Mail: S_Drag0n@yahoo.com
Unit: 43rd eng bat
Name: Joan Gilbertson/Frye MOS: 76V
Service: Army
E-Mail: goodwin2@iland.net
Unit: HSC, 426th S & T BN
Name: Denis M. Craft
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: DC8791@aol.com
Unit: VMFA-451
Name: jeff stephens
Service: Army
E-Mail: buddah82000@yahoo.com
Unit: HHT 2/8cav 1cav div
Name: Erik Jeglinski
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ejeglinski@comcast.net
Unit: Attack Squadron VA-75 - CV67
Service: Army
Unit: 4 3/4 ARMOR
Name: catherine
Service: Other
E-Mail: hhfmn_cthrn@yahoo.com
Unit: army
Name: Rob Mitchell
Service: Army
E-Mail: mitchman777@yahoo.com
Unit: 316 Qm Co.
Name: chel jump
Service: Army
E-Mail: cheljump@verizon.net
Unit: 24th QM Det
Name: Scott
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Nomad33fw@gmail.com
Unit: 33d TFW 58FS
Name: Fabian Jefferson
Service: Army
E-Mail: fabian.jefferson@us.army.mil
Name: leal alejandro g
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: alejandroleal1969@live.com
Unit: 23 Tactical Fighter Wing
Name: David Dickson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ddickson40@ymail.com
Unit: Lco 3/6
Name: John Bell
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeb525@live.net
Unit: 9th Avn Bn 101st
Name: Jimmy Rich
Service: Army
E-Mail: daisy4006@hotmail.com
Unit: 43rd ENGR/36th GRP
Name: John S Myers Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: jsm6657@yahoo.com
Unit: 82nd Airborne Division, HHC 4/325th PIR
Name: Erik Sapre
Service: Army
E-Mail: cyops888@yahoo.com
Unit: C/24th Signal Bn 24th Infantry Division Mechanized
Name: Robert Hunter
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hwarrn@yahoo.com
Unit: HQCo, 2nMaintBn, 2nd FSSG
Name: Ralph W Richwine
Service: Army
E-Mail: ralph.w.richwine@us.army.mil
Unit: B Co 45th FSB 3rd AD
Name: TracyMarie Garcia
Service: Army
E-Mail: prismiss1930@hotmail.com
Name: Tom Thomas
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ccie9360@gmail.com
Unit: 4 TFW
Name: Daren McMorris
Service: Army
E-Mail: dmcmorris@nc.rr.com
Unit: 304th MP Co
Name: Joseph M Armstrong
Service: Army
E-Mail: jma1099@yahoo.com
Unit: Bco 501st Sig Bn, Ftcky
Name: Keith Cowan
Service: Army
E-Mail: kcvab@yahoo.com
Unit: 87th Chem. Co. 2nd Armored Calvary Reg.
Name: Henry Manwill
Service: Army
E-Mail: mrjanitor1970@hotmail.com
Unit: 467 Armor
Name: Joe
Service: Navy
E-Mail: joe.peters@mchsi.com
Unit: VF-32
Name: Michael J Rice
Service: Army
E-Mail: ricemj69@yahoo.com
Unit: Det. 1 Co. D FSC 230th BSB
Name: Eulas Watson
Service: Army
E-Mail: eulaswatson@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 1/5 th Field Artillery
Service: Navy
E-Mail: corrigan@firehousemail.com
Unit: VAW 112
Name: Steve Hedrick
Service: Navy
E-Mail: steven.hedrick7@verizon.net
Unit: ACU 4
Name: James A. Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: jaj2@verizon.net
Unit: 2/325
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: deedee.butler@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 363d Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron
Name: Steve McDaniel
Service: Navy
E-Mail: vortex62@yahoo.com
Name: Timothy Naylor
Service: Army
E-Mail: tlnaylor34@hotmail.com
Unit: 85th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Timothy Wayne Shortt
Service: Army
E-Mail: timshortt70@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 3/32 Ar 1st Cav Div
Name: Christopher a. Kugle
Service: Army
E-Mail: chriskugle@zoominternet.net
Unit: 1/2 ACR 1/4 CAV
Name: Daniel Walker
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: djwalker60@gmail.com
Unit: 965th AWACS
Name: Jonathan Mehl
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jhmehl@yahoo.com
Unit: HMLA-269
Name: Ken Lieuwen
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: echo4lima@gmail.com
Unit: 1st LAI Bn
Name: Mary Ann Parker
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: gulfwavet@aol.com0000000000069
Unit: 1681 Mass
Name: matthew watts
Service: Army
E-Mail: motbrothers@yahoo.com
Unit: 5/101st av
Name: Bernard J Staneslow
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: drewrbchd@yahoo.com
Unit: Ist Force Recon
Name: Marc S Levenberry
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mlevenberr@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Force Recon/MWSS 172 / 3rd FSSG
Service: Army
Name: Tyrome Cameron Ferguson
Service: Army
E-Mail: tyromeferguson@yahoo.com
Unit: 418th transportation unit
Name: larry david shaw jr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dshaw6960@yahoo.com
Unit: mwss 273 beaufort sc
Name: Dwayne Sheridan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dtsheridan@sccc.tv
Unit: 2/4
Name: Gerald Valdez
Service: Navy
E-Mail: valdez010@lycos.com
Unit: Special Boat Unit Eleven
Name: kevin king
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: kevman6968@aol.com
Unit: 305 AREFW(1703AREFW)
Name: Michael Carpenter
Service: Army
E-Mail: md.carpenter@yahoo.com
Unit: 24th MED AAC
Name: Aaron Bielecki
Service: Navy
E-Mail: lifealteringevent@gmail.com
Unit: USS Reeves CG-24
Name: Carl (CJ)
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: cjtrs@comcast.net
Unit: Comm
Name: Troy
Service: Army
E-Mail: tennessee_jane@yahoo.com
Unit: MSB 154th
Name: Vance
Service: Army
E-Mail: vance-c@live.com
Unit: 772 Co. Military Police
Name: William Nelson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: snelson9868@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Ranger CV61
Service: Navy
E-Mail: goofies3sons@yahoo.com
Name: Richard T. Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: xmotordogg@live.com
Unit: D Co. 122nd MSB
Name: derek kuehner
Service: Navy
E-Mail: no1_q@hotmail.com
Unit: cg-16
Name: Joseph Andrade
Service: Army
E-Mail: reeceandrade@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/41 Inf. Reg. 2nd Bde 2AD
Name: Ephrain Silva
Service: Army
E-Mail: ephrain1@yahoo.com
Unit: 416th Engineer Command
Name: Michael Stonestreet
Service: Army
E-Mail: txboundishome@yahoo.com
Unit: 54th QM Co. 240 QM BN.
Name: Robert Isbell
Service: Army
E-Mail: izzy1665@gmail.com
Unit: hhc 2nd Brigade 1st Infantry Division
Name: Larry Lockwood
Service: Army
E-Mail: lcbl@bellsouth.net
Unit: 3 RD Armor Div. 2/67 armor
Name: Don Elliott
Service: Army
E-Mail: don@accrudata.com
Unit: 1st Infantry Division - Mechanized
Name: Bruce Sanschargrin
Service: Army
E-Mail: mnpddsp@yahoo.com
Unit: HHT 4/7 Cav
Name: paula
Service: Army
E-Mail: paula.hundley@yahoo.com
Unit: 672nd and 844th eng
Name: Beth A. Cuevas
Service: Army
E-Mail: horsesncats76@live.com
Unit: 514th Signal Company
Name: Wade
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: amarable@live.com
Unit: MWSS 271, MWSG 27, 2nd MAW, 1MEF
Name: Jimmy
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jj.roth@live.com
Unit: 1st mardiv
Name: Ed Hensel
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ed@christianpublish.com
Unit: 801st Bomber Wing Provisional
Service: Navy
Name: Michael D. Fairley
Service: Army
E-Mail: michael.fairley@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 54th Engr. Bn.
Name: James Plummer
Service: Army
E-Mail: nightstick092yahoo.com
Unit: HQ Vll corps 204th MP CO.
Name: George Masob
Service: Army
E-Mail: gmasonjr1962@catholic.org
Unit: 556th Maint Co
Name: Gilbert Andrew Medeiros
Service: Army
E-Mail: gavrielzeevmeir@aim.com
Unit: D227 Avn Reg Avn Bat Ft. Hood, Tx
Name: John G. Nolan
Service: Army
E-Mail: johng.nolan@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/58th AVN, 325FW,
Name: curtis durnell
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: onegrapeape@yahoo.com
Unit: ammo
Name: John Wagner
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jwags51@comcast.net
Unit: C Btry 1st battalion 12 Marines
Name: Doug Bender
Service: Army
E-Mail: dbender@austin.rr.com
Unit: 238th HEMCO
Name: Timmy L. Robinson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tim@onsitenw.com
Unit: Attack Squadron (VA) 145 - USS Ranger
Name: Robert Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: akita77@gmail.com
Unit: 7th CORP to Desert Storm
Name: Lupe Gomez
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gomarine90@verizon.net
Unit: Fox 2/7 Task Force Grizzly
Name: Howard Mayhew
Service: Army
E-Mail: howard.mayhew@us.army.mil
Unit: 7th Trans Group
Name: Thomas Raebel
Service: Army
E-Mail: traebel256@comcast.net
Unit: B Company, 124th MI BN
Name: jeff foertsch
Service: Navy
E-Mail: semperdog1991@yahoo.com
Unit: VF 143
Name: Larry A. Hudson
Service: Army
E-Mail: larryahudson@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC, 12th AVN BDE
Name: Roger Helbig
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rhelbig@sfo.com
Unit: 766th Radar Sq
Name: Tracy E, Thomas
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tracyethomas@gmail.com
Unit: 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC
Name: Russell L Naill Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: zachery_bloodstone@yahoo.com
Unit: 124th Military Intelligence Battalion
Name: Johnny Cardenas
Service: Army
E-Mail: gtijon@msn.com
Unit: 42nd Field Artillery Brigade
Name: Dave Coffey
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: lukewarmcoffey@gmail.com
Unit: Delta-4 Co. 2d CEB, 2d MarDiv
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: spedro@massillonkids.org
Name: David Enerson
Service: Army
E-Mail: davidenerson@yahoo.com
Unit: D Co. 801st MSB 101st Airbourne
Name: Larry Richardson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: turk9969@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd Tanks HQ.CO. Maint. Platoon
Name: Rey Efraim Herrera
Service: Army
E-Mail: rockymntnski@yahoo.com
Unit: 49th ATC platoon
Name: jesus sauceda
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jesus.sauceda@rocketmail.com
Unit: echo 2/12
Name: Bruce G. Sinclair
Service: Army
E-Mail: usacapoc99@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/11 ACR (SMO)/415th CA BN
Name: Brian Carder
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bdcard69@yahoo.com
Unit: GSM CO 2nd Maint. BN 2nd FSSG Camp Lejeune, NC
Name: Joseph Fuavai
Service: Army
E-Mail: joseph.fuavai@us.army.mil
Unit: E co 1st Engineer, Fort Riley, KS
Name: Paul Chantrenne
Service: Army
E-Mail: pchantrenne@att.net
Unit: 249th Eng. Brigade
Name: Mike Clare
Service: Army
E-Mail: mjc7192@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st I.D. & D co 502nd avim
Name: Tricia Newville
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tanew_1998@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Pudget Sound AD-38
Name: Lee Ann Smith Atwell
Service: Army
E-Mail: leeh196908@yahoo.com
Unit: B-co 79th, HSC 249h
Name: Tony Ervin
Service: Army
E-Mail: ttoneloc1@aol.com
Unit: B troop, 1/3rd ACR
Name: Leaster McLaney
Service: Army
E-Mail: mclaney_1@yahoo.com
Unit: 2d Bde, 82d Abn Div
Name: Bob Long
Service: Army
E-Mail: longriderak@live.com
Unit: 22nd id
Name: Ricardo Reyes
Service: Army
E-Mail: southpark_1580@yahoo.com
Unit: Aco 142nd 2nd Armored Div.
Name: Eric Brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: ebrown4184@gmail.com
Unit: C 2/18 FA, 212th FA BDE
Name: James Branham
Service: Army
E-Mail: James.branham@us.army.mil
Unit: 2nd Bn 22nd Inf Fort Drum
Name: Blake Staley
Service: Army
E-Mail: sponsonbox@hotmail.com
Unit: B Co 3/67 AR 2AD
Name: Kenneth M Quinn
Service: Army
E-Mail: sfcquinn@gmail.com
Unit: HHC 26th Signal Bn
Name: Terry Gerlarneau
Service: Army
E-Mail: alphabulldog@yahoo.com
Unit: Bravo Compant 1st Sig 7th Core
Name: ronald r slavin
Service: Army
E-Mail: rslavin@comcast.net
Unit: Retired
Name: Robert M. Logan
Service: Army
E-Mail: Rlogan3@insight.rr.com
Unit: D Co 2/327th Inf. 101st Airborne
Name: Raymond Tsumpti (Calica)
Service: Army
E-Mail: calicajr@hotmail.com
Unit: 317th ENGR BN
Name: Anthony Vail
Service: Army
E-Mail: vail2@msn.com
Unit: 3/5 cav
Name: daron
Service: Navy
E-Mail: harmening
Unit: uss seattle
Name: Ruben Hernandez
Service: Army
E-Mail: nhernandez27@att.net
Unit: 3rd AD, 2nd BDE,HHC 3-8 Cav(mortars)
Name: Larry Terra
Service: Army
E-Mail: celeng@aol.com
Unit: 1404 Trans
Name: Teddy Butenas
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: teddybutenas@gmail.com
Unit: TOW
Name: Bryan T Britton
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: medicinewoman97@hotmail.com
Unit: unknown
Name: michael olson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: solson32@sbcglobal.net
Unit: u.s.s. wisconsin
Name: Edward T. Kurtich Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: Scanthor@yahoo.com
Unit: Engineers, water purification
Name: Trent Keepers
Service: Army
E-Mail: geoiel65@yahoo.com
Unit: C BTRY 4/5th FA
Name: david allen lowery
Service: Army
E-Mail: lowery-david2369@att.net
Unit: 553 battalion ft hood tx
Name: Joe Macias
Service: Army
E-Mail: mmacias841@aol.com
Unit: HHC DISCOM Ft. Hood, TX
Name: Channon May
Service: Army
E-Mail: chan443516@yahyoo.com
Unit: 2nd ACR S & T Troop
Service: Army
Name: Brooke Boyer (Navy Ret)
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bbrapier@sbcglobal.net
Unit: HQ BN 1st Mar Div (BN Aid Station)
Name: Tamra (Hawkins) Juhl
Service: Army
E-Mail: thjade77@yahoo.com
Unit: A Company BAMC
Name: Alejandro G Leal
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: alejandroleal69@yahoo.com
Unit: 23 Tatical Fighter Wing
Name: George Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: mlrsadpsgt@yahoo.com
Unit: A Battery 21st FA, 1st CAV
Name: John C. Harasti
Service: Army
E-Mail: jharasti@gmail.com
Unit: 1st Cavalry Division
Name: Thomas Robinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: cobra_sfcrob@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 3-35 AR 3Bde 1st AD
Name: Richard Reed, MSC, Ret
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rickocr2005@yahoo.com
Unit: 2d Med BN 'F' Company
Name: raymond hamilton
Service: Army
E-Mail: raymondhamilton2@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd of third feild artillary
Name: Olga E.Roemer Knecht
Service: Army
E-Mail: yeddah1991@aol.com
Unit: 689 QM. CO. (GREGG), Oakland Army Base, CA.
Name: Michael Ruley
Service: Other
E-Mail: michael.t.ruley@ugov.gov
Unit: Wash, DC
Name: Steve Johnston (CPL)
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: csteviesurf@yahoo.com
Unit: B 1/12, F 2/12, G 2/3
Name: SFC David M. Reid (Ret)
Service: Army
E-Mail: dave_reid2001@yahoo.com
Unit: CSS, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Name: Marvin P Richmond
Service: Army
E-Mail: kmia50@hotmail.com
Unit: 3/18 FA Fort Sill, Ok
Name: David Ryan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dogmanryan@gmail.com
Unit: USS John Young DD-973
Name: James K. Bigbie
Service: Army
E-Mail: rolltide44@charter.net
Unit: 1-8 Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division
Name: Doug Droz
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: d_droz1@msn.com
Unit: 354 TFW/Ammo/Line-D
Name: David Cochran
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: davcochran@hotmail.com
Unit: 37 TFW
Name: David R. Sarsfield
Service: Army
E-Mail: sarsfield_david@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 3/5 CAV
Name: Richard Hansen
Service: Army
E-Mail: rshansen1@yahoo.com
Unit: C 5/15 Inf
Service: Army
E-Mail: james,mcneil1@us.army.mil
Unit: HHC 501
Name: Andre Bateman
Service: Army
E-Mail: dreb8man@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/43 ADA
Name: Anthony Torres
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: marine4evr365@msn.com
Name: Juan H. Barcenes Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: juanbee68@yahoo.com
Unit: C Co. 4th BN,32nd Armor
Name: Albert Flores
Service: Army
E-Mail: aflores46@gmail.com
Unit: Co C 46th Engineers
Name: Jon Roberts
Service: Army
E-Mail: jr@programmervault.com
Unit: B Co 2-159th Avn Rgt
Name: Rudy Hernandez
Service: Army
E-Mail: rudy.hernandez3@us.army.mil
Unit: B.CO. 4-18 3AD
Name: Thomas Daniels
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tomdawnandkids@columbus.rr.com
Unit: 3rd Tank Bn Task Force Ripper
Name: Russ Shepherd
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: russs@centralrestaurant.com
Unit: 52nd APSS
Name: Erik Perez
Service: Army
E-Mail: erikperez@comcast.net
Unit: 1/7 Inf
Name: James (Bo) Carrington
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jcarrington64@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 463 TAG
Name: Michael S Walton
Service: Army
E-Mail: nswdw@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st/3rd/35th/armor
Name: Andrew Thomas Cottrill
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Sniperdoc1_99@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/5
Name: Kathleen Day
Service: Navy
E-Mail: krlasvegas@yahoo.com
Unit: AD44
Name: Tammi Blake
Service: Army
E-Mail: tammi.c.blake@hq.southcom.mil
Name: Steven Brandt
Service: Army
E-Mail: sdrew0032@yahoo.com
Unit: 361st Military Police Company
Name: Richard Thomas
Service: Army
E-Mail: rick101@insightbb.com
Unit: HHC 3/327th inf - 1st Bde - 101st abn div.
Name: Rachel Dunn
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rachbeck2003@yahoo.com
Unit: 964
Name: marc love
Service: Army
E-Mail: lindalove9@hotmail.com
Unit: 4/7 inf(mech) 3rd inf. div.
Name: John Knight
Service: Army
E-Mail: john.knight5@us.army.mil
Unit: 316th Station Hospital
Name: Rebecca Burnett
Service: Army
E-Mail: foxbank1742@yahoo.com
Unit: 260th QM BN
Name: William G Vinzant
Service: Navy
E-Mail: williamvinzant@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Moosebrugger
Name: Mike Torres
Service: Army
E-Mail: mikpoli@yahoo.com
Unit: Eco 1st Bn 5th Cav 1st CAV DIV
Name: Brian Stepp
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: eodsmsgt@msn.com
Unit: Dahran
Name: Leonard F. Chapman
Service: Army
E-Mail: leonardfchapman@yahoo.com
Unit: 24th ID
Name: Shawn Duncan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Shawn4805@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Nimitz
Name: Howard Tom Root
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: htroot@gmail.com
Unit: VMO-2
Name: Eric Stroupe
Service: Army
E-Mail: stroupe_eric@yahoo.com
Unit: A 1/3 ACR
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: fullmoon5@cox.net
Unit: Oklahoma Air Nat'l Guard 137th ARW
Name: Trina Powell (Mcduffie)
Service: Army
E-Mail: ttp619@aol.com
Unit: 978th mp co
Name: Eladio Medina Jr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: medinaeli08@yahoo.com
Unit: 27th detachment
Name: David A Mangino
Service: Army
E-Mail: damangino@earthlink.net
Unit: HHB 2/3 ADA
Name: Garrett Belden
Service: Army
E-Mail: mbelden1@kc.rr.com
Unit: 3/2 ADA QRF
Name: Daniel J Kubala
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dkubala@eastman.com
Unit: USS America
Name: Alan Pitts
Service: Army
E-Mail: Pittsacee@Comcast.net
Unit: 720/401
Name: Bryon Sergent
Service: Army
E-Mail: sergent.bryo@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st plt Cco 2/187 inf 101st abn div
Name: james blystone
Service: Army
E-Mail: sfcblystone@aol.com
Unit: 1-319th AFAR, FT BRAGG NC
Name: Shonda M. Stripling
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: shonda.stripling@juno.com
Unit: 355th CONS - Tucson, AZ
Name: Jim Baus
Service: Army
E-Mail: baushouse6@hotmail.com
Unit: K Co. 159th Avn.- 4/2 ACR
Name: melissa yancey
Service: Army
E-Mail: melisaayancey2@yahoo.com
Unit: 336 ag postal unit/118 airborne corps
Name: Lenora Lessard
Service: Army
E-Mail: lenorabyrd@bellsouth.net
Unit: 1/58th AVN Brigade, Ft Campbell, KY
Name: Jose Ramos
Service: Army
E-Mail: j007nrbond@aol.com
Unit: E trp 2/3 ACR
Name: andrew bates
Service: Army
E-Mail: andrewbates40@yahoo.com
Unit: 644th ord
Name: larry e marshall
Service: Army
E-Mail: smurf71433@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st inf div forward
Name: Thomas B Vigil
Service: Army
E-Mail: tjvigil2932@comcast.net
Unit: hhc 4/66 armor
Name: Bryan Norman
Service: Army
E-Mail: achevyfan@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/1 aviation
Name: Byron Delk
Service: Army
E-Mail: B_Delk@comcast.net
Unit: c 299th engr. ft sill ok
Name: william m sitzes
Service: Army
E-Mail: golfbs1@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 101st Support Group
Name: Christopher J. Sample
Service: Army
E-Mail: chris.sample@ymail.com
Unit: 597th Combat Support
Name: Stanley D Hudson
Service: Army
E-Mail: shudson622001@yahoo.com
Unit: C Co, 4th/229thAAHR
Name: david allen lowery
Service: Army
E-Mail: lowery-david@att.net
Unit: 553 battalion 62nd s&s company
Name: Roy L. Brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: Roylamarbrown@aol.com
Unit: 3D Battalion 67th armored Regiment
Name: Dave ( DJ ) Brigham
Service: Army
E-Mail: daveb653@aol.com
Unit: 2nd BN 18th FA (Ft. Sill,OK)
Name: Aaron Lambert
Service: Army
E-Mail: olallaaaron@yahoo.com
Unit: 417th Quarter Master
Name: Johnny Killen
Service: Army
E-Mail: johnnykillen@yahoo.com
Unit: 101st FSB
Name: John Alan Flowers
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jaflowers68@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd CEB LeJeune 89-92
Name: Todd "A" Coyer
Service: Army
E-Mail: tac48706@yahoo.com
Name: John
Service: Army
E-Mail: jdmiller1269@aol.com
Unit: 226 Maintenance Company
Name: karen l jones (dougherty)
Service: Army
E-Mail: jjones152@hot.rr.com
Unit: signal co.
Name: john stanley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ioane67@aol.com
Unit: uss vreeland ff-1068
Name: Renee Williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: renee141501@gmail.com
Unit: cc A Co 501st Signal Bn
Name: DeVincent Martin (Roberson)
Service: Army
E-Mail: devincentmartin@gmail.com
Unit: 3rd Armored Div 4/18th Infantry Delta Co
Name: jeff"scott"kirk
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeffkirk@rocketmail.com
Unit: 1/32 fa,21st taacom,418th bsb,6/43ada,
Name: Brandon Cady
Service: Army
E-Mail: folie.de.un@gmail.com
Unit: 1/509 AIR
Service: Army
Name: Blaise S. Mo
Service: Army
E-Mail: blaise.mo@us.army.mil
Unit: 193d MP BN
Name: James
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cooleemee2@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Raleigh LPD-1
Name: Sahla Menyelek Selassie
Service: Army
E-Mail: mselass@hotmail.com
Unit: A. Co., 124th MI Bn., 24th Infantry Div.
Name: Dan Patton
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: allendpatton@hotmail.com
Unit: 9 SRW - 1704 PRS - 4402 PRS
Name: Bruce Cameron II
Service: Army
E-Mail: kencodog2000@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd battallion 16 inf.
Name: Administrator
Service: Army
E-Mail: administrator@a40deepstrike.com
Unit: A Battery 40th Field Artillery (MLRS)
Name: A Battery 40th Field Artillery (MLRS)
Service: Army
E-Mail: cdsolution@charter.net
Unit: A BTRY 40th FA
Name: Kevin Stees
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ss_racing_2000@msn.com
Unit: 23 TFW
Name: David Grant Sayre
Service: Army
E-Mail: dgsayre@wk.net
Unit: Company C, 326th Medical Battalion
Name: sean l meenan
Service: Army
E-Mail: goodliltroop98@yahoo.com
Unit: task force viper hhc 2/227 avn regt
Name: Tracy G Ridley
Service: Army
E-Mail: Riddler66@comcast.net
Unit: B 1-64 Armor
Name: William Thomas Bickford
Service: Army
E-Mail: glassmanb5@gmail.com
Unit: Transportation
Name: Kevin Kazianka
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: kevin_kazianka@yahoo.com
Unit: 6948 ESS
Name: RAY
Service: Navy
E-Mail: skipray@yahoo.com
Name: Donald Johanson
Service: Army
E-Mail: donejo@usa.com
Unit: 50th Gen Hosp. USAR
Name: wayne chamberlain
Service: Coast Guard
E-Mail: wlchamberlain@hotmail.com
Unit: PSU 302
Name: Jose
Service: Army
E-Mail: jalicea43@gmail.com
Unit: 387th Medsom
Name: Greg
Service: Army
E-Mail: gregory.willingham@us.army.mil
Unit: 1345th Trans Co
Name: Bob Terao
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rkterao@cox.net
Unit: 8th EMS, 726th TCS, 51st EMS, & 19th Bluesuiters
Name: Greg Panik
Service: Army
E-Mail: majorpanik@roadrunner.com
Unit: 1-3 FA 2AD
Name: William C Morris
Service: Army
E-Mail: WCMorris@createdesignsolutions.com
Unit: A Battery 40th Field Artillery
Name: Katrina Henry
Service: Navy
E-Mail: klhenry@live.com
Unit: Naval Weapon Station
Name: Mike Zeglis
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: michael.zeglis@usairways.com
Unit: 3rd Tank BN TOW Company
Name: Robert White
Service: Other
E-Mail: robert.v.white@us.army.mil
Unit: 690th Maintenance Battalion
Name: Peter L. Burch 1LT
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rafwb37aeg@comcast.net
Unit: 1611 AESP(P)
Name: Kenneth Wallace
Service: Army
E-Mail: kwallaz@aol.com
Unit: 82 AB FT Bragg NC
Name: Ray Benton
Service: Army
E-Mail: bentonray@gmail.com
Unit: Retired
Name: Bob Wolz
Service: Army
E-Mail: bob.wolz@us.army.mil
Unit: 69th Chemical Co, 1 AD
Name: Kevin Pratt
Service: Army
E-Mail: prattmandu@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC, XVIII Airborne Corps
Name: Paul Macari
Service: Army
E-Mail: pamacari@hotmail.com
Unit: Bco 5th Engineer Battalion
Name: Lamar A Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: lajohnson71@msn.com
Unit: HHC 4-8 Cav
Name: Denise Carlson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: carlsonden@gmail.com
Unit: Naval Reserve Fleet Hospital 5/15
Name: Terry Horton
Service: Army
E-Mail: terry.t.horton@us.army.mil
Unit: 514th Signal Company
Name: Steven J White
Service: Army
E-Mail: whos7@dishmail.net
Unit: A Co. 2nd/ 502nd 2 Bde 101st ABN Div
Name: Robert R. Coon Sr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: rc_67@hotmail.com
Unit: 5th SFG(A), Ft Campbell, KY 42223-5000
Name: Mark La Penotiere
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mlapenotiere@yahoo.com
Unit: VMA-331
Name: Melvin M. Campbell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: melvin.campbell@wholefoods.com
Unit: 1ST Bn, 6th Marines, Weapons Co.
Service: Army
E-Mail: david.plunkett2@va.gov
Unit: 3-17FA
Service: Army
Unit: 3-17FA
Name: patrick e koonts
Service: Army
E-Mail: koonts1967@yahoo.com
Unit: hhc2/67armor bn(maintenance)
Name: Douglas M. Ducote Sr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: chinookfe@directv.net
Unit: K Co. 158th Avn. Regt.
Name: Michael Hank
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: michael.p.hank@us.army.mil
Unit: 1st Force Recon CO I MEF
Name: Brian Stepp
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: eodsmsgt@msn.co
Unit: EOD
Name: Michael Nash
Service: Army
E-Mail: redwagyu@aol.com
Unit: XVII CORPS, 44 Med Bde
Name: Ronald Brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: boozerbeanbrown@cox.net
Unit: C/1-504 PIR
Name: Melinda Caves (Jodie)
Service: Army
E-Mail: melindacaves@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC, 12th Aviation Brigade
Name: Kimberly Lombardi
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: klombard@nycap.rr.com
Unit: 96th OMS/384th OMS/Op Desert Storm/Shield
Name: Steve Hall
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hallsc@intrstar.net
Unit: MAG/MALS Kaneohe, Hawaii
Name: miki fedak
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mj.fedak@verizon.net
Unit: jcse, det 16, MacDill, Hickam, Cannon
Name: Ken Deluca
Service: Army
E-Mail: mrsmontepenny@netscape.net
Unit: 1st AD
Name: Ish "PEPE" Nieves
Service: Army
E-Mail: ishmuhammad@hotmail.com
Unit: A 3/17 FA A-Btry
Name: jimmy hall
Service: Army
E-Mail: jimmydog_441@yahoo.com
Unit: med trp 3rd acr
Name: John Hall
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jhallii@hotmail.com
Unit: 7th ACCS
Name: Raymond Midgette
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mid357get@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd Recon Battalion
Name: James Twomey
Service: Army
E-Mail: jkt38red@yahoo.com
Unit: C BTRY 3/320th FA
Name: michael
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: johnson
Unit: lima 3/5
Name: Jason K Register
Service: Army
E-Mail: jason.register@camdensheriff.org
Unit: B-Troop, 1-4 CAV, 1st Infantry Division
Name: Samuel Watson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: nastyboyz28@yahoo.com
Unit: 8th ESB C company M.T
Name: Richard A. McNutt
Service: Army
E-Mail: richard.mcnutt@us.army.mil
Unit: 50th Signal Battalion
Name: Ramon Gutierrez
Service: Army
E-Mail: thebigraygu61@yahoo.com
Unit: 45th Med Air Ambulance
Name: shaun Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Shaun_Johnson@verizon.net
Unit: 5th Signal Command
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: Cco. 1/6 2ND MARDIV
Name: Manuel A. Leibas
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mleibas13@yahoo.com
Unit: 355th. CES
Name: TimGrams
Service: Navy
E-Mail: TimGrams@ymail.com
Unit: UssYellowstoneAD-41
Name: Charlie Wainscott
Service: Army
E-Mail: charlie_gail2008@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/7 Calvary
Name: Melynda O'Reilly
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Melynda@MelyndaOReilly.com
Unit: 306th Bomber Wing
Name: Michael Anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: manderson9@carolina.rr.com
Unit: Bco. 603rd ASB
Name: Donald West
Service: Army
E-Mail: info@west-bau.com
Unit: 237th ENG
Name: John W. Davis, Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: jdavis1965@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/43 ADA (PATRIOT), 11th ADA BDE
Name: Matthew Walker
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pastor@collegeparkministries.org
Unit: 2nd Supply Battalion Ammo Company
Name: Darren L. Webb
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dw573@hotmail.com
Unit: NASWI SeaOpDet USS Ranger
Name: jeff nickles
Service: Navy
E-Mail: nickondollar@live.com
Unit: a division
Name: Mark Preiss
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mapreiss2004@yahoo.com
Unit: VS-38
Name: Julie Sattler Schafer
Service: Army
E-Mail: julie.schafer@us.army.mil
Unit: 132nd QM Co
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: swilbur589@aol.com
Unit: 5th Combat Communications
Name: Michael Martin
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mpmartin63@yahoo.com
Unit: 479 CRS, 501st TMMS, 35th EMS, 4404th CW
Name: Shauna L. Harris
Service: Army
E-Mail: harrisjune2@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 101 MI
Name: Michael shannon
Service: Navy
E-Mail: navyncshannon@yahoo.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital Six
Name: Kathy Floyd
Service: Army
E-Mail: dmdnyx@gmail.com
Unit: I Co 159th Avn Regt.
Name: Gerald Minor
Service: Navy
E-Mail: smartyes2007@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd Tracks AABN
Name: Matthew P. ross Jr
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mross645@yahoo.com
Unit: 1683 ALCS (512th MAW/92nd APS)
Name: paul ammons
Service: Army
E-Mail: paulammons@yahoo.com
Unit: Cco 51 sig bn
Name: Charles Johnson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: richij@havilandtelco.com
Unit: MWSS 273
Name: Gordon S. Hearn
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gordonhearn@aol.com
Unit: B 1/12
Name: Tom Evans
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tomevansrn@gmail.com
Unit: 327th 913th 1660th
Name: Douglas L. Alderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: dlalderson@yahoo.com
Unit: 57th Medical Detachment (Air Ambulance)
Name: Lloyd Waters
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: landshark646@yahoo.com
Unit: 8th Eng., Bulk Fuel Co.
Name: Jason Clevenger
Service: Army
E-Mail: xjumper82d@aol.com
Unit: B Co. 3d Bn 505th PIR 82nd ABN Div
Name: william douglas west
Service: Army
E-Mail: dougwest939@hotmail.com
Unit: 313thsigco. 600thQM
Name: Corey Hensinger
Service: Army
E-Mail: reliablesales@mchsi.com
Unit: C Co. 9th Engineer Battalion
Name: Lori Werth
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: lawerth@gmail.com
Unit: JSOC
Name: timothy c brooks
Service: Navy
E-Mail: flacobrooks@yahoo.com
Unit: V-1 air dept
Name: Shawn Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: sprintfan11@yahoo.com
Unit: B 2/159th Aviation Rgt.
Name: kandy johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: kandy.k.johnson@us.army.mil
Unit: retired
Name: Daniel Costin
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dancinnash@msn.com
Unit: Retired
Name: tony watson
Service: Army
E-Mail: twjcw18@epix.net
Unit: 1/4 cav big red one
Name: Kimberly Cooke
Service: Army
E-Mail: kimberly619@gmail.com
Unit: 56th Maint 1st COSCOM /18 ABN
Name: Rick Lottman
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Foodgod1@att.net
Unit: Port Mortuary, Services
Name: richard l baccarie
Service: Marine Corps
Name: Tim Flanigan
Service: Army
E-Mail: taflanigan@msn.com
Unit: HHB 1st Armored Division Artillery
Name: David Roberts Msg USA (Ret)
Service: Army
E-Mail: soccermom110@hotmail.com
Unit: 300 Field Hospital
Name: James Mathews
Service: Army
E-Mail: wolfcreektacticalteam@yahoo.com
Unit: A Battery 40th F.A. 3rd Armor Div.
Name: Jean F.R. Exantus
Service: Army
E-Mail: freynald@gmail.com
Unit: 3/25th AVn 10th mountain Division
Name: Matt Wiest
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bmwiest@gmail.com
Unit: Fox Co. 2/3
Service: Navy
E-Mail: robert_d_wright@hotmail.com
Unit: Military Sealift Command
Name: Todd Schmechel
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: todd.schmechel@wi.rr.com
Unit: 99RW
Name: josemari leano
Service: Army
E-Mail: josemarileano@sbcglobal.net
Unit: C-Btry 4/41 FA
Name: Jon Doerr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jonandracheldoerr@verizon.net
Unit: 1st Recon Battalion
Name: John S. Muller
Service: Army
E-Mail: jjmuller18@yahoo.com
Unit: A-2/44th
Name: Garrith Stewart
Service: Army
E-Mail: garriths@yahoo.com
Unit: 318th QM Det
Name: Adrian Urbina
Service: Army
E-Mail: nwscrambler@hotmail.com
Unit: 217th Transportation Company
Name: Thomas Gustafson
Service: Army
E-Mail: thomasgustafson488@msn.com
Unit: 350th EVAC Hosp.Ohio
Name: jeff christner
Service: Army
E-Mail: jazzyj1970@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/502nd INF 101st
Name: Randall Lord
Service: Army
E-Mail: flowenol_kyndig@hotmail.com
Unit: C Co 3rd Bn 7th Inf
Name: Todd Walters
Service: Navy
E-Mail: toddwalters04@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Mount Vernon LSD-39
Name: William Gannon
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: alweva@suddenlink.net
Unit: 354th TFW
Name: Bernardine (Bernie) Donato
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: neurotransmit@msn.com
Unit: 1611 AES
Name: John P. House
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jhouse12@juno.com
Unit: 1st SOW
Name: Steven W McCrary
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Eaglefixer@cox.net
Unit: 347th TFW 69th AMU
Name: Edward e Mitchell
Service: Army
E-Mail: edward11@windstream.net
Unit: b Co 3rd 187 Inf 101st
Name: Jeff
Service: Army
E-Mail: Dinkel
Unit: 3 82 field artillery
Name: Larry Harkey
Service: Army
E-Mail: Larryjharkey@yahoo.com
Unit: CCo 123rd Support Battalion
Name: Del Rajala
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: 8018@chartermi.net
Unit: 726 TCS
Name: Dan Belanger
Service: Army
E-Mail: danjen@gci.net
Unit: 1st Armored Div, 4th Brigade TFP
Name: Brian Herriott
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bherriot@nktelco.net
Unit: 8th and 36th Military Airlift Squadron
Name: William D Purvis
Service: Army
E-Mail: kaz1822001@yahoo.com
Unit: 264th Engr Co MGB
Name: John M. Arias
Service: Army
E-Mail: pmanna@tampabay.rr.com
Unit: C 1/504 PIR * A 2/43 ADA * HHC 82 ABN DIV
Name: Dana Nelson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: DLNx2@msn.com
Unit: VMA (AW) 533
Name: Sgt Frederick Rott
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Sabresqdn1@aol.com
Name: Brian Kalk USMC Retired
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: brian.kalk@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st / 2nd FSSG
Name: Richard Smith
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rickatie@att.net
Unit: 2nd Combat Eng
Name: Joseph J. LaPlante
Service: Navy
E-Mail: lapl2@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Coral Sea and USS La Moure County
Name: Adam R. Albina
Service: Army
E-Mail: aalbina@anselm.edu
Unit: 1BDE 3AD
Name: Brett Thomas
Service: Army
E-Mail: brettthomasphoto@msn.com
Unit: B co 2/505 PIR 82nd Airborne
Name: Andy Patton
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: andyp28@gmail.com
Unit: 69th TFS
Name: Warner D. Campbell II
Service: Army
E-Mail: dubcampbell@yahoo.com
Unit: E 320th Field Artillary
Service: Army
E-Mail: riccardosicily14@yahoo.com
Unit: 122 MSB A CO
Name: Chris L. Stratton
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: strattoncl@yahoo.com
Unit: 47th SPS
Name: Robert N. Sims
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bob6071@msn.com
Unit: EOD
Name: Bill LeBeau
Service: Army
E-Mail: bglebeau@charter.net
Unit: 344th MP CO
Name: Dale K. Capps
Service: Army
E-Mail: key8440@hotmail.com
Unit: 1-97th/3-24 Support Battalion
Name: Jeremy Cobb
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeremy.a.cobb@us.army.mil
Unit: B Co 3/41 INF
Name: Joshua A. Jones
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: semper_fi_19@yahoo.com
Unit: PMO, HQ BN, MCLB Albany, GA
Name: richard lowry
Service: Army
E-Mail: nomad_6_13@yahoo.com
Unit: 4/2 acr nomad troop
Name: lyndell keith massey
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: eccliptic@yahoo.com
Unit: 366 MOS
Name: Christopher R. Hardin
Service: Army
E-Mail: chardin@roc-lon.com
Name: jason d. boyd
Service: Army
E-Mail: silverdollarpancake@hotmail.com
Unit: 13th ord
Name: christopher james colwell
Service: Navy
E-Mail: chris.colwell3@verizon.net
Unit: uss eisenhower & uss rossevelt
Name: Eric Wyatt
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: eric@wyatt.net
Unit: 23 TFW
Name: Scott P. Coco
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: purpletiger@kricket.net
Unit: Lima 3/3
Name: Jeffrey S. Cordero
Service: Navy
E-Mail: sjcordero4490@gmail.com
Unit: ****
Name: Richard R. DiPirro
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rdipirro01@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Force Recon Co.
Name: chuck beaudoin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tabascoman4@aol.com
Unit: 7th motors transportation bravo co
Name: Terry Plunkett
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Plastitrip@charter.net
Unit: 3rd LSB, 9th Comm
Name: Kevin Dwight Davenport
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: cpldee@hotmail.com
Unit: Bravo Co 3rd aav bn
Name: chris richter (tattoo)
Service: Army
E-Mail: richterkathleen@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 1/27 field artillery batt.
Name: Rene Simard, CMSgt (retired), USAF
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rene@2gassociates.com
Unit: 37th Fighter Wing (Provisional)
Name: Darren Shull
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: phlebdws@msn.com
Unit: 3rd tanks
Name: Earl Blagg
Service: Army
E-Mail: earlblagg1970@yahoo.com
Unit: 1245th,trans.
Name: Al Narlock
Service: Army
E-Mail: eight_second_al@msn.com
Unit: 2/17 FA 212BDE 18thABN CORPS
Name: Stan Martin
Service: Army
E-Mail: dapb_1000@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 3/15 INF 24th ID
Service: Navy
E-Mail: TWTREECE@msn.com
Unit: NMCB 40
Name: Thomas Mifflin
Service: Army
E-Mail: TMifflin@sbcglobal.net
Unit: B Co 2/159th AVN.REGT
Name: Rich Pelletier
Service: Army
E-Mail: rich@richpelletier.org
Unit: C Company 122nd Main Support Battalion
Name: Wayne S. Davis
Service: Army
E-Mail: wayshedav@bellsouth.net
Unit: 318th CML CO
Name: Tracy Willard Roberts
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: maildaddy69@yahoo.com
Unit: HQ Battery Fifth Battalion Tenth Marines
Name: Randy Feltman
Service: Army
E-Mail: randver@peoplepc.com
Unit: HHC 312th MI BN.
Name: Dale Litt
Service: Army
E-Mail: dlitt@neo.rr.com
Unit: 307th MI BN
Name: Graham Croft
Service: Army
E-Mail: gmcroft@gmail.com
Unit: Brigade Scout Platoon HHC 2AD (FWD)
Name: George K. Cabral
Service: Army
E-Mail: cabralg@hotmail.com
Unit: C Co 3-35 Armor 1st AD
Name: Steve Delgado
Service: Army
E-Mail: hoze1@aol.com
Unit: 4/17 Air Calvary - TF118
Name: Elfego Orona JR
Service: Army
E-Mail: orona@aps.edu
Unit: 299TH ENG. Battalion HHC
Name: Mike Scott
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: muaythaimike@yahoo.com
Unit: C co 1/7 2nd Plt
Name: Theodore P. Devine
Service: Army
E-Mail: theodore.devine@yahoo.com
Unit: 132nd QM Company (WS)
Name: Robert Rockey
Service: Army
E-Mail: rrockey@adt.com
Unit: 3/15 24th ID
Name: lee woodard
Service: Army
E-Mail: t6a4z@yahoo.com
Unit: 5/5 cav
Name: Stevan C. Bond
Service: Army
E-Mail: stevanbond@yahoo.com
Unit: 301 Military Police POW Camp
Name: Patricia Bullock
Service: Army
E-Mail: ppmkraatz@aol.com
Unit: 9/1 Avn Regt 1st Arm Div
Name: Karla Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: pressonkj@aol.com
Unit: 801st maint Ft Campbell KY
Name: Scott Donald
Service: Army
E-Mail: scott.donald@comcast.net
Unit: C Co, 12th Engr Bn
Name: paul folta
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: paul.folta@gmail.com
Unit: Co A Det A 7th ESB
Name: Mark Bjorndal
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bjorndalmark@yahoo.com
Unit: VAW-115 / USS Midway CV-41
Name: William Sharpe
Service: Army
E-Mail: wshrp17@hotmail.com
Unit: Cco 1/5 Cav 2nd Brigade 1st Cavalry Division
Name: Joel Pattison
Service: Army
E-Mail: jdpattison2348@cox.net
Unit: Bco. 37th Eng. Bn. (cbt)(abn)
Name: George L. Splittstoesser
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: splitts@hotmail.com
Unit: 24th ID
Name: David Rauls
Service: Army
E-Mail: david.rauls@us.army.mil
Unit: 87th Chemical Co., 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment
Name: Hernan Jesus Mendoza
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hjmendoza71@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd Bn 9th marines
Name: Scott Haney
Service: Army
E-Mail: scotthaney@hughes.net
Unit: Mortar PLT, HHC 3/35 AR, 1st AD
Name: John D. Thomas
Service: Army
E-Mail: jdthomas10@yahoo.com
Unit: 69th Chemical Co. / 1st Armored Div.
Name: blyndon mclaughlin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sbamc1@mchsi.com
Unit: 1st tank battalion 1st mar div
Name: Richard Dowell
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: r_dowell@hotmail.com
Unit: 33rd TFW (Eglin AFB)
Name: Steve
Service: Army
E-Mail: singison@gmail.com
Unit: 279th Maintenance Battallion
Name: shawn
Service: Army
E-Mail: bucifan202@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd/43rd ada
Name: paul marti
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: pmarti2210@hotmail.com
Unit: 23 tass
Name: Scott Clark
Service: Army
E-Mail: Sclark7136@charter.net
Unit: B CO 3/37 Armor 1ST ID
Name: Robert E. Burton jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: reburton70@gmail.com
Unit: 365th Trans
Name: Paul E. Adams
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: peadams67@yahoo.com
Unit: 654th SP
Name: Michael C. Brooks
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: michael_brooks@live.com
Unit: 124 WG
Name: Nick Hatzis
Service: Army
E-Mail: nickhatzis65@gmail.com
Unit: 1st Platoon, C Co. 3/35 Armor, 3rd BDE, 1st AD
Name: Gary Hinkelman
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: hinkelg@tx.rr.com
Unit: 4404
Name: Fernando Arrufat
Service: Army
E-Mail: farrufat@aol.com
Unit: 2/504th 82nd Abn. Div
Name: charles E. Hughes
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hughes44@yahoo.com
Unit: 3d aav bn camp pendleton ca
Name: Dennis Furey
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dennis.furey@blanchardpd.com
Unit: 39th SPF
Name: Pinkerton, Richard
Service: Army
E-Mail: sgtpinkerton@tmail.com
Unit: 27th MSB 1st CAV
Name: Robert Giles
Service: Army
E-Mail: RobGiles1969@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 1/16 INF
Name: keeler
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: masikan@adelphia.net
Unit: Bravo Btry. 2nd LAAM Bn.
Name: Larry Gills
Service: Army
E-Mail: blown91z@yahoo.com
Unit: NCOA 2/2nd FA
Name: Vickie Lykins
Service: Navy
E-Mail: v_lykins@yahoo.com
Name: Gregory W. Cann
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gwctat2@embarqmail.com
Unit: VMA-542, MAG-13 FWD
Name: Lisa Partridge Sylvia
Service: Army
E-Mail: lpsylvia@hotmail.com
Unit: 18th Airborne Corps, 1st COSCOM
Name: Tim Galde
Service: Army
E-Mail: armytroll47@yahoo.com
Unit: A co. 16th Engineer Batalion 1 Ar.
Name: danny scott
Service: Army
E-Mail: echo356dd@yahoo.com
Unit: A 4/43 ADA
Name: Robert R. Heck
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: nflmayan2003@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Bn/ 7th Mar & 2nd Bn/ 7th Mar
Name: Sharon Frederick
Service: Army
E-Mail: gofish13@gmail.com
Unit: 3rd AD, F Co 122MSB
Name: Paul Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: esqualey@yahoo.com
Unit: 8th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Kenneth W. Tolley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: 1234@hotmail.com
Name: Young L.Cramblet
Service: Army
E-Mail: Lcramblet@yahoo.com
Unit: 41st CSH
Name: Sidney Thomas Van Assche
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: nv.topknife@gmail.com
Unit: 379th Expeditionary Wing
Service: Army
Unit: 14TH QM DET
Name: Keith Windmann
Service: Army
E-Mail: keith.windmann@us.army.mil
Unit: 812th Med Co (AA)
Name: chad lavin
Service: Army
E-Mail: lavinbc@msn.com
Unit: a co 40th engineer bn
Name: Sharkey, Kevin G
Service: Army
E-Mail: sharkey_6@msn.com
Unit: HQs, 18th FA Bde (Airborne)
Name: Lloyd Tripp
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: lloydtripp@earthlink.net
Unit: 907th TAS/1660th TASP
Name: James L.Schuler
Service: Army
E-Mail: bigjames60@yahoo.com
Unit: HHT 3/3 Acr. Ft. Bliss,Tx.
Name: Douglas, William
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: devilfly1@yahoo.com
Unit: 2750th SPS, 645th SPS, 445th AES
Name: 1SG ROM
Service: Army
E-Mail: 1sg.rom@live.com
Name: Shawn Mullins
Service: Navy
E-Mail: shawnmullins87@yahoo.com
Unit: VFA-87
Name: Rodger T. Baker
Service: Army
E-Mail: tieterr@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Cavalry
Name: James T. Grimes
Service: Army
E-Mail: jtgrimes@windstream.net
Unit: retired
Name: Andrew J. Erich
Service: Army
E-Mail: ajerich@hotmail.com
Unit: D Company TF 1-32 Armor
Name: Bill "maddog" Maddux
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bsmaddux@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 4300 PBW B-52Gs Diego Garcia
Name: john wood
Service: Army
E-Mail: johnwould@gmail.com
Unit: B co 3/8 cav 3rd AD
Name: john wood
Service: Army
E-Mail: johnwould@hotmail.com
Unit: B co 3/8 cav 3rd AD
Name: Ramon Villagrana
Service: Army
E-Mail: rgz01@yahoo.com
Unit: 5/18th Inf 3AD A. Co. Ray Barracks
Name: Michael K. Balmer
Service: Army
E-Mail: suk_id@yahoo.se
Unit: 3rd Armored Division
Name: Richard Armour
Service: Army
E-Mail: Richie5255@bresnan.net
Name: stanfill, paul
Service: Army
E-Mail: paul.stanfill@us.army.mil
Unit: 1/505 82nd Airborne Div
Name: terry clark
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: terryc1981@yahoo.com
Unit: 347 TFW/ WRSK
Name: miranda brazier
Service: Army
E-Mail: miranda.brazier@us.army.mil
Unit: aco 27th msb
Name: John E. Rivera
Service: Army
E-Mail: johnelloco@hotmail.com
Unit: 584th Maint. Co. Ft. Campbell, KY
Name: Kassandra "Kandy" Seaton (now Smith)
Service: Army
E-Mail: disneyfreek@gmail.com
Unit: 57th Medical Detachment, Ft. Bragg, NC
Name: William L. Hobbick
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: marine27@sbcglobal.net
Unit: H & S Co. 2nd Bn. / 7th Mar.
Name: William Treece
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: weaponsusmc1@aol.com
Unit: MWSS 273
Name: Jeffrey M. Kirchofer
Service: Army
E-Mail: hqpfrg@yahoo.com
Unit: 147Th Maintenance Company
Name: Daniel J Quarberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: kb9obf@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co. 159th AVN
Name: Keith A Hulet
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hubo@everestkc.net
Unit: MWSS 271
Name: terry presnell
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tpresnell123@aol.com
Unit: 48th csg (usafe)
Name: Jeff McDonald
Service: Army
E-Mail: abumac@aol.com
Unit: 1/101
Name: Vestal Dan Walker II
Service: Army
E-Mail: vdan_reklaw@yahoo.com
Unit: B Co. 5/77 Ar. 1AD Attached 3AD
Name: Steve Wright
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: wright.steve@gmail.com
Unit: C 1/7 Wpns Plt
Name: Earl Lee Duffey
Service: Army
E-Mail: duffey40@cox.net
Unit: 444th trans
Name: Marcia Bickford
Service: Other
E-Mail: heime@verizon.net
Unit: 157TH arefg
Service: Army
Name: Alex Hauber
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: alexhauber@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st FSSG Supply BTL\CSSG 5
Service: Army
Unit: 556 MT BN
Name: Stacey King
Service: Army
E-Mail: dymples5758@yahoo.com
Unit: 14th QM DET
Name: Kelly Woerdeman
Service: Army
E-Mail: joe@yahoo.com
Unit: 704th QM
Service: Army
E-Mail: roger.l.parker@us.army.mil
Name: Omar Crisostomo
Service: Army
E-Mail: omarcris@hotmail.com
Unit: 815th Station Hosp.
Name: Scott Sparks
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: scott13s@yahoo.com
Unit: H & HS Squadron
Name: Kenneth C Marx jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: marxken39@yahoo.com
Unit: c company 588th
Name: Ryan D. Radabaugh
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rad53@hotmail.com
Unit: 61st ALS Green Hornets
Name: Christopher Ruskin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: caruskin@verizon.net
Unit: 1st Tank Battalion
Name: william mckinney
Service: Navy
E-Mail: wllwllmnt@aol.com
Unit: vfa-83
Name: Oscar H Gonzalez
Service: Army
E-Mail: polk855@comcast.net
Name: Dwayne Bond
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dwaynebond@comcast.net
Unit: USS Trenton (LPD-14)
Name: norman shilling (chuck)
Service: Army
E-Mail: shillingou@aol.com
Unit: 632nd maint co.
Name: Andrew J Brueggeman
Service: Army
E-Mail: abrueggeman@yahoo.com
Unit: C 1/31st FA Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
Name: Steve Kendrick
Service: Army
E-Mail: chicagofireman@hotmail.com
Unit: A Co 2/158 AVN
Name: Bob Gianettino
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bobnascarmsu@aol.com
Unit: 379th Bomb Wing
Name: Timothy Lindblom
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: TLindNY@aol.com
Unit: Hvy Guns, Wpns 2/4, 2nd MarDiv
Name: Thomas Kirsopp
Service: Army
E-Mail: Thomas.Kirsopp@us.army.mil
Unit: HHB 4/5 ADA 1st Cav.
Name: James A. Henderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: jamesa_henderson@yahoo.com
Unit: 5030th USARF
Name: Robert Lupton
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: luptonfundraiser@yahoo.com
Unit: BSSG-5
Name: Webster Ipes
Service: Army
E-Mail: myk9cops@aol.com
Unit: 22dSUPCOM, 164th MAINT
Name: Alan Sexton
Service: Navy
E-Mail: alleycatal98@yahoo.com
Unit: Disable Veteran
Name: Richard Russell
Service: Army
E-Mail: richard_russell@jabil.com
Unit: G Troop 2/2 ACR
Name: John Blackburn
Service: Army
E-Mail: njib@charter.net
Unit: HHS, 1st MI Bn
Name: Patrick Covington
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dharmaexpressions@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd Mobile Aerial Port Squadron
Name: John Snider
Service: Navy
E-Mail: john_snider@charter.net
Unit: NAS Chase Field, Beeville Texas
Name: Kimberly Coble
Service: Army
E-Mail: kimmie21_99@yahoo.com
Unit: Co B 122nd MSB
Service: Army
Name: Lee Charpentier
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: charpentierl@excite.com
Unit: MALS-14
Name: Sgt. Rob Ragle
Service: Army
E-Mail: robragle@yahoo.com
Unit: D. Co. 3/8 Cav, 3rd AD
Name: Matthew Moppins
Service: Army
E-Mail: ebonyman247@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co. 24th Signal Bn. Ft. Stewart
Name: Matthew S. Gustke
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: matt@gustke.us
Name: Murphy Greene
Service: Navy
E-Mail: murphy.greene@sbcglobal.net
Unit: Special Programs
Name: Trent C. Evenson-French
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tfrench2@cinci.rr.com
Unit: 3/7
Name: Linda (Corbin,Weymouth) Mitchell
Service: Army
E-Mail: lmitchell1960@aol.com
Unit: 95th Maint Co (TMDE)
Name: timmothy seipler
Service: Army
E-Mail: tseipler@aol.com
Unit: b co 724th sb fs. ga.
Name: Brett Nelson Beaverson
Service: Army
E-Mail: brett.beaverson@spencer.kyschools.us
Unit: 438th MP Company
Name: Kurt Weiland
Service: Army
E-Mail: gw1vet@comcast.net
Unit: Second Armor FWD 1/41 INF.
Name: Michael Retoff
Service: Army
E-Mail: michael.retoff@eur.army.mil
Unit: 124th Signal Battalion
Name: Aaron Sellers
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: brainoncapitalist@gmail.com
Unit: Fox Co 2/23
Name: Bryan Adams
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: blueballexpress@hotmail.com
Unit: Blueball Express
Name: ted miller
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tmwrks2hrd2003@yahoo.com
Unit: fleethospital 15
Name: charles pike
Service: Army
E-Mail: trukin33@msn.com
Name: Michael Bailey
Service: Army
E-Mail: sbhtb@yahoo.com
Unit: 795th AG CO (postal)
Name: Brad Guilbeaux
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bguilbeaux@gt.rr.com
Unit: 552 AWACS Training Squadron
Name: Lesa R. Frady
Service: Navy
E-Mail: fly4arush@yahoo.com
Unit: 103
Name: Steve Koza
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: koza@vma331.com
Unit: VMA-331
Name: William J Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: smith.w5@comcast.net
Unit: 2/70th Armor
Name: Gary Meyers
Service: Army
E-Mail: Meyers@hotmail.com
Unit: 5th Transport co
Name: David Meyers
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ryan_cali_72@hotmail.com
Unit: 24 IBG
Name: Matt Notham
Service: Army
E-Mail: matt_notham@yahoo.com
Unit: 504th maintenance co
Name: Randall Sheets
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Randy_satin@hotmail.com
Unit: 1/1 Marines
Name: James Darren Byington
Service: Army
E-Mail: darren.230@hotmail.com
Unit: B Company 63rd Sig Bn
Name: Charles D. Mock
Service: Army
E-Mail: thegncman@cs.com
Unit: 3rd Plt. Delta Co. 1/41 Inf 2AD (FWD)
Name: Hal Lowder
Service: Army
E-Mail: eaglewatch@bellsouth.net
Unit: 190th MP co., 716th MP BN, 89th MP BDE
Service: Army
E-Mail: reivajflores@hotmail.com
Unit: 3-1 av bn
Name: paul dickerson
Service: Army
E-Mail: doublecheeseburgerandlargefries@msn.com
Unit: 197th inf. 72nd engr. co.
Name: Richard Penrod
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ricksherbalremedies@hotmail.com
Unit: VAQ-133
Name: Rickey D. Pierce
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: blkamstell@hotmail.,com
Unit: 27ISS
Name: Roberto Flores
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sgtflor-s@juno.com
Unit: BRAVO 1/5
Name: joseph (jody) leatherman
Service: Army
E-Mail: lthrmn5@valornet.com
Unit: 226th Maint co
Name: Jason Taylor
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jasontaylor93@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st LAI Bn. H&S Comm
Name: James Eric Bailey
Service: Army
E-Mail: jamesebailey@yahoo .co.uk
Unit: 326th Combat Engineer
Service: Army
E-Mail: nlowe45847@aol.com
Unit: 1173rd TTU BOSTON, MA
Name: Anthony Lux
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: darqknght@yahoo.com
Unit: 6th Marine Regt, Comm Plt
Name: Dave Dockery
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dave@legacygrafix.com
Unit: USNS Mercy TAH-19
Name: linda burgess
Service: Army
E-Mail: linda@bishopprinting.com
Unit: 226 ASG
Name: Scott Linz
Service: Army
E-Mail: LTMLinestriping5337@verizon.net
Unit: 372ND TRANS
Name: Stephen E. Shimic
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: seshimic@comcast.net
Unit: US Embassy Muscat, Oman (1993-1995)
Name: Deborah L. Barnes
Service: Army
E-Mail: sam12401@yahoo.com
Unit: 122nd MSB
Name: David Drexler
Service: Army
E-Mail: daved@acsalaska.net
Unit: A Co 2/504 PIR 1st BDE 82nd Airborne Division
Name: Richard Alvarez
Service: Army
E-Mail: myd4u@yahoo.com
Unit: 498th Support Batallion
Name: JD
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Firejake36@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd AABN
Name: james a parker
Service: Army
E-Mail: budbudmanjr
Unit: 584th mt co Ft. Campbell Ky.
Name: Angela Crew
Service: Army
E-Mail: angela.crew-dothard@va.gov
Unit: 352nd CSSB Macon GA
Name: James M Harbuck
Service: Army
E-Mail: helenaharbuck@aol.com
Unit: HHC 437 Armor, Fort Riley KS
Name: Thomas Rahilly
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tomr@pwfd.com
Unit: 5th MEB/MAG-50
Name: beau stephenson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: beaustephenson@hotmail.zo
Unit: USS Cape Cod (AD-43)
Name: Mark
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: captmrc@mchsi.com
Unit: Delta 2/14
Name: Shannon Perl
Service: Army
E-Mail: sperl@wi.rr.com
Unit: 4-1 AVN First Infantry Division
Name: Paul Chevlin
Service: Army
E-Mail: PChevlin@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/69 Armor, 197th IN BDE
Name: Kimberly Ryan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: kblackburn@pennyroyalcenter.org
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five Al Jubial
Name: Jeffery Kandul
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jkancv41@msn.com
Unit: USS Midway
Name: Jim Hall
Service: Navy
E-Mail: washreds1961@yahoo.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five
Name: Andrew Cece
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: cece0399@hotmail.com
Unit: Golf 2/5
Name: Scott Emery
Service: Army
E-Mail: semery44@atlanticbb.net
Unit: HHC 3/32 Armor
Name: Shad R. Alexander Sr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: shadeb65@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 3/66 Ar Battalion
Name: David Lewis
Service: Army
E-Mail: lewdog2000@hotmail.com
Unit: JCSE MacDill AFB
Name: Hugh D'Alessandro
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mountaintopking@comcast.net
Name: Joseph J. Bleich
Service: Army
E-Mail: josephbleich@yahoo.com
Unit: B Co. 2/502nd Inf Ft Campbell KY
Name: Kent Laudeman
Service: Army
E-Mail: kent.laudeman@usma.edu
Unit: 21st TAACOM (CA)
Name: tony perez
Service: Army
E-Mail: tony.perez@us.army.mil
Unit: A Btry 2/7 ADA (Patriot)
Name: Timothy J. Larson
Service: Army
E-Mail: thortorbjorn@gmail.com
Unit: 1st Battalion, 39th FAR (ABN)
Name: Johnnie Mullins
Service: Army
E-Mail: jbm555@centurytel.net
Unit: 1/2 ACR
Name: Louis Rodriguez
Service: Army
E-Mail: louis.rodriguez@us.army.mil
Unit: 912th MASH, Johnson City, Tn.
Name: Scott Overall
Service: Army
E-Mail: soverall@universalcompression.com
Unit: Mike company 3/2ACR Amberg, Germany
Name: sam posten
Service: Army
E-Mail: sposten@stny.rr.com
Unit: hhc, 3rd brigade, 3rd armored division
Name: Jim MacClay
Service: Army
E-Mail: spearhead3ad@hotmail.com
Unit: Charlie Company 3/32 armor, 1 cav
Name: Sfc Robert A.Lessard
Service: Army
E-Mail: ralizard5747@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 801st HLM 101st
Name: SGT Richard L. Thomas
Service: Army
E-Mail: Egarbage@Insightbb.Com
Unit: HHC 3/327th Inf, 1st Bde. 101st Abn. Div
Name: Kelly Byrd Zarcone
Service: Army
E-Mail: kelly@zarconeassociates.com
Unit: 533 MI BN
Name: SSG WAYLAND Robert
Service: Army
E-Mail: robway@isainet.com
Unit: 101st Support Group (Corp)
Name: paul hufferd
Service: Army
E-Mail: cawardog@yahoo.com
Unit: 11113th trans co plt 2
Name: kevin knowles
Service: Army
E-Mail: kevin.knowles@us.army.mil
Unit: HHC 3/35 1AD
Name: Roger A Giblin
Service: Army
E-Mail: roger.giblin@us.army.mil
Unit: 320th AG Postal Co
Name: Chris Hensley
Service: Army
E-Mail: cdhensley@bellsouth.net
Unit: HHC 3rd Battalion 32rd Armor
Service: Army
Name: Mel White
Service: Navy
E-Mail: melslaser@yahoo.com
Unit: HC-2
Name: Ann Marie Hannon-Wells
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: 1959Annie@excite.com
Unit: 143 AW
Name: Michael Owens
Service: Army
E-Mail: Michael.owens@comcast.net
Unit: retired
Name: Pete Lingenfelter
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: plingenfelter1@yahoo.com
Unit: 511th AMU
Name: Michael J Chavez
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: amtrack0840@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 3rd Assault Amphibian BN
Name: Kim T. Gillespie
Service: Army
E-Mail: ktgillespie@hotmail.com
Unit: HQ, 3rd Armored Division
Name: keith mink
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kpmink@gmail.com
Unit: 8th engineer support batalion
Name: Gene Johnson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: gene@forgetthe9to5.com
Unit: 88 MXS
Name: Gregory Cannon
Service: Army
E-Mail: gac2003@gmail.com
Unit: C 5/7 ADA
Name: Frank leeber
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: fleeber@cox.net
Unit: HMM 774
Name: Steven W. Scott
Service: Army
E-Mail: sgtchasnubabe@yahoo.com
Unit: 503rd Military Police CO
Name: Lance Carlisle
Service: Army
E-Mail: lancer062@msn.com
Unit: 23rd Engineer Bn. A Co.
Name: Cedric Harris
Service: Army
E-Mail: cedricharris817@sbcglobal.net
Unit: C 3/82 FA 1ST CAV
Name: Rodney Wise
Service: Army
E-Mail: rodney.wise@us.army.mil
Unit: HHC 4ID
Name: John Wales
Service: Army
E-Mail: datswhatimtalknbout@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/16 infantry mortars
Name: Thomas Weaver
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bigtweave@steelersfan.net
Unit: USS Antietam CG-54
Name: Marcus Jansen
Service: Army
E-Mail: info@marcusjansen.com
Unit: Fort Bragg 175th. 30th Engr. BN, 20th Engr. Bgde.
Name: J Heffernan
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: redsox0311@yahoo.com
Unit: Miltary Police Co, Sec Batallion
Name: Michael P. Blomquist
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mblomquist@theriver.com
Unit: 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment
Name: Todd Stansbury
Service: Army
E-Mail: dezertstrmvet@aol.com
Unit: 13th Engineers (cs) Asphalt Platoon
Name: david brockes
Service: Army
E-Mail: brockes@bellsouth.net
Unit: 4/32 armor
Name: carl perry
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mudd85@yahoo.com
Unit: USS GUAM (LPH 9)
Name: Mike Niece
Service: Army
E-Mail: charismaz28@yahoo.com
Unit: C 1/5 ADA
Name: Fred "Radome" Rouse
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: radome_00@yahoo.com
Unit: 76th AMU
Name: Linda Lewis
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ljlewis5911@bellsouth.net
Unit: Fleet Hospital -Fifteen
Name: Tom Smith
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ftrfxr@yahoo.com
Unit: 388 TFW(P)
Name: Barry G Shaffer
Service: Army
E-Mail: bgs102660@mho.com
Unit: 1/6th Infantry
Name: Thomas L. Neppl
Service: Army
E-Mail: mneppl@hvc.rr.com
Unit: 318th Transportation Agency (TAMCA)
Name: Mike Hansen
Service: Army
E-Mail: mhansen@independentplastic.com
Unit: B/1-4/1ID
Name: Sandra Van De Linder
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sandra.vandelinder@gmail.com
Unit: psych semper fi
Name: Dave Widner
Service: Army
E-Mail: dwidner@windstream.net
Unit: C Company 5/16 Infantry
Name: scott nall
Service: Army
E-Mail: scott_nall2006@yahoo.com
Name: eric leigland
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: eric.leigland@us.army.mil
Unit: Delta 1/4, 13th MEUSOC
Name: Daniel Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: mille1dk@gmail.com
Unit: HHC 2AD
Name: Henry Zeigler
Service: Army
E-Mail: zzeak31@aol.com
Unit: 257th Med Det DS
Name: Sean Clark
Service: Army
E-Mail: Sean.L.Clark@intel.com
Unit: 3/160th SOAR
Name: Matthew S Hillis
Service: Army
E-Mail: mshillis@earthlink.net
Unit: 5th Engineer
Name: Gerson Rodriguez
Service: Navy
E-Mail: hertzson69@hotmail.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital 15
Name: Dana Berrier
Service: Army
E-Mail: Dannersdndm@comcast.net
Unit: Signal Corps
Name: Andrew M Rieckenberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: amr100906 at yahoo dot com
Unit: 317th Engineer Battalion, Charlie Company
Name: Andrew M Rieckenberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: amr100906 yahoo dot com
Unit: 43rd Engineers, 2/3 ACR
Name: Andrew M Rieckenberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: amr100906 at yahoodot com
Unit: 23rd Engineer Battalion, Charlie Co
Name: Andrew M Rieckenberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: amr100906 at yahoo dotcom
Unit: 12th Engineer Battalion, Bravo Co.
Name: Kevin Mitchell
Service: Army
E-Mail: Kevinmitchell7@gmail.com
Unit: Eagle Troop 2/2 ACR
Name: Chris Palladino
Service: Army
E-Mail: cjpall@yahoo.com
Unit: 313 Signal Co (Tropo), 3rd Signal Bat.
Name: James Thomas Ashmore
Service: Army
E-Mail: tashmore@houston.rr.com
Unit: 2nd AD (FWD), 498th SPT BN
Name: Patrick F. Ratterman
Service: Army
E-Mail: pratterman@kc.rr.com
Unit: 418th Civial Affairs Company
Name: Tony
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: riggio@ibiquity.com
Unit: 2nd Marines Division
Name: Garrett Belden Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: garrett.belden@va.gov
Unit: Port Sec QRF
Name: Patrick Stepler
Service: Army
E-Mail: firemanstep@yahoo.com
Unit: 664th ord
Name: Ronald Mathews
Service: Army
E-Mail: MacBrighid@yahoo.com
Unit: 372d mp co
Name: William Goins
Service: Army
E-Mail: wpgoins2002@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Finance Battalion
Name: Fred Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: ssgjohnson2003@yahoo.com
Unit: 912th MASH
Name: Charlie Mascorro
Service: Army
E-Mail: cwebb@avci.net
Unit: 1st/39th Artillery Battalion
Name: John G. Huff
Service: Army
E-Mail: johng28314@yahoo.com
Unit: A co 141 Sig Bn
Name: Joe Mercer
Service: Army
E-Mail: jomejr@aol.com
Unit: 618TH Engr Co (LE)(ABN)
Name: Terry L. Ezell
Service: Army
E-Mail: ezdog25@aol.com
Unit: 24 ID 2/4 CAV
Name: Elmer Keith Ferguson
Service: Army
E-Mail: ferg2005@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 36th MedEvac
Name: russell ward
Service: Army
E-Mail: rwardvtech@comcast.net
Unit: 181st chemical, 2nd chem battalion,13th coscom
Name: bryan norman "norm"
Service: Army
E-Mail: achevyfan@yahoo.com
Unit: d co 2/1 avn 1st AD
Name: mark maslon
Service: Army
E-Mail: maddog_maz@yahoo.com
Unit: B co 6/6 infantry Bamberg
Name: Jennifer Hanley/Earnshaw
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: acastlehr@cox.net
Unit: 2951 CLSS/92AMU Bentwater UK
Name: Ross Patterson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rosspatt@hotmail.com
Unit: Transportation
Name: Jay Ossiander
Service: Army
E-Mail: surfaholick@gmail.com
Unit: 8-158th Aviation Battalion
Name: ken barlow
Service: Army
E-Mail: kennshel63@peoplepc.com
Unit: 76th HEM
Name: aaron ploss
Service: Army
E-Mail: awp1234@hotmail.com
Unit: 3-66 1 ad fwd
Name: Jon Clifton
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jon.clifton@hotmail.com
Unit: 1234 AFCC
Name: Jesus Salazar
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Salazar421a@hotmail.com
Unit: Fox Co. 2/23
Name: Bruce Barry
Service: Army
E-Mail: medic6316@charter.net
Unit: 494th Trans Co, 29th Trans Bn, 1st COSCOM
Name: David Fuller
Service: Army
E-Mail: drfuller@charter.net
Unit: 344th Maitenance Co.
Name: Ron Tyler
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronrtyler@yahoo.com
Unit: 223rd MP Company
Name: William Weekley
Service: Army
E-Mail: bill.weekley@verizon.net
Unit: 9th Engineer Battalion
Name: Tyler Guidice
Service: Army
E-Mail: tguidic@yahoo.com
Unit: 317 Maintenance Company
Name: Paul Webb
Service: Army
E-Mail: wayfaringwebb@yahoo.com
Unit: A 1/4 CAV 1st ID
Name: Sean Starowesky
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: starowesky@juno.com
Unit: GSG2 - 3rd FSSG Com
Name: Brian L. Cole
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bl.cole@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Tarawa LHP1
Name: Steven E. Martin
Service: Army
E-Mail: mtsplr@hotmail.com
Unit: 4/3 ACR
Name: Darby Hill
Service: Army
E-Mail: mustytrucker@gmail.com
Unit: LRSD 2/17th Cav. 101st ABN
Name: Kyle Brayer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ksbrayer@yahoo.com
Unit: Mals 16 Ordnance
Name: Eddie L Anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: sappered1@msn.com
Unit: D Co 12th Engineer Battalion
Name: Tracy Ault
Service: Army
E-Mail: tracya34@yahoo.com
Unit: 132nd QM Co (WS)
Name: Bryan Crochet
Service: Army
E-Mail: bryancrochet@gmail.com
Unit: A 3/7 24th ID
Name: Dexter Harris
Service: Army
E-Mail: dex1cool@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 1/17th F.A.,Ft.Sill,OK
Name: Robert W. Jackson
Service: Army
E-Mail: rjack48@yahoo.com
Unit: Tiger Brigade, Second Armored Division
Name: Ken Stenberg
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kenstenberg@yahoo.com
Unit: India Co.3/9 3rd Plt.
Name: Robert Methner
Service: Army
E-Mail: robertbmethner@yahoo.com
Unit: III Corps, 546th Personnel Processing Center
Name: Anthony C Jackson
Service: Army
E-Mail: ajac453983@aol.com
Unit: Cco 3/502 INF
Name: Cialis
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dfshg@fdh.com
Unit: knk
Name: Shannon Oswald
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: smash591@yahoo.com
Unit: 4404th CS / 4406th CS / 4409th CS
Service: Army
Name: Clarence V. DuBose
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cdubose549@aol.com
Unit: Fleet Reserves
Name: Brian D. Jones
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ozzboy04@yahoo.com
Unit: NSGA CV 67 USS Kennedy
Name: Matthew A. Pierzchala
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: iamachristchild@yahoo.com
Unit: 820th RED HORSE
Name: Ron Simpleman
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rsimpleman@hotmail.com
Unit: 81st trans
Name: M. Alix Wright
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Firestar1269@aol.com
Unit: H&S Bn 2nd FSSG
Name: Jerry Frans
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jerbob20@yahoo.com
Unit: MACS-7
Name: Steve Nagy
Service: Navy
E-Mail: corps413@adelphia.net
Unit: NMCB 7 Charlie Company
Name: Erin O'Roark, ET
Service: Navy
E-Mail: paws4christ@yahoo.com
Unit: CSG-5 & USS McKee
Name: Harry Davidson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: harleyd_69@yahoo.com
Unit: 7th ACCS
Name: Steven Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: nomorespampls@adelphia.net
Unit: 632MT Company
Name: Willaim Patrick Marrs
Service: Army
E-Mail: abcdzines@hotmail.com
Unit: 2220th transportaion/2nd 180th field artillary
Name: Theodore Devine
Service: Army
E-Mail: theodore.devine@us.army.mil
Unit: 132nd QM Company
Name: Fred
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: fredsaunders@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 2951st
Name: Steven J. Rodriguez
Service: Army
E-Mail: ardog222@yahoo.com
Unit: C-Btry 3/8 FAR
Name: Buck Pierce
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: buck.pierce@gmail.com
Unit: 5th MAPS
Name: William Richardson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bill43512@gmail.com
Unit: 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion
Name: William B. Coots
Service: Army
E-Mail: Ccooterbug68@aol.com
Unit: 8th ID
Name: Robert M. McDowell II
Service: Army
E-Mail: macgringo82@hotmail.com
Name: Randy H. Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: rhswoodpets@aol.com
Unit: 503rd MP Bn, 16th MP Bde, Ft. Bragg, NC
Name: Jay C. Gordon Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: jgordon@pbr-net.com
Unit: A Btry., 5th Bn. 8th FAR
Name: Cheryl King
Service: Army
E-Mail: wayasti1969@hotmail.com
Unit: TF 8/43 ADA, A Brty
Name: shannon ates
Service: Army
E-Mail: shanates@yahoo.ocom
Unit: 4/227th AVN Bn
Name: Neal Maben
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ndmaben@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Chandler [DDG-996]
Name: Roy J. Grona
Service: Army
E-Mail: roy@texasvfw.org
Unit: HHB, 212th FA Bde
Service: Navy
E-Mail: canobe2001@yahoo.com
Name: Duane Lizot
Service: Army
E-Mail: bbqgrill2003@yahoo.com
Unit: 32nd Trans. Gp.
Name: Richard
Service: Army
E-Mail: micigangulfvets@aol.com
Unit: 46th Eng Fort Rucker, Al.
Name: William (Bill) Lawrence
Service: Army
E-Mail: bigbill239@yahoo.com
Unit: 365th Trans
Name: christopher J. Daley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: moonshine16@verizon.net
Unit: USS Midway, Flying Squad
Name: Mike Lane
Service: Army
E-Mail: mike@kx7n.com
Unit: Ico. 159th AVN REGT
Name: George F Holmes
Service: Army
E-Mail: egoreg49@aol.com
Name: Aaron Williams
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: awilliams@salemtools.com
Unit: 1st FSSG ISMO
Name: crazydavecarper
Service: Army
E-Mail: crazydavecarper@cox.net
Unit: 915th Trans Co
Name: John P O'Brien
Service: Army
E-Mail: kimjohn@covcable.com
Unit: 3673RD Maintenance Company
Name: Annette (Bagwell) Weber
Service: Army
E-Mail: weberabstract@consolidated.net
Unit: HHC, 1st COSCOM
Name: William (Bill)
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: whicks1@sc.rr.com
Unit: 682 ASOC
Name: hubbarddj
Service: Army
E-Mail: hubbarddj30078@yahoo.com
Unit: 514 th maint co.
Name: Lamont Q. Robinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: l.robinsonandassociates@hotmail.com
Unit: 24th ID, 3-69 Armor
Name: gerald
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gproph@lycos.com
Unit: 2nd LAI BN 2ND MAR DIV
Name: Brian D Hill
Service: Navy
E-Mail: 34chel@bellsouth.net
Unit: SEA BEE Construction Batalion
Name: Robert Griffin
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rylord@gmail.com
Unit: 11CCSQ/1CCGP
Name: Ken Kroupa
Service: Army
E-Mail: ken.kroupa@us.army.mil
Unit: 501 MP Co, 1st AD
Name: David R. Duplisea
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: katafire@msn.com
Unit: MWSS-273 Fuels
Name: Wade Blackmon
Service: Navy
E-Mail: wade@blackmon.com
Unit: USS Moblie LKA-115
Name: Christopher G. Aragon de Galvez
Service: Army
E-Mail: more_snare@yahoo.com
Unit: 5/18
Name: Michael "Mick"Wildman" Krieger
Service: Army
E-Mail: mcehahaas@hotmail.com
Unit: A Co, 4/229th First Pursuit
Name: Mike Brannan
Service: Army
E-Mail: BrannanMc@aol.com
Name: Gerard M. "Gerry" Jones
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: gerryj02@hotmail.com
Unit: Defense Intelligence Agency (NMIST)
Name: Mark David Chapman
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mark.chapman.ctr@hurlburt.af.mil
Unit: 61st Combat Communications Squadron (P)
Name: Sgt. Robert Bowman
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Bulvye39@yahoo.com
Unit: HMH-772 Det.A
Name: Kenneth Greenwade
Service: Army
E-Mail: kgreenwade@empire-cat.com
Unit: C co 12 th Engineer BN
Name: Patrick Hennessy
Service: Army
E-Mail: prettyhuge@comcast.net
Unit: 663rd Ord Co. 101st Ord Bat
Name: Cecilia Haldane
Service: Army
E-Mail: cis_130@yahoo.com
Unit: 651st Medical Company
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sabledlow@cox.net
Name: UT2 James Booth
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jboothetc@aol.com
Unit: NMCB 40
Name: Bert Marshall Bowes
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mail4marshall@yahoo.com
Unit: Knoxville Division/Combat Engineer
Name: david
Service: Army
E-Mail: bigbolling@msn.com
Unit: 22nd sup. com
Name: Harold King
Service: Army
E-Mail: harold.king@us.army.mil
Unit: A/ 4-37 AR
Name: McIntosh, James D.
Service: Army
E-Mail: james.d.mcintosh1@us.army.mil
Unit: E. Co. 23rd Engineer Battalion
Name: Regina Powell
Service: Army
E-Mail: regina.powell@integris-health.com
Unit: 1/14th Avn Reg
Name: David H. Williams
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bipsychol@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st batallion 6th Marines 2nd Mar Div C Co
Name: james eagon
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bonesafmc@msn.com
Unit: c1/10 2nd mardiv
Name: Jim Slattery
Service: Army
E-Mail: slattery_jim@hotmail.com
Unit: D 522 MI (LRSD)
Name: Steve Maglisceau
Service: Army
E-Mail: maglisk@ev1.net
Unit: 2/4 Cav; 24 ID(Mech)
Name: Terry J Bockes
Service: Army
E-Mail: bockestj@earthlink.net
Unit: 164th Maint Co
Name: 1SG Charles Gosman
Service: Army
E-Mail: gosmancd@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 3-29 FA
Name: Angel Marquez
Service: Army
E-Mail: amarquezx@hotmail.om
Unit: HHS, 2nd Mi Bn (AE) / 207th MI Bd
Name: Daniel J Hamlett
Service: Army
E-Mail: dan@ghostwolf.net
Unit: 915th Transportation Company
Name: Mark C. Metler Sr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Mugsmaster@msn.com
Unit: India Co.,3/3,1st Plt
Name: Robert J. Ripley
Service: Army
E-Mail: zax1028@yahoo.com
Unit: 361st MP Company
Name: Johnnie L. Cale
Service: Army
E-Mail: jayuc@excite.com
Unit: A Btry 1/27 FA (MLRS)
Name: John M. McCauley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jmc1972@comcast.net
Unit: VS-30
Name: Bryon Fondren
Service: Navy
E-Mail: step-n-style@hotmail.com
Name: Greg Walling
Service: Army
E-Mail: earnhardtx7@insightbb.com
Unit: bravo co 47th fsb
Service: Army
E-Mail: cdriver@erac.com
Unit: Bco 141st Signal BN
Name: Daniel Peppler
Service: Navy
E-Mail: danpeppler@yahoo.com
Unit: USS L.Y. Spear
Service: Army
Unit: A CO 2/505 P.I.R. 82ND AIRBORNE
Name: Clinton Robbins
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: calitexn@swbell.net
Unit: 352 Special Operations Group
Name: Lowell Sargent
Service: Army
E-Mail: lsargent@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 226th Maint. Co.
Name: Jesse Sawick
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jjsawick@cox.net
Unit: Striking 3/9 WPNS CO
Service: Air Force
Unit: 1702 ARFW
Name: pecolia jones
Service: DoD Employee
E-Mail: pecolia.jones1@us.army.mil
Unit: 1st PERSCOM S1 UNIT29058 APO AE 09081
Service: Army
Unit: 4/37 armor
Name: Todd Moser
Service: Army
E-Mail: bigdaddy6990@yahoo.com
Unit: How Battery, 1/3 ACR
Name: Cpl. Conal Garrity
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: cgarrity@gmail.com
Unit: 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines
Name: Jennifer Baxter
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jaybaxus@comcast.net
Unit: 4404 Composit Wing, TMO
Service: Navy
E-Mail: alvincooper@sbcglobal.net
Name: Tommy Morris
Service: Army
E-Mail: morrismob@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 3/11 FA 1/15 FA
Name: Charles C. Becktell
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: charlesinsc2004@yahoo.com
Unit: 1683 rd (p) ALCE ( Al-Jubail )
Name: Anthony Wynn
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: AnthonyWynn1962@yahoo.com
Unit: 23 TFW, King Fahd AB, Saudi Arabia
Name: Jim Courson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jim.courson@earthlink.net
Unit: 35 TFW (P) Shaikh Isa AB, Bahrain - Weaselkeepers
Name: Christine Taylor
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cchouse04@msn.com
Unit: USS Puget Sound (AD-38)
Name: Del Rajala
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: LMRS@chartermi.net
Unit: 726 TCS
Name: Ted Jones
Service: Army
E-Mail: ted.24.jones@gmail.com
Unit: A-4/27 F.A.
Name: Beau Marshall
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: gotkenpo@yahoo.com
Unit: 4th Mobile Aerial Port Squadron (4th MAPS)
Name: tony morgan
Service: Army
E-Mail: tmo114jr@yahoo.com
Name: William J. Steidley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Billmedguy@peoplepc.com
Unit: 3rd Batallion 3rd Marines
Name: Jack Buchman
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jackbuchman@hotmail.com
Unit: 35 CES
Name: Mark A. Southerland
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mark@marksoutherland.com
Unit: Fox 2/3
Service: Army
Unit: 325TH MAINT CO
Name: D. R. Hudson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dmmhudson@valornet.com
Unit: 745th MP
Name: John "JD" Davis
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: johnkarla88@hotmail.com
Name: Daniel Potter
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dpotter@dcsheriff.net
Unit: 3/9 Wpns. Co. TF Papa Bear
Name: Erik Thomas
Service: Army
E-Mail: erikthomas2000@yahoo.com
Unit: k trp 3rd acr
Name: Craig W. Anderson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: cwa0311@sbcglobal.net
Unit: Lima Co. 3rd Bn 9th Marines
Name: George N Finkle
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: nikkochey@aol.com
Unit: MWSS-372
Name: Allen L. Hughes
Service: Army
E-Mail: magnum_sharpshooter@yahoo.com
Unit: 912th MASH
Name: Thomas Kotkowski
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: thomaskotkowski@gmail.com
Unit: Fox Btry 2nd btn 12th Marines
Name: Creig Stanfield
Service: Navy
E-Mail: creigs@charter.net
Unit: Third Naval Construction Regiment
Name: David A. Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: david-a-johnson@uiowa.edu
Unit: C-2/52 ADA
Name: Charles M Peters
Service: Army
E-Mail: micheal_tex@yahoo.com
Unit: 3 / 31 st medic 82 airborn ranger
Name: Stephen Warren
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rudewarr@msn.com
Unit: "November" & "Quebec" 5bn, 10Mar
Name: tim thomas
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: reconsniper8993@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd force recon
Name: Patrick Lang
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: plang@mchsi.com
Unit: Delta 2/14
Name: David Alan Grierson
Service: DoD Employee
E-Mail: lagtower@hotmail.com
Unit: DynCorp Aerospace
Name: Thomas B Vigil
Service: Army
E-Mail: Topmm2@netzero.com
Unit: HHC 4/66 Armor
Name: William Bernard Whalen
Service: Army
E-Mail: crooner@maine.rr.com
Unit: 501st Signal Battalion
Name: Robert Gaskins
Service: Army
E-Mail: robert.gaskins1@us.army.mil
Unit: D Co. 1/327 INF, 101st ABN DIV
Name: Mark McIntire
Service: Army
E-Mail: xs650@knology.net
Unit: 581st MI Co
Name: Steven J. Hood
Service: Army
E-Mail: hood@netdirect.net
Unit: 35th Signal Brigade
Service: Army
E-Mail: aboyette@aboyette.com
Unit: 5/5 CAV, 3rd AD
Name: Michael P. Parriott, Sr.
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: parriott@gmail.com
Unit: 4392 SPG
Name: James "Jim" Kraffert
Service: Army
E-Mail: kraffert@Juno.com
Unit: 6/6 Infantry
Name: David Alan Grierson
Service: DoD Employee
E-Mail: barjargtower@hotmail.com
Unit: DynCorp
Name: John McGraw
Service: Army
E-Mail: bull.mcgraw@us.army.mil
Unit: D co 1/41 INF
Name: Edward G Ruebensam II
Service: Army
E-Mail: dachau_kid@sbcglobal.net
Unit: C Co. 1st BN 37th Armor
Name: rudy sennhenn
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rbbgs4280@sbcglobal.net
Unit: uss arkansas
Name: Spc. Dudones
Service: Army
E-Mail: nadyne1229@sbcglobal.net
Unit: A co. 122 MSB
Name: Anna
Service: Army
E-Mail: purplemusicbooks@yahoo.com
Unit: 197th inf. bde forscom
Name: Brad
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jstanuterguy@yahoo.com
Unit: 319th -- 905th AREFS
Name: Ronald L Stewart
Service: Army
E-Mail: sandman1793@msn.com
Unit: 887th Engr Co. (LE) 326th Engr
Name: Samuel J. Randall, IV
Service: Navy
Unit: HMM-226
Name: Alfredia L. Green
Service: Army
E-Mail: Juzzfre37@yahoo.com
Unit: HHc 24th Signal BN 24th Inf Div
Name: Dave Groves
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dgroves4@wi.rr.com
Unit: 1st Marine Division during Desert Storm
Name: mike kloostra
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: getakloomw@msn.com
Unit: hmla-367
Name: Mark Lindsay
Service: Army
E-Mail: WLINDSAY2@nc.rr.com
Unit: B Troop, 2/1 Cav
Name: Adam Smith
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: cwmikk@aol.com
Unit: 420 THC
Name: Richard Hoskins
Service: Army
E-Mail: rehoskin@bigpond.net.au
Unit: 1/34 Armor
Name: Cary Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: cjkk@netzero.com
Unit: Aco. 2/227th Avn.
Name: J Delagado Montgomery, Jr.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jdelagado@gmail.com
Unit: 1st Battalion 3rd Division Force Recon
Name: michael serino
Service: Army
E-Mail: michaels7768@hotmail.com
Unit: a co 16th engr bn 1 ad
Name: Laurie Gribble-Widow of Todd Gribble
Service: Army
E-Mail: lgribble02@hotmail.com
Unit: Big Red One
Name: Melissa Rymer
Service: Army
E-Mail: melmfc@yahoo.com
Unit: USAG
Name: stefanie a kenny
Service: Army
E-Mail: stefanie.a.kenny@us.army.mil
Unit: 61st troop command
Name: Joseph Purpura
Service: Army
E-Mail: jpurpura@gmail.com
Unit: T Trp 4/2 ACR
Name: Ann Gosnell
Service: Army
E-Mail: ladyzipar@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/278th RCT
Name: Helder Machado
Service: Army
E-Mail: hmachado@charter.net
Unit: HHC 1/7 INF 3ID
Name: Greg
Service: Army
E-Mail: gpanik@myspeedworks.com
Unit: A-Btry 1-3 FA 2AD
Name: David Flinchbaugh
Service: Army
E-Mail: davef.home@comcast.net
Unit: 420th MP Co.
Name: Guy P. Leitch
Service: Navy
E-Mail: guy51usa@yahoo.com
Unit: NRPWC Subic Bay
Name: Chip Denton
Service: Army
E-Mail: cavao@sbcglobal.net
Unit: C Troop 2/17th CAV, 101st Airborne Division
Name: James C. Baldwin
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: sullard1@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 460th Bomb Squad 333rd Bomb Group
Name: stewart r. laparan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: pogi4@yahoo.com
Unit: hsl 51, warlorlds
Name: David M. Evans
Service: Army
E-Mail: dmitchevans@hotmail.com
Unit: A Co 8th Engineer Ft. Hood Texas
Service: Army
Name: Gary Zisselsberger
Service: Army
E-Mail: gzberger@yahoo.com
Unit: B. Co 7/159 Avn Regt.
Name: Nikki Woo
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: wooberdo@aol.com
Unit: 1702 AREFW
Name: Alex-Michael Rodgers
Service: Army
E-Mail: BEARfromTN@military.com
Unit: 16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne)
Name: Jimmy Lonsdale
Service: Army
E-Mail: jlons96071@aol.com
Unit: 1st ID, Alpha 1st Engineers
Name: kegler
Service: Army
E-Mail: fast1103@yahoo.com
Unit: B company 16th Engr Bt
Name: Adam McCalla
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: adam@mymccalla.com
Unit: MAG-39 & MAG-16 Forward
Name: Ron Monette
Service: Army
E-Mail: moon_netter@yahoo.com
Unit: 1/35 armored battalion
Name: Ronald W King
Service: Army
E-Mail: gnikwr@yahoo.com
Unit: C TRoop 1/2 ACR
Name: kenneth dewalt
Service: Army
E-Mail: amdemd@yahoo.com
Unit: hhb 2/52
Name: Kirk Noonan
Service: Army
E-Mail: knoonan@bellsouth.net
Unit: HHC 2/66AR 2AD(FWD)
Name: Victor M Rodriguez
Service: Navy
E-Mail: backup2go@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Mt. Baker AE-34
Name: Tim F Winward
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tangofoxwhiskey@yahoo.com
Unit: Golf 2/3
Name: joseph lopes
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jlopes66@yahoo.com
Name: Matt Huff
Service: Army
E-Mail: matthuff@pointman-ministries.org
Unit: C 1/320FA 101st Abn (Air Assault)
Name: Edwin Robinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: edwin.robinson@us.army.mil
Unit: 2nd Bn 20th FA Regimentf B Btry
Name: Sean Cundiff
Service: Army
E-Mail: scundiff@siu.edu
Unit: C Co., 533rd MI BN, 3AD
Name: Armando Vilchis
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: avilchis@ledtronics.com
Unit: MALS-32
Name: John P. Akin
Service: Army
E-Mail: pbjuly@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 2/1 FA C Battery
Name: Rich Cockrell
Service: Army
E-Mail: rcockrell68@aol.com
Unit: C Co 9th En Bn
Name: Dan Copp
Service: Army
E-Mail: bluemaurader03@hotmail.com
Unit: 920th Transportation
Service: Army
E-Mail: a_knitter@hotmail.com
Unit: Bravo 2/3 ADA
Name: RV Hayes
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rvhayesea6b@yahoo.com
Unit: VMAQ 2
Name: Edward Tillman
Service: Army
E-Mail: liltrick@hotmail.com
Unit: 62nd S&S Co. Fort Hood TX.
Name: Thomas Windsor
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tomsubic@gmail.com
Unit: HC-1 Det 6 USS Blue Ridge LCC-19
Name: Jody Williams
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jody-williams@warpdriveonline.com
Unit: 1st DAWG
Name: Christopher Patterson
Service: Army
E-Mail: capatter@indiana.edu
Unit: 533rd MI BN, 3AD
Name: Manning
Service: Army
E-Mail: Backgnd@gmail.com
Unit: 533rd Trans
Name: Raymond Long
Service: Army
E-Mail: rlong2733@hotmail.com
Unit: 226th Maintenance Company
Service: Army
E-Mail: david.plunkett@us.army.mil
Unit: 3-17 fa, 210 bde
Name: Jeffrey Alan Leatherman
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeff1563@hotmail.com
Unit: 514th maint co fort drum n.y
Service: Army
E-Mail: soldiertramp@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st CAV DIV.
Name: Philip Paul Alimia
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ppalimia@hotmail.com
Unit: AVI-610, MALS-11, MAG-11, 3rd MAW
Name: Chad Weatherford
Service: Army
E-Mail: chad@insightbb.com
Unit: 586th Maintenance Company
Name: Tom Fitzke
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: stickrule69@netscape.net
Unit: 7th ESB Util. Plt
Name: Doug Sullivant
Service: Army
Unit: HQ Company / 527 Engr. Bn. / LA National Guard
Name: Jason Allery
Service: Army
E-Mail: combatsignaler@yahoo.com
Unit: 18 Abn Corps.
Name: Samuel M. Luse
Service: Army
E-Mail: cajunracer@iname.com
Unit: 11th BDE, 2-7 ADA PATRIOT
Name: Dave Knoch
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: knochd@comcast.net
Unit: 6948 ESS, 6975 ESS
Name: David Fierro
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bgfierro818@yahoo.com
Unit: Kilo Co. 3rd Bn. 5th Marines
Name: Richard E. Watts
Service: Army
E-Mail: lvnmgk@elvinmagic.com
Unit: 1st Cav
Name: Michael Bilbrey
Service: Army
E-Mail: mikb68@earthlink.net
Unit: 3/20th Field Artillary Bn
Name: Steven L Vinet Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: SwampMann1967@aol.com
Unit: D co 801st Maint Bn.
Name: Roy B. Wilkinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: wickedwolf35@aol.com
Unit: b company 2/227, and c troop 1/6 cav
Name: Rich Mele
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: richmele2w0@yahoo.com
Unit: 354 TFW
Name: Tim Rasmusson
Service: Army
E-Mail: fedextim@wowway.com
Unit: 301 mp pw camp
Name: William L Sheen
Service: Army
E-Mail: wlsheen@yahoo.com
Unit: 1/101st Aco.
Name: Monika Ploesser
Service: Army
E-Mail: JumpmasterChick@military.com
Unit: D Co. 782nd Mt. Bn., 82nd Abn. Div.
Name: Gerald F. Williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: geraldfwilliams@yahoo.com
Unit: 312th MI Bn & G2/SSO; 1st Cavalry Division
Name: Alan Dunster
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: imtoasted35@yahoo.com
Unit: 8th Eng Spt Bn, 2nd FSSG / II MEF
Name: Roy E. Lowe
Service: Army
E-Mail: andy@andyesl.com
Unit: eng.
Name: Amy
Service: Army
E-Mail: jimamyemily@msn.com
Unit: n/a
Name: Jeff Lycett
Service: Army
E-Mail: jlycett@yahoo.com
Unit: 513 Mi Brg. /201st Mi Bat/ D Company 2nd platoon
Name: Frank Butts
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: frank.butts@comcast.net
Unit: 377 Security Forces
Name: Annamarie Sayo Raynor
Service: Navy
E-Mail: muymucho2003@yahoo.com
Unit: DECA
Name: Chris Carpenter
Service: Army
E-Mail: carpenter1995@comcast.net
Unit: A Co 2/159 Avn Regt
Name: Duane Strong
Service: Army
E-Mail: duane.strong@us.army.mil
Unit: SVC BTRY 2-29th FA
Name: David Crosby
Service: Army
E-Mail: dcrosby@satx.rr.com
Unit: C co, HHC (S4) 326th Engrs, & 887th LE 101st ABN
Name: Morgan Todd
Service: Army
E-Mail: prplwiredwizard@yahoo.com
Unit: 494 th Transportation
Name: Erik K. McVay
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: emcvay@clearwire.net
Unit: 2nd LAI BN H&S Co
Name: Deb Barnes
Service: Army
E-Mail: victoria12401@aol.com
Unit: 122nd MSB B.CO
Service: Army
E-Mail: jtmac7@yahoo.com
Unit: 1241ST AG POSTAL
Name: Todd C. Bowman
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bowman4@rtccom.net
Unit: CSSD-26
Name: Terrence Biehl
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tbiehl2000@yahoo.com
Name: nicholas
Service: Army
E-Mail: trip19842004@yahoo.com
Unit: hhs 1-27
Name: Bryan Heieck
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: badheieck@verizon.net
Unit: 2nd Bn 4th Mar
Name: Thomas J Seagriff
Service: Army
E-Mail: tj.missi.seagriff@verizon.net
Unit: Aco.299th Eng. (combat)
Name: Jill Morgan-Mikelson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: redneck54601@charter.net
Unit: SvcCo. HqBn 1st MarDiv
Name: alfredo zamora
Service: Army
E-Mail: chico3208@gmail.com
Unit: 2nd ACR
Name: J. Jones
Service: Army
E-Mail: jonesjl@umr.edu
Unit: 3 - 17FA (DS to 3/2 ACR)
Name: Robert Neumann
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rneumann5@wi.rr.com
Unit: 7319 RED HORSE
Name: Stephen L. Blalock
Service: Army
E-Mail: cactus3442@juno.com
Name: Roger Hostetter
Service: Army
E-Mail: rogkb3gkf@yahoo.com
Unit: B. Co 724th SB (M) 24th ID (M)
Name: Henry W. Noha, IV
Service: Navy
E-Mail: noha1969@aol.com
Unit: NMCB1, NMCB62
Name: Dan Bevill
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: danbevill@hotmail.com
Unit: 4th tactical fighter wing
Name: Thomas E. Hixson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: thixson@pritzker.com
Unit: Hvy. Guns Wpns.Co. 2/7
Name: Eva Fulton
Service: Army
E-Mail: eva@mefulton.com
Unit: HHC, 21st TAACOM
Name: John Allen
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: allenja@military.com
Unit: Bco 3rd Tank Bn 1st MarDiv
Name: George Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: georgesmith2225@bellsouth.net
Unit: C Co. 313th mi bn 82nd PIR
Name: Thomas D Ryan
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ryantd_742@msn.com
Unit: 3rd Bn 1st Marines 1st MarDiv
Name: adam
Service: Army
E-Mail: ajsouth2005@yahoo.com
Unit: 137 fsc
Name: Bob Dixon
Service: Army
E-Mail: robert.m.dixon@us.army.mil
Unit: C/4-8CAV FIST and 4-82 FA 3rd Armor Div
Name: Bryant K. Chamberlain
Service: Army
E-Mail: bryant1@emailaccount.com
Unit: 2nd of the 18th/fa 212th/bgd 3/crop
Name: Anthony J. Parker
Service: Army
E-Mail: tony.parker2@us.army.mil
Unit: 213th Military Police Company
Name: Evan
Service: Army
E-Mail: d34jj101@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/52 ADA
Name: Timothy Sherrell Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: timjr412@yahoo.com
Unit: d/co 20th engr batt,fort campbell ,ky
Name: Geary Smith (tsgt. ret)
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tsmith45@nc.rr.com
Unit: 335Th Seymour Johnson AFB
Name: Robert E Garnham
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: cadgod13@hvc.rr.com
Unit: 345 TFG
Name: kenneth guy
Service: Army
E-Mail: kenneth.darnell.guy@us.army.mil
Unit: 626 maint det2
Name: Robert Whitten
Service: Army
E-Mail: rmwhitten@charter.net
Unit: 912th MASH
Name: Brad LaChapelle
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sgtchappy@comcast.net
Unit: MCSSD-26
Name: Curtis George
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dctrpain@yahoo.com
Unit: Weapons G-2
Name: Rob Fullington
Service: Army
E-Mail: robfullington@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Infantry Division 101st Support Battalion
Name: Robert Parsons
Service: Army
E-Mail: rgp@uzl-parsons.com
Unit: 904th Medical Detachment
Name: Hector Morales
Service: Army
E-Mail: hmorales911@sbcglobal.net
Unit: B co 7-159th Aviation Regt
Name: Jesse James Pena
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: lslaytondaniels@hotmail.com
Unit: Alfa Co. 1/7
Name: raymond f hulin
Service: Army
E-Mail: hollywoodbadguy1@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd 42nd field artillary
Name: Carla Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: carla.s.miller@us.army.mil
Unit: 176th Maint BN
Name: Carla Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: carla.s.miller@knogly.com
Unit: 176th Maint BN
Name: Sandra Hodges
Service: Army
E-Mail: shodges53@aol.com
Unit: ccsa-eur
Name: Erik Justin McMenamin
Service: Army
E-Mail: erikjm71@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 299th Engineer Battalion
Name: Richard Anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: randerson11@adelphia.net
Unit: 445th MP Co.
Name: joseph a. garcia
Service: Other
E-Mail: garciajo@myway.com
Unit: 340th Cml Co, CBRNE
Name: Tim Gerten
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 2/2 2ND Marine Division
Name: Glenn Hertel SPC.
Service: Army
E-Mail: glamorousgia@yahoo.com
Unit: 546 Trans, FT. Bragg
Name: Doug Eldridge
Service: Army
E-Mail: dridge@adelphia.net
Unit: 602nd Maintenance Co.
Name: Kim Ansaldo
Service: Army
E-Mail: KAnsaldo@aol.com
Unit: 42nd Medical Company
Name: Nikos Vamvaketis
Service: Army
E-Mail: nikdagreek69@hotmail.com
Unit: 8th Ordnance Company
Name: Patrick Bailey
Service: Army
E-Mail: SuzyandPat1987@yahoo.com
Unit: Quartermaster
Name: Michael A Fanning
Service: Army
E-Mail: crewdogoh58@yahoo.com
Unit: Bco 1-101st AVN REGT "Bearcats"
Name: Timothy K. Spies
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tspies@cavtel.net
Unit: Fleet Hospital 15
Name: John E. Atteberry
Service: Army
E-Mail: postman67@verizon.net
Unit: 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry
Name: Cynthia Coogler
Service: Army
E-Mail: mari_juana@comcast.net
Unit: 63rd Ordnance Co.
Name: Bernard Shorts
Service: Army
E-Mail: smokeshorts@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/3 ACR
Service: Army
E-Mail: gsyler@audioamerica.com
Unit: A 3/27FA FT BRAGG NC
Name: David Newmark
Service: Navy
E-Mail: davidnewmark2003@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Med. Bn. ECHO CO.
Name: Shawn Blocker
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: blocker3@comcast.net
Unit: MACG-38
Name: Brad Chaffee
Service: Army
E-Mail: bradchaffee40@hotmail.com
Unit: 1-101st Avitation Regiment
Name: Dennis Snyder
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dksnydere7@hotmail.com
Unit: ACB-2 Det 405
Name: David Simpson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: D57simpson@cox.net
Unit: CG-53 USS Mobile Bay
Name: Jeremy Speanburg
Service: Navy
E-Mail: helgstrand@sbcglobal.net
Unit: VAQ 132/U.S.S. Saratoga
Name: Peter Nadeau
Service: Army
E-Mail: light_fighter_25th@sbcglobal.net
Unit: B 1/5 AAA 24th ID Ft Stewart
Name: Melvin Campbell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: soupman641@yahoo.com
Unit: 1Bn,6th Marines,2D MARDIV
Name: Linda Adams
Service: Army
E-Mail: N/A
Unit: 513th Transportation Company
Name: Thomas Enlow
Service: Army
E-Mail: mackdaddy362000@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/29 fa 1/3fa
Name: Haas, Anthony
Service: Army
E-Mail: aghaas2004@msn.com
Unit: Charlie Company 1-7th Inf A-burg Germany
Name: James E Browne
Service: Army
E-Mail: JimB1968@wowway.com
Unit: 92 MP Co, 3rd Arm Div
Name: Lance R Peters
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Gunny331970@msn.com
Unit: 1st Bat 3rd div Force Recon
Name: erik bergman
Service: Army
E-Mail: brgmn3@sbcglobal.com
Unit: a btry 6/27
Service: Army
E-Mail: redhill@classicnet.net
Unit: 1245 TRANS CO, 7TH GROUP
Name: Alexis Christian
Service: Navy
E-Mail: alexisveatch@gmail.com
Unit: Dental Tech
Name: Paul P Melendez JR
Service: Army
E-Mail: paulmelen@aol.com
Unit: B co 3rd Engineer BN
Name: Troy Michaels
Service: Army
E-Mail: e5troyt@msn.com
Unit: B Company 82nd Eng Battalion
Name: kirk fowlkes
Service: Army
E-Mail: kadala333@yahoo.com
Unit: 225th third core/msr green 11
Name: Reginald Still
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: reggiestill@cox.net
Unit: Band
Name: Bobby Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: bobby.johnson6@us.army.mil
Unit: HHC 82nd Aviation BDE
Name: Thomas Chitwood
Service: Army
E-Mail: tntchitwood@highland.net
Unit: A 1/39th FAR ABN
Name: Kenneth Stenberg
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kstenberg2001@yahoo.com
Unit: India Co. 3/9 3rd Plt.
Name: Bernhard Ifkewitsch
Service: Army
E-Mail: ziggy69x4@yahoo.com
Unit: Charlie Company 1-7th Inf A-burg Germany
Name: Lony A. Fabre
Service: Army
E-Mail: fabrebel@yahoo.com
Unit: 3673rd Mainteneance Co.
Name: Jon Boyd
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tpdboyd@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co 1st Combat Engineers
Name: Terry e. Martin
Service: Army
E-Mail: bulldog62@adelphia.net
Unit: HHC 2AD FWD Garlstedt Germany
Name: Timothy Kashin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tjkashin@kashin.org
Unit: 3rd LAAM Bn
Name: Robert Edward Way
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: lockouts2003@hotmail.com
Unit: 8th Eng Spt Bn, Eng Det MCSSD-26
Name: ehsan
Service: Other
E-Mail: info@iranrugco.ir
Unit: i
Name: A. Scott Harris
Service: Army
E-Mail: thescholar@yahoo.com
Unit: A BTRY 2/43 ADA
Name: Tricia Armold
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tricia.armold@mchsi.com
Unit: 2nd Combat Communications
Name: Adam Crawford
Service: Army
E-Mail: adamblueeagle@yahoo.com
Unit: E/23rd ENG BN
Name: Todd, Henry Roscoe
Service: Army
E-Mail: dtodd4au@bellsouth.net
Unit: 92 nd Chemical Battallion
Name: Wilbur King
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: whiskeyjokerkilo@msn.com
Unit: 1-1
Name: A. J. Boyle
Service: Army
E-Mail: mortuus@excite.com
Unit: 410th EVAC Hospital
Name: Ploesser, Monika
Service: Army
E-Mail: m.ploesser@mattec.com
Unit: D Co. 782nd Mt. Bn., 82nd Abn Div
Name: Bobby Driesner
Service: Army
E-Mail: bobby.driesner@ngc.com
Unit: TF 6/6 Infantry, 1st Armored Div
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: priscilla.byars@us.army.mil
Name: Dean E Firestien
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dino1064@yahoo.com
Unit: 39th APS
Name: Robert "Hutch" Hutchins
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: hutchins1@bellsouth.net
Unit: 23 TFW 76AMU
Name: Dennis Ayer
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dennisayer@yahoo.com
Unit: 6510th SPS
Name: Leroy B (Beaner) Hains
Service: Army
E-Mail: moreaper@hotmail.com
Unit: 361st MP
Name: Claudia
Service: Other
E-Mail: claudiag@cox.net
Unit: 82ND Airborne 319 Infantry
Name: Martin G Tomczewski Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: martin.g.tomczewski@us.army.mil
Unit: 104th Transportation Co 419th QM Battalion
Name: Brad A Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: bjohnson3667@bellsouth.net
Unit: VII Corp HHC STB
Name: Michael J Morouney
Service: Army
E-Mail: morouney@sbcglobal.net
Unit: IRR-584th maint. 561st CSG
Name: jcstesiak
Service: Army
E-Mail: jcstesiak@netzero.net
Unit: Bco. 34th Sig Bn
Name: jason dion boyd
Service: Army
E-Mail: golddollarpancake@hotmail.com
Unit: 13th ord
Name: gary shobe
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jagsrus04@yahoo.com
Unit: nmcb-5
Name: Lance R. Kelly
Service: Army
E-Mail: lance.r.kelly@us.army.mil
Unit: HHT 1/11 ACR
Name: kenneth guy romberger
Service: Army
E-Mail: romberger1969@aol.com
Unit: 586th maint company, 7th corp
Name: Bolling, Harvey
Service: Army
E-Mail: harb1959@yahoo.com
Name: Retonya Williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: retonyaw@yahoo.com
Unit: 18th Aviation Brigade, Fort Bragg, NC
Service: Army
E-Mail: ETHOMPSON27@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 21st TAACOM
Name: steve goode
Service: Army
E-Mail: stevewgoode@charter.net
Unit: 912th m.a.s.h.
Name: Mike Austin
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mistymtfarm@direcway.com
Name: Christopher Lee Peterson
Service: Army
E-Mail: tashapeterson29@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 142nd Field Artillery
Name: Dwight Williams
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dwilliams@tacticalprecision.com
Unit: 3280 TTG
Name: Michael Chapman
Service: Army
E-Mail: michael.chapman.us@gmail.com
Unit: Task Force 8/43 ADA (VII Corps)
Name: Daniel Martin
Service: Army
E-Mail: coburg72@yahoo.com
Unit: Ftroop 3rd Platoon 2/2 Armored Cavarly Regiment
Name: jimmie chism
Service: Army
E-Mail: jimwchism@yahoo.com
Unit: 861st Quartermaster company
Name: Christian Bengel
Service: Army
E-Mail: the5bengels@cox.net
Unit: HHB 1/17th FA
Name: ivan d hurd
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: i.hurd@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 2nd Bn 5th Mar
Name: Emerson E. Walker
Service: Army
E-Mail: jabreel1226@hotmail.com
Unit: 23 cav
Name: Rich Santos
Service: Army
E-Mail: richsantos@juno.com
Unit: HSC 92nd ENGR CBT BN (H)
Name: Rodrigo Gonzalez
Service: Army
E-Mail: cmeilhammer@ec.rr.com
Unit: B Co, 2nd Bn, 8th Cavalry, 1st Airborne Brigade
Name: William Heath Lawson
Service: Army
E-Mail: spiderman337@verizon.net
Unit: 92nd Chemical Company FOX Recon
Name: Linda Neely
Service: Army
E-Mail: Lneely@earthlink.net
Name: Sarah Carney
Service: Other
E-Mail: scarney@filmgarden.net
Unit: none
Name: Carl "Fresh" Pierce
Service: Army
E-Mail: 555mp_fresh@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 445th MP Co.
Name: Bill Beard
Service: Navy
E-Mail: seabee402@yahoo.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital 5 CBU 411
Name: coporal cloutier
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: russell_ryanII@yahoo.com
Unit: HdqBn
Name: Richard Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: boutaswell@yahoo.com
Unit: B 3-319 AFAR / HHC 2-504 PIR
Name: Patrick Burke
Service: Army
E-Mail: patrickburke@mac.com
Unit: HHC 4-70, 2nd Brigade, 1AD
Name: Steve Griffin
Service: Army
E-Mail: grif4142@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/73 Armor 82nd Airborne Div.
Name: jimmy
Service: Army
E-Mail: jswalker7@hotmail.com
Unit: A Btry 5/18th Field Artillery
Name: Jennifer Midkiff, Spc 4
Service: Army
E-Mail: store0094@theupsstore.com
Unit: 429th medical co.
Name: Frank J. Nordel
Service: Army
E-Mail: Fnordel01@msn.com
Unit: Task force 8/43
Name: Brian Sauls
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bsauls@goldengate.net
Unit: CVN-65, CVN-68
Name: JM Knappenberger
Service: Army
E-Mail: JMKnappenberger@aol.com
Unit: CDR, 915th Transportation Company
Name: Roger Hanson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: hanson1969@hotmail.com
Unit: 5th Combat comm. group
Name: Allen D Underwood
Service: Army
E-Mail: sue_underwood0@yahoo.com
Unit: 542nd maint, 123rd support Dco
Name: Stephen D. Shaw
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tigeyore@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Spartanburg County LST-1192
Name: raymond
Service: Army
E-Mail: raymondinfante_5@hotmail.com
Unit: 311 Q.M. co.
Name: Norman Ashcraft
Service: Navy
E-Mail: normanashcraft@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Nassau (LHA-4)
Name: keith tribue
Service: Army
E-Mail: ktribue@cox.net
Unit: 1015 ag
Name: Tom Martinez
Service: Army
E-Mail: TnSmarti@netzero.com
Unit: HHC5/16 Inf !st inf div
Service: Army
Name: Dale Mallory
Service: Army
E-Mail: dale.mallory@us.army.mil
Unit: 10th SFG(A)
Name: Jacquelyn Hill
Service: Army
E-Mail: Precuscrgo@aol.com
Unit: 728th Maintenance Bn / 3623rd Maint Bn
Service: Navy
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five
Name: Rob Wurpes
Service: Army
E-Mail: _ebaneezer@excite.com
Unit: HHC 4/7 Inf
Name: Patrick "Tony" Thomas
Service: Army
E-Mail: tonyvanman@aol.com
Unit: 47th Field Hospital
Name: Bobby Bunch
Service: Army
E-Mail: kkandalansdad@netcommander.com
Unit: C Company 19th Engineer Bat.
Name: Carl Lee Shaw
Service: Army
E-Mail: hm1shaw@aol.com
Unit: 8th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Mike Ratchford (Skatemaster)
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mratchford@triad.rr.com
Unit: 2nd recon bn
Name: Rick Petersen
Service: Army
E-Mail: rick.petersen@insightbb.com
Unit: HHB 3-2 ADA
Name: Gary Burkett
Service: Navy
E-Mail: burkettsoffice@navy.mil
Unit: Uss Kalamazoo
Name: Donald Kane Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: donald.kane@us.army.mil
Unit: SVC/B/C Btry 1/39 FAR (ABN)
Name: Rick Ringold
Service: Army
E-Mail: ringold@us.ibm.com
Unit: 71st Engineers
Name: Harry Lopez-Alicea
Service: Army
E-Mail: harryl@coqui.net
Unit: 870th Trans Co. 6th Trans Bn.
Name: Eric Merrill
Service: Army
E-Mail: laoch@subtledominions.com
Unit: A 1/27 FA
Name: Gerald Sanders
Service: Army
E-Mail: syrrmystyrneo@yahoo.com
Unit: 118th Ordinance Detatchment
Name: Roger A. McCombs
Service: Army
E-Mail: rmccombs@comcast.net
Unit: Aco. 16th Eng. Bn. 1st. A.D.
Name: Patrick Hall
Service: Army
E-Mail: Zenbourne@yahoo.com
Unit: 3 8 F.A. 307th Medical BN
Name: James Gallentine Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: jgj10@hotmail.com
Unit: 565 QM CO
Name: Tariq
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tariqlovelyraja@yahoo.com
Unit: www.gulfweb.com
Name: Anthony Youngblood
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tonyandcheryl1@cox.net
Unit: 7 ACCS
Name: Earle Morris
Service: Army
E-Mail: dkmtnfrm@NOSPAMyahoo.com
Unit: HHB 1/41FA FIST
Name: Virgil Woolridge
Service: Army
E-Mail: vwoolr2@hotmail.com
Unit: DISCOM, 1st ID
Name: Ed Eakle
Service: Army
E-Mail: ezhd@yahoo.com
Unit: B Co. 12th Eng Bn
Name: Luis Valdez
Service: Army
E-Mail: lxvaldez@west.com
Unit: b co 51st signal Bn.
Name: Mary (Seagriff) Kochel
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: sleeve7@satx.rr.com
Unit: 6948 ESS
Name: Scot Campbell
Service: Army
E-Mail: svcampbell2k@netzero.net
Unit: C Trp, 5/6 CAV, 12th AVN BDE
Service: Army
Unit: 593rd Area Support Group
Name: Joe Yelle
Service: Army
E-Mail: jayelle@rochester.rr.com
Unit: 44th chemical co
Name: jimmy l.depoyster
Service: Army
E-Mail: jimjam88@sbcglobal.net
Unit: hhc 3/35 armor 1st armor div.
Name: Bobby Jo Rainwater Jr.
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bobrainwater@hotmail.com
Unit: 35 TFW George AFB
Name: Fred Mc Clure
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mccluref@linuxwaves.com
Name: Deborah Carmen
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dcarmen@rose.net
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five
Name: Dana "Chip" Patterson
Service: Army
E-Mail: superphat@earthlink.net
Unit: B Co., 2 MI BN (AE), 207th MI BDE
Name: SFC(ret) John E. Asher
Service: Army
E-Mail: rasher83@hotmail.com
Unit: I Troop 3rd sqrn 2nd ACR
Name: Peter B. Smith, SGT.
Service: Army
E-Mail: petesmith@bankofny.com
Unit: B BTRY 3/17TH FA 210 BDE
Name: john e johnson jr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: johnsoncjjj@verison.net
Unit: mwss 174 24 mag
Name: Jeff Cornelius
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeffcornelius@sbcglobal.net
Unit: L Troop 3/3 ACR
Name: Robert Ford
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: BobFord9660@aol.com
Unit: 773 Tactical Airlift Squadron
Name: Roger Ashley Pollette
Service: Army
E-Mail: apollette@hotmail.com
Unit: 85th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Timothy J. Simonton
Service: Army
E-Mail: t.simonton@insightbb.com
Unit: Aco 24th sig bn,24th ID
Name: Elmer D. Church
Service: Army
E-Mail: dlc1281@bresnan.net
Unit: 889th S&S Company
Name: Bill Burford
Service: Army
E-Mail: william.burford@us.army.mil
Unit: 4-67 Armor 3rd Armor Division
Name: Darren Cooley
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dnacool1@gmail.com
Unit: VMA 224, VMAQ-2, VMA 332
Name: Glenda Crum
Service: Army
E-Mail: gfcrum@alltel.net
Unit: 3RD Infantry Battallion 115 Bravo Co
Name: joseph dwayne milliea
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dwaynemilliea@msn.com
Unit: mwss 273 beufort,s.c.
Name: Eugenia L. Schmalhorst
Service: Army
E-Mail: jsummers6502@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co. 51st Signal Bn
Name: William Pecor
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: williampecor@charter.net
Unit: 2/2 81's Plt
Name: Mike Amsbaugh
Service: Army
E-Mail: mike.amsbaugh@us.army.mil
Unit: 213th MP, 800th MP BDE
Name: Lance Little
Service: Army
E-Mail: lance.little@med.va.gov
Unit: 401st MPCO, 720th MPBN, 89th MP BDE
Name: Jeff Alcott
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeff-alcott@us.army.mil
Unit: 7-159 AVIM
Name: David Kleindorfer
Service: Army
E-Mail: kleindorferx4@cfl.rr.com
Unit: B battery 3/82 FA FDC
Name: Robley F Withrow
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: robleywithrow@earthlink.net
Unit: 1st Special Operations/16th SOS
Name: Alphonso Dalton
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: alphonsodalton919@yahoo.com
Unit: HQ Btry 3/11 TF Ripper
Name: Donald E. Lawless
Service: Army
E-Mail: dlawless@cox.net
Unit: Svc Btry 2-1 FA
Name: Michael E Wall
Service: Army
E-Mail: wall1@alltel.net
Unit: 1st 82nd Avaition Bridge
Name: schewe
Service: Army
E-Mail: chrisschewe2@earthlink.net
Unit: s+t troop 2nd acr
Name: Spc. Edward L. Tapper
Service: Army
E-Mail: gulfwararmyvet@yahoo.com
Unit: 1450th Transportation Company
Name: Scott Darnell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ssbd@verizon.net
Unit: 2/7 echo company wpn plt
Name: Todd Kimsey
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ToddKimsey@adelphia.net
Unit: 5th Marine Regimental TOW Platoon
Name: Jamie Eklov
Service: Army
E-Mail: jamie.a.eklov@us.army.mil
Unit: D Co 23rd Engr Bn
Name: Terrisa Karaus
Service: Spouse of Vet
E-Mail: desertstormletters@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/17 Cav 101st Division
Name: David E. McGinty
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: usmsea@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/7 Lima 3rd heard 1990-1993 Task Force Grizzly
Name: sam posten
Service: Army
E-Mail: sckp@msn.com
Unit: HHC 3rd Brigade, 3rd AD
Name: Joe Podest
Service: Army
E-Mail: jpodest2@yahoo.com
Unit: A 2/67 Armor
Name: Nicholas Taylor
Service: Army
E-Mail: nicholas.d.taylor@us.army.mil
Unit: 92nd Chemical Co.(RECON)
Service: Army
E-Mail: tillrot321@msn.com
Unit: 101st airborne
Name: Miguel Contreras
Service: Army
E-Mail: dirtytankerboots@msn.com
Unit: HHC 3-66AR, 4ID
Name: Dawnyel M. McCarty
Service: Army
E-Mail: dmccarty68@gmail.com
Unit: 1113th Trans Co.
Name: Marion D. Wagner
Service: Army
E-Mail: wagner85743@comcast.net
Unit: A Btry. 6th Bn. 3rd ADA
Name: PFC T. Stone
Service: Army
E-Mail: tubafreaks@hotmail.com
Unit: 15 trans co.
Name: Russ Barber
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Remptyjar@aol.com
Unit: CSSD-10 "Graves Registration"
Name: Hector Clark
Service: Army
E-Mail: clarkman100@aol.com
Unit: 5/6 Cav / 12th AVN BDE
Service: Army
E-Mail: tito28pr@hotmail.com
Name: Matthew Clay Baker
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: fbhotrods@msn.com
Unit: MP
Name: Ted Waz
Service: Army
E-Mail: tes_waz@uhc.com
Unit: 800th MP BDE (EPW)
Name: Jim George
Service: Army
E-Mail: fubijar41@msn.com
Unit: 928th med co (amb)
Name: erika faris (guthrie)
Service: Army
E-Mail: erikafaris@talkamerica.net
Unit: 608 ordnance company
Service: Army
E-Mail: sfc_raz@yahoo.com
Unit: A Btry 40th FA MLRS 3AD
Name: Leo Ford
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: fedglock@yahoo.com
Unit: 354 TFW/354 SPS(p) KFIA "Tiger Beach"
Name: Nathan N. Hernden
Service: Army
E-Mail: rainforest606@yahoo.com
Unit: A 5/18 FA Ft. Sill OK
Name: bonnie james
Service: Other
E-Mail: bonniejames2002@yahoo.com
Unit: 69th Signal Battalion
Name: Richard Burden
Service: Army
E-Mail: rburden107@aol.com
Unit: 588th 2nd 19th
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: MKilbride@nassaucountyny.gov
Unit: Cco. 1/6 3RD PLT. 2ND MARDIV
Name: Daniel J Meck
Service: Navy
E-Mail: warvet48@earthlink.net
Unit: VAQ-131 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 131
Name: derrick f kline
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dkline4@rochester.rr.com
Unit: delta company, 3rd lai bn
Name: Matthew Heber
Service: Army
E-Mail: mheber2@comcast.net
Unit: 82nd Military Police Company
Name: Fred Scharf
Service: Army
E-Mail: fred.scharf@us.army.mil
Unit: 300th Field Hospital
Name: Robert W. Lucas
Service: Army
E-Mail: rwlbuster@atmc.net
Unit: 1-66 HHC
Name: Gail Yager
Service: Other
E-Mail: gmy2248@yahoo.com
Unit: NA
Name: Glenn K. Bard
Service: Army
E-Mail: glenn.bard@gmail.com
Unit: 59 th MP Company
Name: bill parmer
Service: Navy
E-Mail: billparmer@earthlink.net
Name: Marc Owens
Service: Army
E-Mail: marc21owens2003@yahoo.com
Unit: B & HHC 3/66 AR, 2nd AR Div (FWD), Garlstedt
Name: Joseph J. Laxton
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: scorpion1tx@earthlink.net
Unit: 554 SSF
Name: Alan Alexander
Service: Army
E-Mail: wh6dm@hotmail.com
Unit: K Co 158th Avn
Name: Alan Dunster III
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: redtail33@adelphia.net
Unit: 2nd MEF
Name: Dave Shaffer
Service: Army
E-Mail: shaffer00@hotmail.com
Unit: B Co. 122nd CSB
Name: Mary Rich
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: millewoman69@comcast.net
Unit: 4401 Air Postal Squadron
Name: Marc Rodriguez
Service: Army
E-Mail: rodlsva_00@direcway.com
Unit: 2nd Bde, 24th Infantry Div (M); Ft. Stewart, GA
Service: Marine Corps
Name: Hillis Banks
Service: Army
E-Mail: bozbanks@yahoo.com
Unit: Dco 2-227 Avn Bn 3rd Armored Division
Name: Greg Kollar
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: citori87@hotmail.com
Unit: Battery T 5th Bn 11th Marines
Name: Ronald Tibbs
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rons-mail@earthlink.net
Unit: MWSS 273
Name: Stephen "Phillip" Suggs
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pprz@bellsouth.net
Unit: 3rd Batt, 12th Marines (1st MarDiv)
Name: James Gonzales
Service: Army
E-Mail: gonzajd@louisville.storetek.com
Unit: 1/319 AFAR 82nd Airborne Division
Name: Henry Walker
Service: Army
E-Mail: tpookie@bellsouth.net
Unit: HHC 289th Supply Company
Name: paula hundley
Service: Army
E-Mail: casagemini@juno.com
Unit: 844th eng. batt.
Name: David M Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: sgdarkchild@yahoo.com
Unit: SVC Battery 2/11 FA 1st Armored Division
Name: Charles
Service: Army
E-Mail: roachapproach91@yahoo.com
Unit: 304th Maint.Co.
Name: james a rice
Service: Army
E-Mail: NEVER_AGAIN39@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st armour division
Name: Mark Crissinger
Service: Army
E-Mail: DPTYMC@comcast.net
Unit: 401st MP Co., 720th MP Bn
Name: Anthony Edwards
Service: Army
E-Mail: stopper31768@yahoo.com
Unit: Cco 3/34 Armor
Name: J. Kelly Cieskiewicz (SSgt.)
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kelly@ciscosolutions.us
Unit: 2nd Bn 7th Marines (2/7), 1st Marine Division
Name: Jeffery P. Murray
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jclmurray@verizon.net
Unit: 2nd FSSG DSG-2
Name: Michael Lawson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: scvbulldog@aol.com
Unit: HQ Batt 10th Marines
Name: Alan Robertson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Alan_W_Robertson@yahoo.com
Unit: 4/5 F.A. 4/37, 3/37, 2/16
Name: Jim Snell
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Cannman1061@aol.com
Unit: 511th AMU
Name: Haws
Service: Army
E-Mail: david.haws@ssa.gov
Unit: C 2/44 ada, 101st abn
Name: Joshua M. Effle-Hoy
Service: Army
E-Mail: cprtrainer@yahoo.com
Unit: B Btry 3/82FA 1CD Fort Hood, Texas
Name: Donald W. Wichmann
Service: Army
E-Mail: dwwich1@yahoo.com
Unit: DCo 2/18th INF
Name: paul marney
Service: Army
E-Mail: marneypc@gmail.com
Unit: 2nd 187th inf
Service: Army
E-Mail: ternickone@earthlink.net
Unit: 602 MAINT. CO
Name: Chris Wurch
Service: Air Force
Unit: 305 AREFW/1703 AREFWP
Name: Jay Roorbach
Service: Army
E-Mail: jayroorbach@aol.com
Unit: D Btry TF 8/43 ADA, VII Corps
Name: Jay Roorbach
Service: Army
E-Mail: jayroorbach@yahoo.com
Unit: D Btry TF 8/43 ADA, VII Corps
Name: Todd R. Rogers
Service: Army
E-Mail: Vermontman71@aol.com
Unit: C btry 1/5 AAA 24th ID
Name: ronald stark
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ronald.stark@us.army.mil
Unit: 3rd Recon Bn
Name: Bruce Littlejohn
Service: Army
E-Mail: lliljay@yahoo.com
Unit: 846th Transportation Co
Name: Henry La Bella
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Henry.Labella@1660thTAWP.org
Unit: 907 TAG
Name: Michael Urbanek
Service: Army
E-Mail: Moonrac@AOL.com
Unit: 361st MP, 800 MP command
Name: scott l eno
Service: Army
E-Mail: sleno_1969@yahoo.com
Unit: C-BATTERY 1/41 FA
Name: danny torralba
Service: Army
E-Mail: mca6403c@yahoo.com
Unit: 978th mp co.
Name: SSG Vincent Donnell
Service: Army
E-Mail: donnell_4@yahoo.com
Unit: Bco.2/67 armor 2AD
Name: William J. Roth
Service: Army
E-Mail: rothfamily94@aol.com
Unit: HHC 4/67th Armor, 3rd AD
Name: Lowell Knerr
Service: Army
E-Mail: lowellknerr@lehighcounty.org
Unit: HHC 2/158 AVN RGT 6CBAC
Name: Edward Grego
Service: Army
E-Mail: e_grego@cox.net
Unit: 27th MSB 1st
Name: Danny L. Counts
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: calbullfighter@yahoo.com
Unit: HQ CO 5th Marines Tow Plt
Name: Tracy Willard Roberts
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: chrisrob@nls.k12.la.us
Unit: Fifth Battalion, 10th Marines 2nd Marine Division
Name: Scott Herold
Service: Army
E-Mail: scott_herold@go.com
Unit: C co. 20th Engineer Bn. Ft. Campbell, Ky
Name: Ronald Collins
Service: Army
E-Mail: rcollins1956@comcast.net
Unit: 523d MP CO APG & EA MD
Name: Robert Michael Whalen
Service: Army
E-Mail: _Bostonbob@go.com
Unit: 4/34th AR
Name: Patricia
Service: Army
E-Mail: msirv@hotmail.com
Unit: 1011th S/S CO-DS
Service: Army
E-Mail: 123bookie@msn.com
Unit: 82ND ABN DIV 2/505 S&T
Service: Army
Name: Chris Vida
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bbwolf411@comcast.net
Unit: Bco. 3/327th Inf 101st Airborne Division
Name: Andrea Mc Cready
Service: Army
E-Mail: mykaisercat@aol.com
Unit: RAOC
Name: Jason Crow
Service: Army
E-Mail: jase.crow@us.army.mil
Unit: HHC, 82d SIG BN (ABN)
Name: billie battles
Service: Navy
E-Mail: obabyboots@yahoo.com
Unit: master at arms
Name: Glen Poland
Service: Army
E-Mail: gpoland@yahoo.com
Unit: 43rd Engineer Battalion
Name: Angela Hamrick
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: webmaster@32aeg.com
Unit: 32nd AEG KAFB. TX / 1611 AES(P) LZ-83
Name: James B. Wright
Service: Army
E-Mail: psychopompus@comcast.net
Unit: 54th Engineer Bn
Name: Don Elliott
Service: Army
E-Mail: don.elliott@cox.net
Unit: 1st Infantry Division
Name: Denis "The Grizz" Ouellette
Service: Other
E-Mail: grizz@thefriendlybear.com
Unit: 965th AWACS, 552nd Wing
Name: Keith Evans
Service: Army
E-Mail: keithevans@alltel.net
Unit: 121st Signal bn A co. 1st Inf. Div
Name: Chet Stambaugh
Service: Army
E-Mail: cstam2671@yahoo.com
Unit: D Co. 2/5 Cav 1st Cav Div '90-'91
Name: CPT Eric Newton Spear
Service: Army
E-Mail: eric_n_spear@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 9/101st Avn Regiment
Name: james garrison
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jimi1216@hotmail.com
Unit: 438 MAW
Name: Kenneth Baker
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: straydog69s@aol.com
Unit: 3rd lai batt. h&s co.
Name: Donald P. Alford
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dpalford@prtcnet.com
Unit: Comm Co H&S Bn 1st FSSG/ Maint Co BSSG-1
Name: Ray Kyler
Service: Army
E-Mail: RAGK123@yaho.com
Unit: 507th Transportation Company
Name: Carl "Butch" Earnhart II
Service: Army
E-Mail: butch.earnhart@neondsl.com
Unit: 141 Sig. 1st AD
Name: ronald
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ronaldpeeks@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 2nd divison/2nd combat
Name: Quanah D. Gore
Service: Army
E-Mail: qdgore1@aol.com
Unit: 124th MI BN, 24th INF DIV
Name: Scott P. Cook
Service: Army
E-Mail: scootdog66@earthlink.net
Unit: A. Btry., 1/320th FA, 101st ABN DIV
Name: terry lee medicine crow
Service: Navy
E-Mail: chega68@hotmail.com
Unit: vf-114
Name: Eric Leach
Service: Army
E-Mail: eleach1@bellsouth.net
Unit: 101st Spt. Bat. 1st Inf. Div.
Name: Michael C. Pierzchala
Service: Army
E-Mail: michael.pierzchala@navy.mil
Unit: 8th Ordnance Co.
Name: robert whitt
Service: Army
E-Mail: dwhitt4793@charter.net
Unit: 5th mash
Name: Tracy
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: babygirl3098902@yahoo.com
Unit: none
Name: Robert Gruber
Service: Army
E-Mail: bob.gruber@twc.state.tx.us
Unit: B CO 3/504 PIR 82nd ABN DIV FT Bragg, NC
Name: Deon Henry
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Jaden1107@hotmail.com
Unit: Ist Mar. Div
Name: Mark J Schuttler
Service: Army
E-Mail: markjschuttler@sbcglobal.net
Unit: HHS 2-4 FA
Name: Kenneth Sanchez
Service: Army
E-Mail: sanchezkk@yahoo.com
Unit: 425th PSC
Name: Craig L. Norris
Service: Army
E-Mail: craig.l.norris@
Unit: HHS Btry, 2-4th FA BN
Name: george dewain stennett
Service: Army
E-Mail: georgedstennett@hotmail.com
Unit: 5th Infantry Division Fort Polk, LA
Name: Jeff Stowe
Service: Army
E-Mail: JeffNStowe@aol.com
Unit: B Co, 1-5Cav, 1 Cavalry Division
Name: John R. Ellis
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: john.r.ellis.ctr@usmc.mil
Unit: 8th Eng Supt Bn. 1990-1992
Name: Alex Stevens
Service: Army
E-Mail: altxmedic@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st Battalion 8th Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division
Name: william reeves
Service: Army
E-Mail: wildman1@ameritech.net
Unit: 197th
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tkiranch@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/24 MARDIV
Name: Michael L. Somervill
Service: Army
E-Mail: hesgotstyl@aol.com
Unit: D-BTRY 5/5 ADA
Name: William Staples
Service: Army
E-Mail: sgtbuffalo@yahoo.com
Unit: 1/7th Cav
Name: Nate Boeve
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ndb2026@hotmail.com
Unit: Bssg-1 1st MEB
Name: Matthew Jak
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mjak@comcast.net
Unit: fleet hospital five, cbu-411
Name: Jodee Hrvol-Carlen
Service: Army
E-Mail: joddee1@yahoo.com
Unit: 24th Inf. Div. Mech. 542nd Maint.
Name: Jeff La Grua
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jlagrua@mac.com
Unit: 9th Communication Bn.,1st SRIG,IMEF
Name: wayne howard wright
Service: Army
E-Mail: wayne.howard.wright@us.army.mil
Unit: A co 701st Ft Riley KS
Name: Deena Marie Brigham
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: deena.brigham@doj.state.or.us
Unit: 370th BN HQ
Name: steven w. goode
Service: Army
E-Mail: stevewgoode@aol.com
Unit: 912th m.a.s.h.
Name: Donald K. Tilden
Service: Army
E-Mail: atilden@charter.net
Unit: Aco. 20th Engr, BN. 3rd. PLT
Name: scott n gordon
Service: Army
E-Mail: 14962
Unit: combat eng.2ndbrig.
Name: manny frit-simon
Service: Army
E-Mail: -
Unit: 22 special air service
Name: manny frit-simon
Service: Army
E-Mail: ----
Unit: 22 special air service
Name: Robert Madden
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bluediamondranch@msn.com
Unit: HMM 268
Name: Clint Frye
Service: Army
E-Mail: dzine_tech@yahoo.com
Unit: 7/6th Infantry, Bamberg, Germany
Service: Air Force
Unit: 354 CES
Name: Benjamin Phillips
Service: Navy
E-Mail: granitedude@msn.com
Unit: hc-5 det 1
Name: Harold Disney
Service: Army
E-Mail: hdisney@cnz.com
Unit: TF 1/32 Armor 1CD
Name: marilyn wiest
Service: Spouse of Vet
E-Mail: irishelf@charter.net
Unit: aviation systems command
Name: James M. Kavanaugh
Service: Navy
E-Mail: electrician1st@bresnan.net
Unit: NRPWC Subic Bay
Name: Charles A. Dennis
Service: Army
E-Mail: charles.dennis@us.army.mil
Unit: E Co. 2/5th Cav; 1st CAV DIV
Name: James B. Flores
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ssgtflousmc@cox.net
Unit: 3/7 Kilo Company, Task Force Grizzly
Name: Antonio D. James
Service: Army
E-Mail: midd_jammrecords@sbcglobal.net
Unit: B 2/1 ADA, 11th ADA BDE, 18th ABN Corps
Name: Teresa A. Jackson
Service: Army
E-Mail: tecee66@comcast.net
Unit: D 3/43 ADA
Name: Dean Berube
Service: Navy
E-Mail: pingjockey1@cox.net
Unit: USS Thomas S. Gates
Name: Jerome H. Humphrey Jr.
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: PrisandJer01@wmconnect.com
Unit: 802 AREFW(P)
Name: Richard R. Cherry-USN
Service: Navy
E-Mail: seabeeworksltd@hotmail.com
Unit: Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133
Name: mark fromme
Service: Army
E-Mail: fromme123@hotmail.com
Unit: C Co. 2/66 Armor 2AD fwd
Name: Todd R. Lonsinger
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Lonsingers@msn.com
Unit: 39th Supply Sq. Travis AFB CA.
Name: Robert Morris
Service: Army
E-Mail: robert.e.morris@us.army.mil
Unit: 47TH EOD
Name: jeffrey weaverling
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jeffweaverling@hotmail.com
Unit: BSSG-5
Name: Kenneth J Konikow
Service: Army
E-Mail: ken@konikow.net
Unit: HHC 14th Eng BN Ft.Ord, CA
Name: Mike Dial
Service: Army
E-Mail: mikedial@sbcglobal.net
Unit: A Troop 1-7 Cav, 1st Cav Div
Name: Lisa M Olsen
Service: Army
E-Mail: lnelsonolsen@aol.com
Unit: HHC 240th QM BN
Name: gene mcgrew
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gene.mcgrew@ge.com
Unit: 7th eng......CSSD17
Name: Curtis Merchen
Service: Army
E-Mail: merchen817
Unit: 2-1 Avn Btn
Name: Cliff Richardson " GROG "
Service: Army
E-Mail: CRichardson44@t-online.de
Unit: Bco. 5th Bn 18th INF. 3BDE, 3AD
Name: Dawn Cooper
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dawncooper@cox.net
Unit: 12 AF/LGA, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ
Name: Vic J. Underwood
Service: Army
E-Mail: vic-underwood@hawaii.rr.com
Unit: 102 QM
Name: SGT Randy Bolley
Service: Army
E-Mail: Scooterbolley@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 101st abn G-2
Name: Adam R. Gonzales
Service: Army
E-Mail: adam.gonzales@usarec.army.mil
Unit: Dco 3rd BN 505th PIR - 82nd ABN
Service: Army
Name: Robert Jett
Service: Army
E-Mail: robert.m.jett@us.army.mil
Unit: Battery B/1-142nd FA
Name: Keith Coon
Service: Army
E-Mail: stonek23@hotmail.com
Unit: 4th Squadron, 3rd ACR
Name: Sgt. Jason Ufferman
Service: Army
E-Mail: jutilaufferman@sbcglobal.net
Unit: Ft. Sill 1/79 B Bat.
Name: Steven J. White
Service: Army
E-Mail: whos7@iwon.com
Unit: 101st Airbourne A co, 2/ 502nd inf
Service: Army
E-Mail: kjd2475@fsmail.net
Name: Rocky Sortor
Service: Army
E-Mail: rsortor@newwavecomm.net
Unit: A Co, 124MI Bn, 24 ID
Name: Marty Russell
Service: Army
E-Mail: mjrussell@bop.gov
Unit: 533rd Tran Co.
Name: Myron Lard
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mllard@earthlink.net
Unit: hmla369
Name: Robert C Dunlap
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Hydrorobert@yahoo.com
Unit: 4404
Name: ed fauver
Service: Army
E-Mail: ed.fauver@insightbb.com
Unit: 438TH MP CO
Name: Steven Contryman
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: scontryman@hotmail.com
Unit: E Btry 2/10, 2nd Mar Div
Service: Army
Unit: HHB 1-17 FA.
Name: Olga Evgenjevna Roemer-KNECHT
Service: Army
E-Mail: olgaemarieroemer@aol.com, olga.e.roemer@us.army.mi
Unit: 629 QM CO, Oakland Army Base/Presidio of San Franc
Name: cliff christ
Service: Army
E-Mail: sargecliff@yahoo.com
Unit: a btry 2/43 ada patriot
Name: Ray Chatham
Service: Army
E-Mail: rlchatham@sbcglobal.net
Unit: D Co. 1-7 Infantry - 3ID, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Service: Navy
Name: Lillian Blakley
Service: Army
E-Mail: missrenee1985@yahoo.com
Unit: B co 122nd Main Support Battalion
Name: Clifton R. Howard
Service: Army
E-Mail: CRHoward01@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st Cavalry Division
Name: prent weitman
Service: Army
E-Mail: prentweitman@gmail.com
Unit: C 35 cav 3ad
Name: Steven C. Stewart
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: chrisstewart3@cox.net
Unit: 3/23
Name: Brian Lee Chancellor
Service: Army
E-Mail: brianleechancellor@yahoo.com
Unit: C co. 701st. supply 1st. ID
Name: Tim Hamric
Service: Army
E-Mail: WVtrapper@cs.com
Unit: 1/2 ACR
Name: Carl David Meyer
Service: Army
E-Mail: dmeyer71@earthlink.net
Unit: B Co. 1/504 PIR 82nd Abn Div
Name: Randall M. Damewood
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: southernknight58@aol.com
Unit: 1st Tank Bn, Task Force Papa Bear
Name: Joe Burke
Service: Army
E-Mail: joesphburke@sbcglobal.net
Unit: A-Trp 1/2 ACR
Name: Gary Hinds
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: collegeguy322002@yahoo.com
Unit: MWCS-28
Name: jeff campbell
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeffcambell@comcast.net
Unit: B btry 6th F.A. MLRS
Name: Brad Wiggins
Service: Army
E-Mail: shortcircuit@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st AD 1/35th armor
Name: Linda (Whitehead) Fabiny
Service: Army
E-Mail: grouchi@msn.com
Unit: 300th field hospital
Name: Trevor Clarke
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tdcgb@aol.com
Name: ray baldwin
Service: Army
E-Mail: raybaldwin@bellsouth.net
Unit: hhc 5-18 inf freiberg germany
Name: David D Merwin
Service: Army
E-Mail: merwinskaterd@netscape.net
Unit: D Btry 5/3 ADA
Name: Jaimie A. brehler
Service: Army
E-Mail: jabrehler@msn.com
Name: ernest tabor
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: chevy1955@alltel.net
Unit: h&s 1/8
Name: 1LT John A. Engel III
Service: Army
E-Mail: gulfweborg@199llc.com
Unit: 3-34 AR Bn.; 101 MI Bn.
Name: Roderick Fikel
Service: Army
E-Mail: rfikel@yahoo.com
Unit: 2-7 ADA 507th Maint. Co
Name: janice cook
Service: Army
E-Mail: cook813@aol.com
Name: Christopher M. Evenson
Service: Army
E-Mail: mnmevenson@gmail.com
Unit: HHC 4/70 AR BN (Scouts) 1st AD
Service: Army
Name: Kenneth J. Porter
Service: Army
E-Mail: jkport@moonstar.com
Unit: 22nd Support Command. 144th Supply Co
Name: Andrew Ellis
Service: Army
E-Mail: andrrew.ellis@us.army.mil
Unit: 212 FA BDE, 2-17 FA
Name: glenn mcginnis
Service: Army
E-Mail: staraven1@yahoo.com
Unit: aco. 7th-159th avn. reg.
Name: james w davis jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: BESTWVMAN@yahoo.com
Unit: hhc 5-5 cav, hhc 3rd armored division
Name: steve nicoletti
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: s_nicoletti@hotmail.com
Unit: 2nd lsb, 2nd fssg
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jgroves@uselectco.com
Unit: VQ-1 (World Watchers)
Name: D. Washington
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: thickbone10@hotmail.com
Unit: MWSS-273
Name: kenneth Eubanks
Service: Navy
E-Mail: kfoxwatch@aol.com
Unit: uss missouri bb-63
Name: spc david e. brooks
Service: Army
E-Mail: david.e.brooks@us.army.mil
Unit: 1st sqdn 7th cav
Name: Matthew L Benton
Service: Army
E-Mail: embenton@comcast.net
Unit: 744th Trans Co
Name: Kevin Hendrickson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: afveteran@bigfoot.com
Unit: 323nd Med Grp Deployed - 870th Cont Hosp
Name: Donald E Sharman
Service: Army
E-Mail: sharman@uab.edu
Unit: C CTRY 1/27FA
Name: Bryant Keith Chamberlain
Service: Army
E-Mail: bc5642@hawkeyecollege.edu
Unit: 2nd BN 18th field Artilery 212th Bgd
Name: Trevor Oestreich
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: trevntraci@yahoo.com
Unit: 4th Tank Co., AT TOW Co. Lt. (Reserve Unit from Br
Name: Harrison Manyoma
Service: Army
E-Mail: harrison.manyoma@us.army.mil
Unit: A 4/5 ADA
Name: Shane Fogle
Service: Army
E-Mail: rsfogle@bellsouth.net
Unit: B Company, 501st Signal Battalion, 101st Airborne
Service: Army
Unit: B CO. 701st. SPT.BN./1st. INF. DIV
Service: Army
E-Mail: plphillips@elitepcsystems.com
Unit: 15TH MI BN, 504TH MI BDE
Name: michael smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: smiths@herzomedia.net
Unit: C co 19 Engineers
Name: William King
Service: Army
E-Mail: wking71@hotmail.com
Unit: 518th Maintenance Company, 4/43 ADA
Name: norman atkinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: gertiemae@comcast.net
Unit: 101st mi bn
Name: Pete Gamet
Service: Army
E-Mail: gamer@tband.net
Unit: C Co. 197th Spt. Bn. 197th Inf. Bde.
Name: Phillip Trent
Service: Army
E-Mail: trentph@hotmail.com
Unit: Retired
Name: Carey, Matthew L
Service: Army
E-Mail: mattheca@yahoo.com
Unit: BCO, 27MSB, 1CAV
Name: Mike Hasty
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mdhasty@earthlink.net
Unit: 9th Comm Bn 1st SRIG 1 MEF
Name: Dan Graham
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bulletproof91@yahoo.com
Unit: E 2/11 1st Marine Div. 1988-1992
Name: SSG Johnny D. Ragsdale
Service: Army
E-Mail: johnny.dale.ragsdale@us.army.mil
Unit: B-Btry 1/320th FA
Name: George Lawrence
Service: Army
E-Mail: gl28376@earthlink.net
Unit: 1/187Inf 3rd Bde
Name: Theodore R. Johnson III
Service: Army
E-Mail: rydrdye2003@yahoo.com
Unit: 345th Cmb Supt Hosp, 47th Fld Hosp
Name: joseph j jefferson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jjefferson1@si.rr.com
Unit: vf84
Name: Anna S. Lutz
Service: Army
E-Mail: annaslutz@yahoo.com
Unit: C Co 498th Spt Bn, 2ad (fwd), 3d BDE, 1st Inf Div
Name: steven g lewis
Service: Army
E-Mail: stevelewis302@yahoo.com
Unit: 52nd engineers
Name: Mudge (Shea) Cynthia J.
Service: Army
E-Mail: 81tr44@taconic.net
Unit: HHC 548th Supply and Service Battalion
Name: Rick Vitullo
Service: Army
E-Mail: kczips@yahoo.com
Unit: 197th Support Battalion
Name: Brent Carter
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: brentc777@yahoo.com
Unit: MP Co, HQ Bn, 1st Mar Div
Name: Robert W Holloway
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gunnyrwh@earthlink.net
Unit: VMA-542
Name: Cynthia Jackson Everett
Service: Army
E-Mail: ceverett751@earthlink.net
Unit: 144ORD/ 101ST ORD BN
Name: gary collins
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: garybman2002@yahoo.com
Unit: hmm-161
Name: Dawn (Shaw) Bradway
Service: Army
E-Mail: DShawnanigans@aol.com
Unit: HHC, 1st COSCOM, Ft Bragg, NC
Name: Robbie R Dickinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: RobbieDickinson112@aol.com
Unit: 3/2 ACR
Name: Mark Rhoades
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: marklovesangie_1@juno.com
Unit: 2nd Battalion 10th Marines
Name: William Rodriguez
Service: Army
E-Mail: wrodri98@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co, 7th Bn/159th Avn Regt
Name: Jed Bradell
Service: Army
E-Mail: rbradell@kc.rr.com
Unit: Aco 1/41st Infantry
Name: David Vincent
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: husbandwifev@msn.com
Unit: Ammo Co.
Name: Stelenna Lloyd
Service: Army
E-Mail: sdlloyd@olemiss.edu
Unit: b co 3/58th avn regt
Name: Richard Hayden
Service: Army
E-Mail: rb_hayden@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/3 Artillery
Service: Marine Corps
Name: Mark A. Winters
Service: Army
E-Mail: mark_winters@hotmail.com
Unit: 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
Name: Anthony S. Grisanti
Service: Army
E-Mail: srprtrpr@yahoo.com
Unit: 1/2 ACR, 1st MST
Name: John P. Patterson
Service: Army
E-Mail: john@uarcinc.com
Unit: 602nd Maintenance Company, Fort Hood,Texas
Name: Kent Harrison
Service: Army
E-Mail: kentharrison@clarkmhc.com
Unit: 144th Supply Company
Name: Lance R. Little
Service: Army
E-Mail: usamp401@hotmail.com
Unit: 401st MPCO, 720th MPBN, 89th MPBDE
Name: HM3 Carl D. Duda
Service: Navy
E-Mail: carlduda@aol.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five
Name: Susan A Gagnon
Service: Army
E-Mail: madza143@msn.com
Unit: 17th SIG BN Germary
Name: Cindy Mueller
Service: Army
E-Mail: clmueller70@sbcglobal.net
Unit: A Co. 27th MSB 1CAV Ft. Hood,TX
Name: Lisa A. Morrison
Service: Army
E-Mail: Imtepid@yahoo.com
Unit: 1137th MP / 233rd MP Co.
Name: Kevin Ireland
Service: Army
E-Mail: nogear_65@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/2 ACR
Name: Lloyd Fredson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: lfred57@artisticbear.com
Unit: USS Mckee AS-41
Name: Patricia Sampley
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: psampley@juno.com
Unit: operations
Service: Army
E-Mail: SMG265 @AOL .COM
Unit: A BRTY 1/5 ADA 24TH ID
Name: Richard (Mike) Hutton
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: wildchild6931@yahoo.com
Unit: HqCo 7th MarDiv Tow Plt
Name: Cecil Gary Adams
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 8th.Marines, 2nd.Mar.Div.
Name: Richard K Burrows Jr
Service: Army
Name: James Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: jcvd0664@comcast.net
Unit: 299th engineer
Service: Army
E-Mail: pippi@go-cable.net
Name: Lance Cencelewski
Service: Army
E-Mail: lnjski@frontiernet.net
Unit: A/co 16th ENGR. BN Fuerth, Germany
Name: Marlon D. Manwill Jr.
Service: Navy
E-Mail: spudnolia@aol.com
Unit: USS Nimitz CVN-68
Name: Jowayriah Hamin
Service: Army
E-Mail: Hamin@military.com
Unit: 326 medical bn 101st airsault bn.
Name: Jason Kozeniesky
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sgtjeski@comcast.net
Unit: IMEF FWD Task Force Ripper, Graves Registration
Name: Ronald E. Schreffler
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: muzicalron@juno.com
Unit: 325th Medical Group Deployed
Name: Michael Bradley
Service: Army
E-Mail: mike@teftec.com
Unit: 2/1 FA ZIRNDORF 1st Armored Division
Name: Jeffry T. Olson
Service: Army
E-Mail: jtolson@snowhill.com
Unit: 8-158th Avn Regt
Name: Roger A. Leake
Service: Army
E-Mail: RLeake@peoplepc.com
Unit: Hqs, ARCENT, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Name: robert ward
Service: Army
E-Mail: lidward@nc.rr.com
Unit: a co 82nd signal bn
Name: Ed Donald
Service: Army
E-Mail: gwhistory@yahoo.com
Unit: 313th MI BN, 82nd ABN
Name: Paul A. Di Leo
Service: Army
E-Mail: paul.dileo@us.army.mil
Name: lawrence j franz sr
Service: Navy
E-Mail: lf462@hotmail.com
Unit: acb 2
Name: Don White
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Don2392@msn.com
Unit: MWSS 174
Name: Gregory
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Gtreadway@sport.rr.com
Unit: 50th Security Police Group
Name: Marvis W. Hastings
Service: Army
E-Mail: dav2003@sbcglobal.net
Unit: Bn, HQ,C, Svc Btry 4/82FA
Service: Army
Name: Patrick Raley
Service: Army
E-Mail: mrraley@yahoo.com
Unit: A co. 1st BN 7th INF
Name: Michael Prior
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mprior@hotmail.com
Unit: 3rd Bn 3rd Mar
Name: Kenneth Frady
Service: Other
E-Mail: lilbiskit@juno.com
Unit: 210th MP Co.
Name: Jeffery Scott Bomia
Service: Army
E-Mail: detotika@yahoo.com
Unit: 52nd engineers fort carson colorado
Name: Tim Guffey
Service: Army
E-Mail: timguffey1@hotmail.com
Unit: 24th Trans BN - 7th Trans Group
Name: Judy Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: golfsmith@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 142d Signal Bn
Name: phillip windsor
Service: Army
E-Mail: flipper72769@yahoo.com
Unit: a co 67 th sig bn
Name: TROY
Service: Army
Name: Connielee Febus
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Connielee.febus@dla.mil
Unit: 23rd MSES
Name: Bryan T. Williams
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Bwilli2@Rochester.rr.com
Unit: 2/3
Service: Navy
Unit: FITRON 103
Name: Daren Bell
Service: Army
E-Mail: scvbassir1@yahoo.com
Unit: 84th chemical co.
Name: Frank Schwan
Service: Army
E-Mail: ffs6063316@aol.com
Unit: E Co. 2-5 Cav
Name: Jasen Mattingly
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jem_innovation_2000@yahoo.com
Unit: NMCB-5
Name: clifford t. mowrey
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mowrey@scinternet.net
Unit: uss nicholas ffg-47
Name: dhl
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dhl17@163.com
Unit: dhl
Service: Army
E-Mail: mama07382003@yahoo.com
Name: Robert
Service: Army
E-Mail: robertmoses1@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC DISCOM 82d Airborne
Name: Martin J.A. Quintana
Service: Army
E-Mail: martinjaquintana@yahoo.com
Unit: Big Red One - 1st Infantry
Name: chad anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: chadfl33@aol.com
Unit: 62nd trans co
Name: arnold davis
Service: Navy
E-Mail: arnsuz@aol.com
Unit: uss pudget sound
Name: Rod Hennessy
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rod.hennessy@grandecom.net
Unit: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
Name: Lynn m. Bellus
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: avalon@sti.net
Unit: Langley AFB, Fabrication,NDI Lab
Name: Willie H. Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: willie.smith10@yahoo.com
Unit: C co. 122nd MSB, 3rd Armor Divison
Name: Scott Hutchinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: elyrik@columbus.rr.com
Unit: Medical Hospital
Name: Leo Herrera
Service: Army
E-Mail: leofrio2002@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/3 ACR F trp/ Hqs
Service: Army
Unit: 533RD MI BN- 3AD
Name: Lori A. Duran Schrader Sanders
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: schraderla@hotmail.com
Unit: I MEF
Name: Walter Pascal
Service: Army
E-Mail: pascalw@voyager.net
Unit: 154 Trans. Co.
Name: Eddie Senior
Service: Army
E-Mail: ed5466@aol.com
Unit: B.Co.6/101st Avn. Regt.
Name: Thomas Layne Grant
Service: Army
E-Mail: melissagrant@charter.net
Unit: 155th, 3rd Armored,
Name: Timothy Alford
Service: Army
E-Mail: tlalca210@aol.com
Unit: 1/67 ar bn
Name: Hunter, Ricky D
Service: Army
E-Mail: jjrd112@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/7inf, 24ID
Name: Franklin Montalvo
Service: Army
E-Mail: fmontalvo@comcast.net
Unit: 1Bn 320th FA Regt, 101st Abn Div (AA) Artillery
Name: Patrick Stause
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Nas24ar24@aol.com
Unit: Saratoga
Name: Robert Parous
Service: Army
E-Mail: bobparous@yahoo.com
Unit: 22nd Support Command
Name: Jason M. Langley
Service: Army
E-Mail: ascd18a@prodigy.com
Unit: 20th Special Forces Group (A)
Name: Kenneth Kirk
Service: Army
E-Mail: kirkkw1@netzero.net
Unit: A Co. 7-159th Avn. Regt.
Name: glenn allen mckillip
Service: Army
E-Mail: mckillip@bresnan.net
Unit: 2/52 ada
Name: Ron Holden
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dawnlyn@direcway.com
Unit: 1st mar.div. 1st lai bn.tow plt.
Name: james daniels
Service: Army
E-Mail: rd91385@yahoo.com
Unit: 199th combat supply company
Name: Jaime
Service: Army
E-Mail: jsosa196@msn.com
Unit: 5/62 11th bde
Name: Michael G.Colllins
Service: Army
E-Mail: Caspercat6@juno.com
Unit: A Troop, 1/3 ACR
Name: John Davis Lee
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: piratenews@infowars.net
Unit: 520 AGS, 20TFW, RAF Upper Heyford, UK
Name: jeffery lilly
Service: Navy
Name: Jack Lenehan
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jleneha1@tampabay.rr.com
Unit: 801st Air Police
Name: Jim Bethards
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jimandmyrna@cox-internet.com
Unit: I 3/11
Name: Donald A. Christenson
Service: Army
E-Mail: dchris3212@aol.com`
Unit: E. Co 71st Trans Bn
Name: Ken Sutton
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ksutton@veteranscorp.org
Unit: HQCO 5th Marines
Name: Barry R. Moose Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: moosebarryj@hotmail.com
Unit: hhc 1st engineer brigade
Name: jamal d hudson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jamdhudson@aol.com
Unit: 1st fssg supply battalion
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 2/23 WPNS Co.
Name: Steven Wilson
Service: Army
E-Mail: tky58@aol.com
Unit: 114th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Christopher A DeLeeuw
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: aircargo481@yahoo.com
Unit: wpns plt A co 1/8 marines 2nd mar div
Name: dean whitefield
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dean@exectechdirect.com
Unit: 301
Name: Tim Watters
Service: Navy
E-Mail: timnlish@bigplanet.com
Unit: HC-2
Name: jack metcalf
Service: Navy
E-Mail: metcalfj40@hotmail.com
Unit: 2nd FSSG 2nd Medical Bn Charlie CO
Service: Army
E-Mail: duszl@firstenergycorp.com
Unit: 324th MP CO
Name: Lloyd allen
Service: Army
E-Mail: lloydallen@comcast.net
Name: Steve Grantham SFC, USA (ret.)
Service: Army
E-Mail: StephenDGrantham@aol.com
Unit: Targeting Team, 513th MI BDE
Name: Richard Cockrell
Service: Army
E-Mail: rcvikesrule@aol.com
Unit: C Co 9th En Bn
Name: kim paulsen
Service: Army
E-Mail: paulsenk003@lycos.com
Unit: 125th f.s.b. bravo co.
Name: Sharon Tinsley Snead
Service: Army
E-Mail: shsnead@hotmail.com
Unit: 501st Ordnance
Name: Kerry Snead
Service: Army
E-Mail: zx9rking@yahoo.com
Unit: 501st Ordnance
Name: J Biltz
Service: Army
E-Mail: jbiltz@knology.net
Unit: 320th MP Co (CS)
Name: Samuel J. Lopez
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: lsuaveinc@yahoo.com
Unit: 63rd AES-O'Hare IAP (Chicago, IL)
Service: Army
E-Mail: b.bigbird@mailexcite.com
Name: timothy brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: tycbrown@earthlink .net
Unit: D Company 1st Signal Battalion
Name: Todd S. Ferington
Service: Army
E-Mail: t.ferington@netzero.net
Unit: I co 227 AVN Regt, 3rd AD Combat Aviation Brigade
Name: Dan E. Burge Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: burge449@bellsouth.net
Unit: 24th AVN BDE 24th Inf Div
Name: Bob Bentz
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rbentz@mail.ecu.edu
Unit: 4401 AIRPS
Name: Cpl John W. Olsen
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tythomas79@yahoo.com
Unit: MALS 32
Name: Kevin Jones
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kevj5167@msn.com
Unit: 3rd Btn 9th Marine Regiment
Name: William Diaz Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: boricuaconsultants@yahoo.com
Unit: 311th MI
Name: Mike Schillaci
Service: Army
E-Mail: MPSchillaci@aol.com
Unit: 598th Maint. Company
Name: Bruce C Conrad Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: Marie015467@aol.com
Unit: Too many to list can search 593rd2ndareasupportcom
Name: Charles B Anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: chander419@comcast.net
Unit: D Co 3/502ND INF 101st ABN
Name: william truxon
Service: Army
E-Mail: elidc@yahoo.com
Unit: 354th civil affairs bde
Name: Joe Madison Stagner, Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: kancojmsj@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 42nd FA BDE
Name: Linda Albu
Service: Spouse of Vet
E-Mail: lalbu@myway.com
Unit: USS Inchon LPH-12, Norfolk, VA.
Name: William Hobbs
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: willhobbs5@msn.com
Unit: Charlie Co. 7th Engineers Support Battalion
Name: Daniel James Quarberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: norskepad@amerytel.net
Unit: A Co. 2/159 AVN RGT
Name: James R. Swank
Service: Navy
E-Mail: js11179@sbcglobal.net
Unit: USS Marvin Shields FF-1066
Name: John C Barrow
Service: Army
E-Mail: indyjohn69@msn.com
Unit: B Battery 2-1 FA 1st Armored Division VII Corps
Name: richard mertens
Service: Army
E-Mail: rmertens21@yahoo.com
Unit: 92862
Name: Mark Loiselle
Service: Army
E-Mail: markedlo@yahoo.com
Unit: 1-7 Cav 1CD
Name: George D. Mize
Service: Army
E-Mail: Dannymize1@yahoo.com
Unit: 93dv evac Hospital
Name: David Hunt
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: davidamy04@aol.com
Unit: IMEF
Name: Christopher A Otrin
Service: Army
E-Mail: hjfraser2002@yahoo.com
Unit: 703rd Provisional Boat Company
Service: Army
E-Mail: phelantribe@aol.com
Name: Blaine Hardy
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: docharley@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 2/5
Name: J Weston Meadows
Service: Army
E-Mail: wes.meadows@bigapple-online.com
Unit: A Co., 27th MSB, 1st Cav Div
Name: Tiffany A. Gist
Service: Army
E-Mail: tiffany.gist@us.army.mil
Unit: 94th RRC
Name: glen
Service: Army
E-Mail: gofeden1@hotmail.com
Unit: 1/327 Inf 101st ABN DIV.
Name: John D. Barcus
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jbarcus@comcast.net
Unit: E Co. 2BN 4th Marines
Service: Army
Unit: A BTRYV 6/27 FA
Name: Shellee Chituras
Service: Army
E-Mail: Chituras@aol.com
Unit: 148th Evac Hospital
Name: JJ Bertram
Service: Navy
E-Mail: thesledshop@hotmail.com
Unit: VP-4
Name: Emlyn Price
Service: Army
E-Mail: ETP@emerplan.demon.co.uk
Unit: 32 Field Hospital RAMC
Name: Robert Streitz
Service: Army
E-Mail: bob@streitzville.com
Unit: 1st Armored Division
Name: Michael S. Strozier
Service: Army
E-Mail: milastrictzer@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd Armor Division
Name: Michael Yost
Service: Army
E-Mail: yost_michael@hotmail.com
Unit: 11th Signal Brigade
Name: charles smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: bigchaz33@earthlink.net
Name: Jeffrey
Service: Army
E-Mail: Lynnandrsly@aol.com
Unit: 2/66 ar bn
Service: Army
Name: Tanya Cummings
Service: Army
E-Mail: tanya_boozer@yahoo.com
Unit: 72nd MP
Name: Rick Legendre
Service: Army
E-Mail: rlegendre@comcast.net
Unit: 4-7 CAV
Name: Perry Baumann
Service: Army
E-Mail: perry.baumann@usarec.army.mil
Unit: hhb 3/18 fa
Name: george mcclelland
Service: Army
E-Mail: gcjr04@msn.com
Unit: A Co. 1/187th
Name: Joseph J. LaPlante
Service: Navy
E-Mail: whydoyouask@hotmail.com
Unit: BM3
Name: Mark Carter
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: MARK0324@cableone.net
Unit: 81stMDSS
Name: Jerome Hammonds
Service: Army
E-Mail: jerome@systemmedics.com
Unit: 1st Calvary Division, 3d Infantry Division
Name: Russell Rodgers
Service: Army
E-Mail: Russell.Rodgers@bhsala.com
Unit: E Co 27th MSB, 1st Cav Div
Name: Karl Heller
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: kheller59@verizon.net
Unit: 12 TRS ( 35th TFW Provisional)
Name: Paul J Rutledge
Service: Army
E-Mail: pjrutledge@charter.net
Unit: 1st Armored Division-Air Defense
Name: Charles K. Provow
Service: Navy
E-Mail: charles_provow@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Carr FFG-52
Name: Wade West
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dwwest27@msn.com
Unit: 27th Fighter Squadron
Name: David E. Wesneski
Service: Army
E-Mail: david.wesneski@us.army.mil
Unit: PSYOP Dissemination Battalion,4th PSYOP Group
Name: Randall McGuire
Service: Army
E-Mail: mcguirer@juno.com
Unit: R Troop, 4th Squadron, 3rd ACR
Name: William Ruder
Service: Army
E-Mail: ruders4766@hotmail.com
Unit: A co. 2?327th INF
Name: Brad Stillman
Service: Army
E-Mail: brad.stillman@mchsi.com
Unit: 1st Infantry Division
Name: Larry McCullough
Service: Army
E-Mail: bmurphy_01@msn.com
Unit: Bravo 3/319
Name: Maceo W. Wylie
Service: Army
E-Mail: maceo_wylie@yahoo.com
Unit: 285th Psych Detachment
Name: Tim Smoke
Service: Army
E-Mail: karmasmoke@yahoo.com
Unit: 299th Delta
Name: Frank Toms
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: frank@dnftech.com
Unit: 1st DAWG
Name: Michael A. Carter
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: macltc@netpci.com
Unit: Civil Engineer Sqaudron
Name: Michael Tomko
Service: Army
E-Mail: Angel-mike@www.Hotmail .com
Unit: 318 th QM DETACHMENT
Name: Erik M. Asher
Service: Army
E-Mail: easher4936@comcast.net
Unit: B-Btry 1/27FA (MLRS) @ 41st. FA BDE
Name: anthony palmer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tonypal@comcast.net
Unit: 3rd tanks bt
Name: David Pederson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Vegtam2003@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Marvin Shields FF-1066
Name: Thomas D.Chapman
Service: Army
E-Mail: AWoods6@WI.RR.COM
Unit: A-BTRY 1/41 FA
Name: Christopher R. Coleman
Service: Army
E-Mail: needahomenow911@msn.com
Unit: 2/9th Ft. Lewis WA
Name: Jeff Gorton
Service: Army
E-Mail: bsmastr@aol.com
Unit: 101st Support Group (Corps)
Name: Korey, Ray Wilson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: koreyraykriessler@yahoo.com
Unit: co.925 great lakes Il.bootcamp
Name: Brian Hoppe
Service: Army
E-Mail: bhoppe@pmecompanies.com
Unit: 299th ENGR BN, A co. 2nd plt.
Name: james randall
Service: Army
E-Mail: jamesrandall1@hotmail.com
Unit: HHD, 541st Maint. Bn.
Name: Steve Schober
Service: Navy
E-Mail: aknt2rememeber@aol.com
Unit: USS JFK CV-67
Name: Kristen Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: bpta74@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co 7-159Avn Rgt
Name: Melanie M. Viano (Mayesky)
Service: Army
E-Mail: mm121r@zoominternet.net
Unit: 838th Military Police Company
Name: Loren W. Ashley
Service: Army
E-Mail: lorenashley@attglobal.net
Unit: 15th MI BN (AE)
Name: Randy W. Holeman
Service: Army
E-Mail: holeman@cablespeed.com
Unit: 3 AD attached from Mainz
Name: Jeffery P. Jackson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jjackson110@hotmail.com
Unit: WPNS Co. 3rd Battalion/3rd Marines
Name: Angel L. Catindig
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cmdcat01@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Acadia AD-42
Name: Valetta Stretch
Service: Army
E-Mail: valetta67@aol.com
Unit: 12th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Mike & Jonra Wellington
Service: Army
E-Mail: mikesr32@aol.com
Unit: HHT 3/2 ACR
Name: david e bair jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: bair69@charter.net
Unit: 35th armored division
Name: Matthew Trompke
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mmt83713@aol.com
Unit: LPH-11
Name: Scott Hams
Service: Army
E-Mail: vstar@srt.com
Unit: 330th MCC, 1st COSCOM, 18th Airborne Corps
Name: Lance W. Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: lancer1@ev1.net
Unit: 3/35 Armor 1st Armored Division
Name: Tim Krason
Service: Army
E-Mail: shadowwolf52@hotmail.com
Unit: 3rd Armored Cav
Name: Andrew Ray Cox
Service: Army
E-Mail: angel@63343.hotmail.com
Unit: ground forces
Service: Army
Name: John Reyes
Service: Army
E-Mail: chapmmorru@yahoo.com
Unit: Charlie company 19th engineer
Name: Mark Howell
Service: Army
E-Mail: mah475@psu.edu
Unit: 32nd aadcom
Name: donald drake
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: drk9007@bellsouthl.net
Unit: HMA-775
Name: David Matthews
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Blesseddad33@aol.com
Unit: 2nd Medical Battalion A Company
Name: Donna Sumption
Service: Army
E-Mail: sdsumption@aol.com
Unit: 93rd Movement Control Battalion
Name: Denise A Leslie (Suddoth)
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dixiesweetspirit@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Yellowstone AD 41
Name: mike kobel
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: devildog4life25@yahoo.com
Unit: C Co. 1st LAI BN
Name: Cory Dutton
Service: Army
E-Mail: cgdutton@door.net
Unit: 533rd trans
Name: John T. Taitano
Service: Army
E-Mail: johnred_1@hotmail.com
Unit: D Co. 1st. Bn. (M) 41st. Inf. 2AD (FWD) APO NY 09
Name: Christopher French
Service: Army
E-Mail: cpf12@hotmail.com
Unit: 519th MI
Name: josemari leano
Service: Army
E-Mail: joe1958.11@netzero.net
Unit: C- Btry 4/41 F.A. 3rd Bgd. 24 I.D. Ft. Benning, GA
Name: William
Service: Army
E-Mail: Whitmoyer
Name: Daniel A. Cersosimo
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: DCersosimo@onemain.com
Unit: 42 AREFS
Name: Rodolfo R. Lopez
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: m40ace@yahoo.com
Unit: 7th MEB
Name: John L. Simmons
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jsimmons@calcsea.org
Unit: Postal Platoon, 1st FSSG
Service: Navy
Name: william bell
Service: Army
E-Mail: wab177@aol.com
Unit: Cco 317th combat engineers
Name: John Crocker
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jlscrocker@hotmail.com
Unit: 354 EMS
Name: Tim Harris
Service: Army
E-Mail: redraider@comcast.net
Unit: 320 AG Bn
Name: Adrien Jay Peltier
Service: Army
E-Mail: jaypeltier@hotmail.com
Unit: D Company 82nd Aviation Brigade
Name: steve cet
Service: Army
E-Mail: stevefmyguy@aol.com
Unit: 800 mmc /197 inf. brig.
Name: Kurt Brantley
Service: Army
E-Mail: kurtbrantley@earthlink.net
Unit: 12th En BN
Name: Thomas Cosner
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Hm2ThomasRet@aol.com
Unit: CSSD 10 CSSD141 Bravo / ALPHA Co .1st MED BN
Name: gary tenbusch
Service: Army
E-Mail: gtenbusch@usol.com
Unit: e co. 27msb 1 cav div. ft. hood tx.
Name: David Prince
Service: Army
E-Mail: Pcschreck1@aol.com
Unit: HHC 7th Personnel Group
Name: Troy Castro
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: troyc@broussardbrothers.com
Unit: 2nd LSB LSE Co., 2nd FSSG
Name: Bettye McLean
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bmclean@or.blm.gov
Unit: 39 th Security Police Squadron
Name: Randell Hudson
Service: Army
E-Mail: rhudson07@yahoo.com
Unit: 445th Milltary Company
Name: Mike Alvis
Service: Army
E-Mail: alvis784@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st MP Co., 1st ID (Mech)
Name: Richard Hoppel
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: swavet22@military.com
Unit: 1st Tanks Task Force Ripper
Name: Jonathan Bradshaw
Service: Army
E-Mail: skeeter70@military.com
Unit: 1st. Cav. 27th. MSB attached Ft. Bragg 82nd. Airbo
Name: waldemar a. cruz
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: oreocruz2003@yahoo.com
Unit: 11th marines
Service: Army
E-Mail: thomas.leach@us.army.mil
Service: Army
E-Mail: pmurray73@suscom.org
Service: Army
Unit: 15TH MI BN, 504TH MI BDE
Name: Shane Redden
Service: Army
E-Mail: magnus@datalinkok.com
Unit: 49th Trans Battalion
Name: Ken Crouch
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ken.crouch@comcast.net
Unit: 83rd Aerial Port
Name: Lt Col Roger Kitchen
Service: Army
E-Mail: blkhawkplt3@aol.com
Unit: 351st odance company
Name: Charles Schroeder Jr.
Service: Navy
E-Mail: wb9keh@netzero.net
Unit: uss ticondarogga
Name: Bob Darnell
Service: Army
E-Mail: BobWDarnell@aol.com
Unit: Dco 2-502
Name: jeffery lignitz
Service: Army
E-Mail: lignitzr@charter.net
Unit: Aco 37th (combat airborne) 2ndplt war dogs
Name: dewey a jones jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: jones_dewey1@yahoo.com
Unit: H Co. E Trp, 2/2 ACR
Name: Aaron Hodge
Service: Army
E-Mail: aaron@laurinburg.com
Unit: 28th Combat Support Hospital
Name: Richard Robin
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: lostyankee_98@yahoo.com
Unit: 682 ASOC, Shaw AFB, SC
Name: Joseph B. Sager
Service: Army
E-Mail: deovindice13csa@adelphia.net
Unit: HHC/2AD(FWD)Scout Plt.
Name: Kevin Warne
Service: Navy
E-Mail: warne2@e-garfield.com
Unit: 413th Chemical Company
Name: Diana Holton
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: ddholton@sbcglobal.net
Name: Brian Moore
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bsm2003@cox.net
Unit: USS Barbour County
Name: martin a cross
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mcross@chaffee.net
Unit: 437 ram chas afb sc
Name: James D Smith
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: WVRigger@hotmail.com
Unit: 130th MAPS / 436 ALCE
Name: Ray Hodil
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mrturtle@adelphia.net
Unit: USS john F. Kennedy
Name: Charles Clough
Service: Army
E-Mail: charles.clough@eds.com
Unit: 1st AD 123rd Support Battalion
Name: Brian S. Vincent
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: retkjon@aol.com
Unit: 23 TFW, 76thAMU
Name: troy menth
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tmenth@hotmail.com
Unit: C.co 7th eng. supt.btn.1st fssg
Name: Boe Marshall
Service: Army
E-Mail: boemarshall@hotmail.com
Unit: B 1/27 FA 41st Brgd MLRS Babenhausen, Germany
Name: Perry Holtsberry
Service: Army
E-Mail: Huckwa@aol.com
Unit: 4/17th CAV.
Service: Army
Unit: A BTRY. 40TH FA
Name: Tyres B. Jones
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tjones@anytymetech.com
Unit: HSL-42
Name: Wallietra Neal
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: wallietralc@yahoo.com
Unit: 1ACCS
Name: Tony Roten
Service: Army
E-Mail: aroten@nrhtx.com
Unit: L Troop 3/3 ACR
Name: charmion rountree hooper
Service: Other
E-Mail: charmionhooper@netscape.net
Unit: na
Name: James L. Johnson III
Service: Army
E-Mail: john3_james@hotmail.com
Unit: 431st Air Ambulance, Ft. Knox
Name: michael dinwiddie
Service: Army
E-Mail: chargers2330@yahoo.com
Unit: 249th. engr. btn.
Name: Geri (Tofani) Wieseler
Service: Army
E-Mail: gerismith@hotmail.com
Unit: HHD 207th MI BDE, 69th ADA BDE
Name: Derrell Stokes
Service: Army
E-Mail: TexCar1@aol.com
Unit: C Co 25th Signal Bn 35th Signal Bde
Name: skippy allen
Service: Army
E-Mail: skip2003@hawaii.rr.com
Unit: 126th trans co.
Name: Tina Mercer
Service: Army
E-Mail: kristina.mercer@vandenberg.af.mil
Unit: 1/58th Avn Regt (ABN)
Name: Dave Salyer
Service: Army
E-Mail: sidelman3@aol
Unit: 3rd engineers
Name: Raymond Roller
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Rollerr7@aol.com
Unit: Echo 2/2 atached to Eighth Marines
Name: Mike Brannan
Service: Army
E-Mail: MnJJ@webtv.net
Unit: 89th Cml Co 3rd ACR, Recon
Name: Samuel Browning
Service: Army
Unit: 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment
Service: Army
E-Mail: ludekingrj@gmail.com
Name: Eric Reed
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ereed@absolutedrug.com
Unit: 2nd Medical Battalion
Name: Paula Hill
Service: Navy
E-Mail: exsqwid@aol.com
Unit: HC-6
Name: George E. Kernaghan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: gekernaghan@netscape.net
Unit: NMCB-24
Name: Mitch Cundiff
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mcundiff1@hotmail.com
Unit: VAQ-140
Name: Jeff Slater
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jslater32000@yahoo.com
Unit: 2MAPS
Name: Calvin Burnside
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: vino@wi.rr.com
Unit: 1/1 wpns co. heavy guns
Name: Shaun M. Collins
Service: Army
E-Mail: collinss@wood.army.mil
Unit: 701st MP CO, 1st A/D
Name: Tina M Cross
Service: Army
E-Mail: tdyber_1@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC3AD
Name: Danny zeitler
Service: Army
Unit: 92nd engr bn
Name: Tammy L. Livesay
Service: Army
E-Mail: tammy.livesay@med.va.gov
Unit: 762nd Transportation CO
Name: Jerry Tecca
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jtecca@msn.com
Unit: 4th AS
Name: Dwayne Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: volcanojoe_99@yahoo.com
Unit: OKC Military Entrance Processing Station
Name: Glenn R. Blanchette
Service: Army
E-Mail: glenn.blanchette@us.army.mil
Unit: SOUTHCOM/WFO, Pentagon, VA
Name: Steven Cyr
Service: Army
E-Mail: scyr@downeast.net
Unit: 20th ENGR BGD 37th Bn ACo
Name: lewis bond
Service: Army
E-Mail: lewisbond@yahoo.com
Unit: 190th Military Police company
Name: George Egan
Service: Army
E-Mail: gegan67@earthlink.net
Unit: HHC Company, 511th MI Bn, 207th MI Bde
Name: Emil Bordelon
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ebordelon@crsaz.com
Unit: MALS-13
Name: Dennis Kanka
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: munchiehoney@hotmail.com
Unit: Weapons Co. 2/3 HMG Plt.
Name: theodore poli
Service: Army
E-Mail: cheriepoli@lighthouse.net
Unit: 8th infantry division
Name: Billy Floyd
Service: Army
E-Mail: bhikesh@aol.com
Unit: A co. 3/35 Armor Ist Armored div.
Name: Saddam Hussein
Service: Other
E-Mail: drumlin@bellnet.ca
Unit: I run this shit
Name: Timothy E. Schroader
Service: Army
E-Mail: timothy.e.schroader@us.army.mil
Unit: 1/623 FA
Name: Jeff Long
Service: Army
E-Mail: djlong1988@hotmail.com
Unit: 1-3 FA, 2AD
Name: Randy B Hood
Service: Army
E-Mail: randybhood@bellsouth.net
Unit: USARCENT (Main) Command Group
Service: Army
Unit: A 2/44TH
Name: Stephen D. Hudson
Service: Army
E-Mail: hyperact3@hotmail.com
Unit: B CO 3/8 CAV
Name: David Forbus
Service: Navy
E-Mail: javelina032000@yahoo.com
Unit: NMCB-1, detached to NMCB-40
Name: Glenn Minor
Service: Army
E-Mail: glenn.minor@insightbb.com
Unit: 438th Military Police Company
Name: Anthony Craddock
Service: Army
E-Mail: anthonyandkathy@earthlink.net
Unit: Aco19thEngnBn
Name: Todd Bollinger
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: coach2491@msn.com
Unit: 33 FW
Name: russell e lehew
Service: Army
E-Mail: relehew@comcast.net
Unit: 864th eng (combat heavy)
Name: Ellen Donley
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: ead158@aol.com
Unit: USAF
Name: Steven M. Gager
Service: Army
E-Mail: steven_m_gager@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 141 SIG BN 1AD
Name: ali ansaar
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: aaacold@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st MEB Al Jubayl Port
Name: Michael S. Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: blacktalon666@sbcglobal.net
Unit: Co. E, 2/18th INF, 197th BDE, 24th ID
Name: James Mullen
Service: Army
E-Mail: uh60med@aol.com
Unit: 236th Medical Company
Name: Rita Hawkins
Service: Army
E-Mail: ritahawkins@se.rr.com
Name: Brad Neuenschwander
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bradneuenschwander@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 726 Tactical Control Squadron
Name: Richard Bearup
Service: Army
E-Mail: lilbearup@aol.com
Unit: Bco 46th Eng.
Service: Army
Name: tammy
Service: Army
E-Mail: tee7895@aol.com
Unit: 947th Med Co. Clr
Name: Akers, Douglas L
Service: Army
E-Mail: dlaumcp@msn.com
Unit: 4/66 armor 3rd INF Division
Name: Don Chandler
Service: Army
E-Mail: don.chandler@us.army.mil
Unit: A co 23rd En Bn 3rd Armor Div
Name: melanie henderson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: hrenee942@aol.com
Unit: MWR
Name: robert shankle
Service: Army
E-Mail: reshank@hotmail.com
Unit: 1345 Trans Co
Name: Michael Candelas Jr
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mcandelasjr@hot.rr.com
Unit: DET 1 3 ASOS
Name: Lonnie S. Spangler
Service: Army
E-Mail: spanglerls@msn.com
Unit: Battery A 92nd FA (MLRS)
Name: Patrick Butler
Service: Army
E-Mail: Ptripplexyahoo.com
Unit: Howitzer Battery 3/11 ACR
Name: Richard G. Brittell
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rgbrittell@email.com
Unit: USS Mobile Bay (CG-53)
Name: James P. Minic
Service: Army
E-Mail: kokomo161@hotmail.com
Unit: B Co, 2/505th PIR
Service: Army
E-Mail: Rosebudd862
Unit: F CO 701 MSB 1ST ID
Service: Army
E-Mail: v8jag383@yahoo.com
Unit: 270th MP
Name: Jacquie Raymer McCann
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jacquie_raymer@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Shenandoah AD 44
Name: Michael Arsenault
Service: Army
E-Mail: belocwolf@aol.com
Unit: 801st Maint. Bn.
Name: Wayne Violet
Service: Army
E-Mail: rocky@clnk.com
Unit: B-2-158
Name: jamie a. adams
Service: Army
E-Mail: jamie_a_adams_sr@hotmail.com
Unit: Maintenance Troop Support Sqn. 3rd ACR
Name: Greg Stull
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: RMStull@msn.com
Unit: 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
Name: Ian Durnall
Service: Army
E-Mail: mingnging@msn.com
Unit: Fusiliers
Name: kirk a. mccann ret.
Service: Army
E-Mail: mccannpapakirk@aol.com
Unit: too many cbt engr units to list
Name: Mark A. Hagar
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ragahma@cox.net
Unit: 1st Tank Batallion
Name: Brian Bradshaw
Service: Army
E-Mail: bbradshaw@hot.rr.com
Unit: B Co. 1/8 Cav. 1st Cav. Div.
Name: Michael T. Archibald
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bataup@houton.rr.com
Unit: I MEF, 1st FSSG, 2d FSSG
Name: william winter
Service: Army
E-Mail: cchillwill@syrupcity.net
Unit: HHC 4-229 AAHR, 11th Avn Bde
Service: Marine Corps
Name: Michael Peoples
Service: Army
E-Mail: Jumpnpup@alltel.net
Unit: HHC 9th Psycological Operations
Name: David Tolbert
Service: Army
E-Mail: tolbertdave@gmail.com
Unit: DISCOM, 101st Airborne
Name: Tod Musgrove
Service: Army
E-Mail: todmusgrove@hotmail.com
Unit: 800th MP BN
Name: Teddy Bitner
Service: Army
E-Mail: bitnert@aol.com
Unit: 2nd Battalion, 52nd ADA
Name: Michael Webb
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Webbfor2@aol.com
Unit: Defense Mapping Agency
Name: terry morrison
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tm78182@uneedspeed.net
Unit: 2nd medical bn. 2nd fssg
Service: Army
E-Mail: med122@yahoo.com
Unit: 122ND MED DET
Name: Patrick H. Dixon
Service: Army
E-Mail: udderpimp@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co. 588th Engr Bn.
Name: Roger Parks
Service: Army
E-Mail: rgmparks@cox.net
Unit: 410th Evacuation Hospital
Service: Army
Name: jerry hollie
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jhollie@cox.net
Unit: Hq Btry, 11th Mar, 1st Mar Div
Name: Corey W. Green
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: off_da_cuff@yahoo.com
Unit: 4401
Name: Michael Price
Service: Army
E-Mail: mikepnitro88@aol.com
Unit: b co. 1-5 cav 1st cav div
Name: Robert J. Hoppe
Service: Navy
E-Mail: erynthegrey@yahoo.com
Unit: USS TruxtunCGN-35
Name: Michael Meek
Service: Army
E-Mail: auburn4814@yahoo.com
Unit: 7/6th Inf 3d brigade, 1AD
Name: Bruce A. Stewart
Service: Army
E-Mail: stewartba@msn.com
Unit: A Co 201St MI Bn, 513th MI Bde
Name: gary
Service: Army
E-Mail: galester@yahoo.com
Unit: DET 1 321st MMC
Name: Robert Verner
Service: Army
E-Mail: r.verner@sbcglobal.net
Unit: HHC 2/327th Inf 101st ABN DIV (AASLT)
Name: Bill Carpenter
Service: Army
E-Mail: bcarpenterny@aol.com
Unit: 71st Ord Det (EOD)
Name: Dale Rogers
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rangerjarhead@hotmail.com
Name: scott weit
Service: Army
E-Mail: scott.weit@us.army.mil
Name: Robert Underberg
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: desperadoru@comcast.net
Unit: 48th Fighter Wing
Name: Rick Murray
Service: Army
E-Mail: rickmurray@direcway.com
Unit: HHC 4-7 Inf
Name: Carmetha E Dawkins
Service: Army
E-Mail: caevda16@aol.com
Unit: 47th Field Hospital
Name: Jeffery L. Hurt
Service: Navy
E-Mail: hurt19547@hotmail.com
Unit: NOACT 118 (now ELSF)
Name: Salvador Alonso, Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: salonsoatl@mindspring.com
Unit: 24th Trans Bn, 7th Group-Ft. Eustis,
Name: Steven Cochran
Service: Army
E-Mail: scochranscpd@aol.com
Unit: 5/18th FA
Name: William E Turner
Service: Army
E-Mail: tannearl@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 514th maint 548 S&S BN 10th MNT
Name: Richard Anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: rande7960@att.net
Unit: C Btry 3/82 FA 1st Cav, Ft. Hood, TX
Name: Allen Bierman
Service: Army
E-Mail: valuevending@hotmail.com
Unit: 8th Evacuation Hospital
Name: everett j akers
Service: Army
E-Mail: ackerscrew@aol.com
Unit: DCo. 2/327Inf 101st ABN
Name: Ron French
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rrfjr35@yahoo.com
Unit: Clark AB,Phillipines
Name: scotty
Service: Army
E-Mail: reid
Unit: 86th signal battalion, 11th signal brigade
Name: Scott Saunders
Service: Army
E-Mail: scott.saunders@delta.com
Unit: Co. B 148th FSB 48th Inf. Bde
Name: Denver D jones
Service: Army
E-Mail: joneseen1@aol.com
Unit: 8th inf divison
Name: George E. Kernaghan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: gekernaghan@yahoo.com
Unit: NMCB-24 A-co. 1990-91
Name: Tracey Vodrazka
Service: Army
E-Mail: traceyvod@yahoo.com
Unit: Dco 1/505 82nd Airborne
Name: Mark Johnson
Service: Army
E-Mail: markjohnson6@mac.com
Unit: 3rd Armored Division
Name: Thomas Shoemaker
Service: Army
E-Mail: thogshoe@mars.utm.edu
Unit: 319th MI BN
Name: Barbara Davis
Service: Army
E-Mail: bdavis@netexas.net
Unit: 141th infantry
Name: Rick Seneff
Service: Army
E-Mail: gizmo4151@direcway.com
Unit: 1133rd 68th transportation
Name: Alden J Rodrigue Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: phantom3094
Unit: HHC 2/37 Armor
Service: Air Force
Unit: 314 TAW
Name: Jimmy D. Reser
Service: Army
E-Mail: jtitansrule@charter.net
Unit: 95th Maint Co (TMDE)
Name: Ted A. Bingham
Service: Army
E-Mail: ParaTed2k@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st COSCOM, Ft Bragg, NC
Name: Ron Winning
Service: Army
E-Mail: armorheavy@hotmail.com
Unit: Delta Co 4-37 Ar
Name: Nickell, Brian G
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: brianandgina1026@aol.com
Unit: Convoy
Name: Stephanie Ogden
Service: Army
E-Mail: buzzcountry@alltel.net
Unit: VII Corps Headquarters
Name: Donald W. Wichmann
Service: Army
E-Mail: dwwichman@earthlink.et
Unit: D. Co. 2/187th INF 197th INF BDE
Name: Sandra Melissa Knight
Service: Army
E-Mail: ssgsandra@aol.com
Unit: Arcent FWD, 22Supcom, 3rd Army
Name: Richard Heist
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: richard.heist@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 1st Bn, 8th Mar, 2ndMarDiv, NC, USA
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ljkohout@aol.com
Unit: Data Masked
Name: Gene Helstrom
Service: Army
E-Mail: Gen0831@aol.com
Unit: VII Corps
Name: robert dub
Service: Army
E-Mail: robert.dub@usarmy.mil
Unit: fmc 296th bsb
Name: Joseph O'Neill
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: wpnsgrunt27@al.com
Unit: Dragns plt. 2nd Bn 7th marines
Name: jonathan cassidy
Service: Army
E-Mail: doc2504@comcast.net
Unit: 2/504 82nd airborne
Name: donald a deppe jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: ddeppe@sc.rr.com
Unit: HHC 3/7 INF 24TH ID
Name: Kevin J. Brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: Kayjbee@hotmail.com
Unit: A Co. 141 Signal Bn
Name: Crow
Service: Army
E-Mail: Crowb@centurytel.net
Unit: 2-7 ADA 11BDE, ARCENT, DCD
Name: MSG William Kyle
Service: Army
E-Mail: william.kyle@us.army.mil
Unit: Bravo 1-82 FA 1CD
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 3RD MAW
Name: Stephen Looper
Service: Navy
E-Mail: vlooper@ameritelusa.com
Name: Eric B. Brookbank
Service: Army
E-Mail: bdonal69@aol.com
Unit: 420th MP company
Name: Ron Whitehead
Service: Army
E-Mail: rachel.whitehead@verizon.net
Unit: A co. 6/6 INF 1st. AD
Name: albert fuentes
Service: Army
E-Mail: littleal@steelersfan.net
Unit: 118 mp co
Name: Dennis Sadler
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: GTEDennis@aol.com
Unit: MAR DET Dover Air Force Base
Name: Michael Robinson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: robinsons4@charter.net
Unit: MP Co 1st Marine Division
Name: Anthony Aiello
Service: Army
E-Mail: anthony.aiello@gale.com
Unit: B 3/27th FAR, 18th Airborne Corps
Name: Joe Bryan
Service: Army
E-Mail: jnjbryan@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 401st. MP Co.
Name: chris sheveland
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cjshevy@yahoo.com
Unit: uss nicholas ffg-47
Name: Scott A Linton
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: zynxta@yahoo.com
Unit: 2
Name: daniel martinez
Service: Army
E-Mail: daniel6@yahoo.com
Unit: 1-17fa
Name: James A. Crutchfield
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: crutch1030@aol.com
Unit: Forward Headquarters, US Central Command
Name: James Conner
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jamesconner@bellsouth.net
Unit: 3/1 Lima Co.
Name: Mitchell J. Lambert
Service: Army
E-Mail: mitchelljlambert@yahoo.com
Unit: 11th ACR
Name: William "Jeff" Lucas
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: raydarluvr@bellsouth.net
Unit: 35TFW(P)
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: fratinardo001@msn.com
Unit: Lima Company 3/3
Name: Spc John Amburgey
Service: Army
E-Mail: screamingeagle40@yahoo.com
Unit: 1/293rd Infantry comp 3rd Platton
Name: Shirley Williams-Gottschalk
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: samsam247@msn.com
Unit: 325TH Medical Group
Name: James L. Elmore
Service: Army
E-Mail: loctavius@adelphia.net
Unit: A 5/62 ADA, 11th ADA BDE
Name: gil martinez
Service: Army
E-Mail: emgm99@earthlink.net
Unit: 229th mi bn
Name: David
Service: Army
E-Mail: gopnod@hotmail.com
Unit: 602nd maint co 169th maint btln 13 coscom Fort Hoo
Service: Army
Unit: 4/64 ARMOR
Name: Robert S Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: rsmith3855@hotmail.com
Unit: A Co, 511th MI Bn, 207th MI Bde, VII Corps
Name: Chaplain (LTC) Robert G. Leroe
Service: Army
E-Mail: rleroe@netzero.net
Unit: 28th Combat Support Hospital
Name: Jack Smith
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jsmith@ersgroup.com
Unit: VS-32\CAG 1\USS America
Name: Phillip Youmans
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pandtyoumans@mchsi.com
Unit: Alpha Battery, 3rd LAAM Bn
Name: Robbie D. Edge
Service: Army
E-Mail: kredge@charter.net
Unit: D Co. 4/32 nd Armor
Name: Douglas Robinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Sabreblue1@aol.com
Unit: G Troop, 2/3 ACR
Name: carl j. colarusso
Service: Army
E-Mail: carlcolarusso@aol.com
Unit: 300 th field hosp
Name: Douglas A. Dodson
Service: Army
E-Mail: doggiesnot@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 75th FA BDE
Name: James Robert Pomatto
Service: Army
E-Mail: jnc6@pacbell.net
Unit: 426 S&T BN
Name: James Bartelsen
Service: Navy
E-Mail: chuckandbeth@ameritech.net
Name: jeff manning
Service: Army
E-Mail: manningmeme@aol.com
Unit: 15th evac hospital
Name: James C. Cooper
Service: Navy
E-Mail: thecoopers4@charter.net
Unit: USS Mobile Bay (CG 53)
Name: Messer, Harold D II
Service: Army
E-Mail: Bravo22@military.com
Unit: B 1/5 AAA Ft. Stewart
Name: Matthew Putnam
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mputnam@consultant.com
Unit: 1st FSSG, BSSG-9, DSG-2
Name: rebecca harris
Service: Army
E-Mail: rebeccaharris@bellsouth.net
Unit: 8th ord batt
Name: stacy mathews
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: brenda.hand@verizon.net
Unit: 2nd mar div 2nd tanks bn
Name: al dunn
Service: Army
E-Mail: amanwithabadge@hotmail.com
Unit: HHB 5/18 FA, Ft.Sill, Ok
Name: Dennis WInze
Service: Army
E-Mail: jdwa@prodigy.net
Unit: A Btry 3/8 FAR
Name: George Barna
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: georgebarna@netscape.net
Unit: 71st Tactical Fighter Squadron
Name: Jon Gilreath
Service: Army
E-Mail: jmg1027@msn.com
Unit: B co 4/66 Armor
Name: Mark Grant
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: markgrant@cox.net
Unit: 728 ACS
Name: Anthony Boyette
Service: Army
E-Mail: anthony@boyette.info
Unit: 5/5 CAV 3AD 1BDE
Name: Susan A. Feighery
Service: Army
E-Mail: SAFeighery@cs.com
Unit: 467 Psych Det
Service: Marine Corps
Name: christopher s. wyman
Service: Army
E-Mail: wymanchristopher@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/3 ADA
Name: Kenneth D Thruman
Service: Army
E-Mail: k.thruman@insightbb.com
Unit: Bco. 3/327th Infantry, 101st Airborne Div.
Name: Daniel L. Richards Sr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: DanielRichSr@aol.com
Name: Alexander H. Sugay Jr
Service: Navy
E-Mail: sugary57@hotmail.com
Unit: Foxtrot Surgical Company, 1st FSSG
Name: David Alan Grierson
Service: Contractor
E-Mail: griersonwp@hotmail.com
Unit: DynCorp of Fort Worth, Texas
Name: Thurston S. Hurt
Service: Army
E-Mail: sipsizerb@yahoo.com
Unit: 1Battalion 505 P.I.R. 82nd Airborne Division
Name: Matthew E. Brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: brownmatthew@juno.com
Unit: 1/39th FAR
Name: Chris L. Haynes
Service: Army
E-Mail: daisydoot03@aol.com
Service: Contractor
Name: ken mcphail
Service: Army
E-Mail: ken@mcphail.com
Unit: HHD 4th Combat Aviation Brigade
Name: Bryce E Jensen
Service: Army
E-Mail: Bryceejensen@comcast.net
Unit: 37th Engr Btn
Name: Leif Lange
Service: Army
E-Mail: tarponhealth@hotmail.com
Unit: Eco 1/18th Inf. 3/24th I.D.
Name: Adam Tracy Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: 97smiths@charter.net
Unit: 1174th Trans. Co.(MTP), 101st FSB / 1st ID, 2nd CO
Name: Patrick E. Hicks
Service: Army
E-Mail: p.hicks@attbi.com
Unit: 556th Maintance Co.
Name: John A. Rivera
Service: Army
E-Mail: riveraj26@wyeth.com
Unit: A co. 4/325th 82d ABN DIV
Name: JP Bowdoin
Service: Army
E-Mail: jp@bowdoins.com
Unit: D Co. 52nd Engineer Bn., 20th Eng Bde
Name: Stephen F Reep
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Annie16142454@msn.com
Unit: II MEF Hqts 6th Marines,2nd Mar Div
Name: Douglas Young
Service: Army
E-Mail: midmills@yahoo.co.uk
Unit: 1st UK Armoured Division in VII Corps
Name: velda d. townsend
Service: Army
E-Mail: velda_t@hotmail.com
Unit: c co 24th spt bn ft. stewart, ga
Name: GREENLEY, Heather
Service: Army
E-Mail: fromk8n@yahoo.com
Unit: 141st Signal Battalion
Name: Anthony Bussing
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: spec_ops_warrior@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd Plt Aco 3rd Tank Bn 7th MEB 1st MARDIV TF Ripp
Name: Shelly Thorngate
Service: Army
E-Mail: sthorngate67@aol.com
Unit: 630th Transportation Unit
Name: Christopher G. Mansker
Service: Army
E-Mail: christopher.mansker@usarec.army.mil
Name: Steven beasley
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: stevenbeasley@cox.net
Unit: 9th Comm. Bn., CNFK Pohang
Name: Sean E. Stevens
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: MrSEStevens@aol.com
Unit: 2nd Bn 5th Mar
Name: Joseph S. Morin
Service: Army
E-Mail: ljmorin@megalink.net
Unit: 114th Evac Hospital
Name: dom sodders
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: lizzieandbear2002@yahoo.com
Unit: 16th supply
Name: steven mullins
Service: Army
E-Mail: smullins@hiwaay.net
Unit: B btry 1/5 ADA
Name: Ron Gardiner
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronald.gardiner@us.army.mil
Unit: 22d MPAD
Name: Damon Faulk
Service: Army
E-Mail: dkfaulk@aol.com
Unit: HHC 2/69 197 INF BDE
Name: Reinhold Wollmann
Service: Army
E-Mail: STARFLIGHT@atlanticbb.NET
Unit: HHC DISCOM 101st ABN DIV(AASLT) Ft. Campbell, KY
Service: Navy
E-Mail: deriqe@peoplepc.com
Unit: strike fighter squadron 81 USS SARATOGA
Name: Edwin Custodio
Service: Army
E-Mail: Custod1@gmail.com
Unit: 69th Chem Co, 123 MSB, 1AD
Name: John Lutzen
Service: Army
E-Mail: jlutzen@elp.rr.com
Unit: 663 ord bat
Name: Darren Sealock
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dsealock@charter.net
Unit: Comm Co., HQBN, 1st MarDiv
Name: John Bower
Service: Army
E-Mail: jbower809@adelphia.net
Unit: HHC 1/502 101st Airborne
Name: Kevin Rodewlad
Service: Army
E-Mail: rodewarrior@mchsi.com
Unit: 143rd Signal Battallion
Name: Victor L. Rodriguez-Santini
Service: Army
E-Mail: tyvy77@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co. 24th FSB
Name: Andy Williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: andy040268@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 80th Ord Bn
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: risherb98@hotmail.com
Unit: ARPC
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tenny1@cchat.com
Unit: ARPC
Name: Jose J. Flores
Service: Army
E-Mail: floresjj12@aol.com
Unit: B-Btry 5-18th Field Artillery
Name: mcnear, henry jerome.
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Tonmcn@aol.com
Unit: uss iwo jima, lph-2
Name: John W. McHone
Service: Army
E-Mail: thumper_4299@yahoo.com
Unit: 424 transportation unit
Service: Navy
E-Mail: nancyMig@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Puget Sound AD-38
Name: Jeffrey S. Gaertner
Service: Army
E-Mail: gneatner@netscape.net
Unit: A Co 2nd 158th Avn Regt
Name: jeff anderson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mr_inshallah@yahoo.com
Unit: 7th accs
Name: Lisa Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: TFarnon@aol.com
Unit: 101st MI BN
Name: John Schlag
Service: Army
E-Mail: jsschlag@juno.com
Unit: E Co. 5/16th Inf
Name: Chris Daudert
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cdaudert@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Nicholas (FFG-47)
Name: mitchellsmarr
Service: Army
E-Mail: smarrbigguns@aol.com
Unit: 3rd bn 82 nd FA 1st calvary division
Name: Rick Fields
Service: Army
E-Mail: fields16@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/1 Field Artillary - 3/41 Field artillary
Name: David Desbien
Service: Army
E-Mail: David195701@prodigy.net
Unit: G troop 2/2 ACR
Name: Paul Ronson
Service: Army
E-Mail: pronson13@cs.com
Unit: 800th Military Police Brigade(PW)
Service: Army
Unit: HHC 19TH ENG
Name: Edward Marshall
Service: Army
E-Mail: efm7870@hotmail.com
Unit: AMC
Name: jonathan
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jonwill1976@msn.com
Unit: 490th Missle Sq.
Name: Sherry A. Dickerson
Service: Army
E-Mail: sad69691990@yahoo.com
Unit: 731st Maint.
Name: Mike Matisohn
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: vet_usmc@msn.com
Unit: Lima 3/9 3rd platoon 1st Marine Division
Name: Robert B. Croy
Service: Army
E-Mail: croy185@juno.com
Unit: 2nd COSCOM, 1st Inf Div
Name: William Neville
Service: Army
E-Mail: btnev@yahoo.com
Unit: C Co. 724th Support Battalion(M)
Name: Jay R. kurtz
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jay@stlonline.us
Unit: 4th TFW Provisional (131 WSSF)
Name: Thomas J. Gallagher
Service: Army
E-Mail: ktgallagher@rcn.com
Unit: 972nd Military Police Co.
Name: Eric Ingle
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dei8ball@hotmail.com
Unit: NMCB-24 seabees
Name: Allen Bell
Service: Army
E-Mail: Allen@midlandcscd.org
Unit: 410st MP Co., 720th MP Bn., 89th MP Brigade
Name: Simona Arreguin
Service: Spouse of Vet
E-Mail: daddysgirl311942@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Cav
Name: William R Dresser
Service: Army
E-Mail: bill@3kingscomm.net
Unit: HHT, 1/7 Cav, 1CD
Name: James K Haney
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jmarechaney6@aol.com
Unit: B Co 4th AAV BN 2D Marine Division
Name: Christopher Jason Conley
Service: Army
E-Mail: brownbassman100@aol.com
Unit: 101 Abn Div 3/187 B co.
Name: Robert
Service: Army
E-Mail: DouglasFam217@aol.com
Unit: 2/05 82nd airborne
Name: Robert Vail
Service: Army
E-Mail: rvail1@cfl.rr.com
Unit: 3rd Sqdn, 3rd ACR
Service: Army
Unit: B 1/17 FA, 75TH BDE, FT SILL, OK
Name: Donald J Nichols
Service: Army
E-Mail: DsrtStrmGI@Charter.net
Unit: F Btry 333 FA TAB
Name: Vada Pinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: vada_pinson@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Aviation unit Fort Riley Kansas
Service: Army
Unit: 416TH TRANS
Name: Jeffrey a Smith
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bearpaw@mfx.net
Unit: 1st LAR Camp Pendelton,Ca.
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bearfan311@yahoo.com
Name: Larry Oglesby
Service: Army
E-Mail: loglesby@hot.rr.com
Unit: 7/6th infantry 1st AD Bamberg, Germany
Name: sherry dickerson
Service: Other
E-Mail: twowomen2@aol.com
Unit: 731st Maint. Company
Name: Curtis White
Service: Navy
E-Mail: seadub01@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Oldendorf
Name: joel r salinas
Service: Army
E-Mail: jmsalinas_88101@yahoo.com
Unit: hhb 4/41 fa
Name: david neal
Service: Army
E-Mail: dnss2@cox.net
Unit: 3rd brgd of the 24th inf
Name: William Brancamp
Service: Army
E-Mail: pmacnarb@hotmail.com
Unit: 452nd Ord. Co.
Name: Roger Phelan
Service: Army
E-Mail: rmtmonetime@aol.com
Name: Dwayne A. McKenney
Service: Army
E-Mail: DMcKenney@Comcast.net
Unit: 3/7 Infantry Battalion
Name: Luanne S. Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: craftsmiths@fuse.net
Unit: 101st. Airborne Division
Name: Donald Ray Jones
Service: Army
E-Mail: rayjones@txucom.net
Unit: A Co. 27th MSB 1 CAV DIV
Name: Shannon (Shae) Coy-Tozzo
Service: Army
E-Mail: Muscleshae@aol.com
Unit: 1st Armored Division (HHC)
Name: ray greynolds
Service: Army
E-Mail: rayvii@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/2 acr
Name: Charles Brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: TopBrown@veteran.com
Name: Stephen"psyco"Foucault
Service: Army
E-Mail: psyco1970@msn.com
Unit: 1st PLT D CO 426 S+T BN 101st abn div
Name: Brent A. Kaiser
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: brent.kaiser@greely.army.mil
Unit: Fire Department
Name: Matthew G. Nagel
Service: Army
E-Mail: e_nigma72@hotmail.com
Unit: 731st Maintenance Company
Name: michael p osborne
Service: Army
E-Mail: ozdover@metrocast.net
Unit: 744th transportation
Name: William MacCumbee
Service: Army
E-Mail: bill@maccumbee.com
Unit: Army
Name: Eric Molengraf
Service: Army
E-Mail: emolengraf@ceece.org
Unit: HHC 12th Engineer Bn
Name: Tami J. Lee
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: knoxpulse@yahoo.com
Unit: 20 SVS
Service: Marine Corps
Name: richard sullens
Service: Army
Unit: Co.E 701 spt. Bn. 1st I.D.
Name: Eric L Rustad
Service: Army
E-Mail: rudy19k@athenet.net
Unit: delta co 3/69 armor
Name: mathew p. smolinski
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mattsmoski@comcast.net
Unit: 146th Air Evacuation Squadron
Name: Christopher D Capehart
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: chrisdcapehart@yahoo.com
Unit: 4449 MOBSS
Name: Gregory Sheridan
Service: Army
E-Mail: Kelnfla@msn.com
Unit: 2nd MI Bn
Name: David Goodman
Service: Army
E-Mail: dmggood3@aol.com
Unit: HHB 3/20 FA
Name: Arthur E. Sweeney Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: asweeney33126@yahoo.com
Unit: 4th BN 5th FA
Name: brian tahara
Service: Army
E-Mail: brianmail@adelphia.net
Unit: bco. 37th. engr (c) (a)
Name: Sean Harrison
Service: Army
E-Mail: harrison_sean@hotmail.com
Unit: 27th Engineer Battalion (cmbt) (arbn)
Name: SSG Steven Lugene Bison
Service: Army
E-Mail: jisqua@juno.com
Unit: 507th Maintenance batallion
Name: Jeffrey D. Swan
Service: Army
E-Mail: tiojefe@aol.com
Unit: HHB 1st Bn 3rd FA (Hell On Wheels)
Name: K C
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: kc@aol.com
Unit: 65 AES
Name: david heimann
Service: Army
E-Mail: tracy_scheck2003@hotmail.com
Unit: a co. 101 div
Name: Christopher A. Dodge
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: cdodge4@cox.net
Unit: lima 3/7
Name: Lesley Tune
Service: Army
E-Mail: lesleydtune@aol.com
Unit: HHC, 5/101st Aviation
Name: Donald R Evans
Service: Army
E-Mail: edonald69@aol.com
Unit: HHC3/15Inf Scouts
Name: jeffrey hauke
Service: Army
E-Mail: goodolecontryboy2000@yahoo.com
Unit: hhc 3rd battlion 15th inf
Name: Thomas Veillon
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tdajveillon@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st Bn 1st Marines
Name: jerry ''shakey jake' harris
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jerrynuevo@yahoo.com
Unit: hmla-367
Name: Gregg K. Whisler
Service: Army
E-Mail: gkwhisler@aol.com
Unit: 183rd PSC/ 800th MP BDE
Name: DT2(FMF) Vic Sober
Service: Navy
E-Mail: vpsober@juno.com
Unit: Lima Co. 1st Medical BN, 1st FSSG
Name: sean
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: westwaves1@aol.com
Unit: 1st Combat Engineer Battalion
Name: Daniel Falconer
Service: Army
E-Mail: SgtDanielFalconer@hotmail.com
Unit: 24th ID
Service: Marine Corps
Name: Cynthia McDaniel
Service: Army
E-Mail: mcdaniec@hotmail.com
Unit: 330th Transportation
Name: Pryer
Service: Navy
E-Mail: philip.pryer@defence.gov.au
Unit: HMAS Brisbane
Name: Etoria Camper
Service: Other
E-Mail: camperet@msn.com
Unit: 685th Transportation Co. TT
Name: James P. Combs
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: james.combs1@nellis.af.mil
Unit: 4404 WG (P); HQ CENTAF/PSAB
Name: Javier H. Castillo
Service: Army
E-Mail: labogao@hotmail.com
Name: Kevin Agen
Service: Army
E-Mail: kevin@baycityintl.com
Unit: 432 Civil Affairs
Name: Lester Melugin
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Supermelugin@hotmail.com
Unit: 366th TFW
Service: Army
E-Mail: michael.williams10@us.army.mil
Name: Sam
Service: Army
E-Mail: SG Snyder,Jr@compuserve.com
Unit: C Co 63rd Signal BN
Name: Jerry "Rob" Robinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: jerryr@lvcm.com
Unit: B Co 1/64 AR 24th MI
Name: gregory jordan
Service: Army
E-Mail: ke4hdv@adelphia.net
Unit: 229th MP CO
Name: Paul Bane
Service: Army
E-Mail: pauldbane@msn.com
Unit: "C" Company 24th Sig. BN 24th IN DIV
Name: John Phillips
Service: Army
E-Mail: jmphill@earthlink.net
Unit: C/307th Engineer Bn. 82nd Airborne Div.
Name: Harold C Hunt
Service: Army
E-Mail: Harold.Hunt@usarec.army.mil
Unit: B 1/17FA, 75FA Brigade,Fort Sill OK
Name: Donnie Vaughn
Service: Army
E-Mail: pharmacysarge@yahoo.com
Unit: 21st Evacuation Hospital
Name: Max Severe
Service: Army
Unit: 303rd Military Intelligence unit
Name: Will
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Thiery
Unit: 1st recon Bn C co 2nd Plt, 1st SRIG Camp Pendleton
Name: Gregory Walker
Service: Army
E-Mail: nitestorm1234@aol.com
Name: Anthony Mauras
Service: Army
E-Mail: amauras@msn.com
Unit: 704th trans det
Name: Thomas K. Colvin
Service: Army
E-Mail: tcolvin@tenet.edu
Unit: 122 MSB, 3 AD
Name: Al Hughes
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: retiredmarine@email.com
Unit: 2/4, S-1, Admin, 8th Mar,
Name: jerry page
Service: Navy
E-Mail: 8152121155@tmomail.net
Unit: uss mars afs-1
Name: Jason Williams
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jason.williams1@navy.mil
Unit: USS Tarawa LHA-1
Name: Rick Buchanan
Service: Army
E-Mail: randcbuc@fm.paratooper.net
Unit: 297th OPS BN (PROV) JIPC
Name: Mark E. Wilkerson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mwilkerson@united.net
Unit: 343rd Security Police
Name: Anthony Williams
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: kc10crewchief@hotmail.com
Unit: 916 AGS
Name: James W Morgan, JR
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: james@mymaze.com
Unit: Classified
Name: Brad Bradley
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Bradusaf@yahoo.com
Unit: 5th Combat Communications Group
Name: Eric E. Eichner
Service: Army
E-Mail: eric.eichner@us.army.mil
Unit: C C0 4-34 AR
Name: tim adams
Service: Army
E-Mail: crocidile2000@aol.com
Unit: 11trans bn/ 2/4 INF
Name: William david Williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: william.david.williams@us.army.mil
Unit: 5th M*A*S*H~1/68 Armor~USA MEDDAC
Name: Richard Phelps
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rphelps@sc.rr.com
Unit: 8th Motor Transport Bn
Name: gary a. hubbert
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: hubbert@pacbell.net
Unit: 301 mas
Service: Army
Name: Robert J. Cherveny
Service: Army
E-Mail: chervenyatallteldotnet
Unit: 361st Military Police Co.
Name: Alfredia
Service: Army
E-Mail: Alfredia.Tyes@regions.com
Unit: HHC 24th Signal BN
Name: Rick Grover
Service: Navy
E-Mail: argrov@comcast.net
Unit: MSO-490 USS Leader
Service: Army
E-Mail: anthonysigman@aol.com
Unit: 3/18 FA . FT. SILL, OK.
Name: Ruby Nolen
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rbottom@mwt.net
Unit: 2nd Mar Div, II MEF DISBO
Name: Daren Howell
Service: Army
E-Mail: djhowell@alltel.net
Unit: Gco 7/227th AVN Regiment Hanau, Germany
Name: Skippy L. Allen
Service: Army
E-Mail: skip2003@hawaii.rr.com
Unit: 126th trans co coscm ft.bragg
Name: Dennis T McCue
Service: Army
E-Mail: dcue2202@comcast.net
Unit: F Trp 2\3 ACR
Name: Art Ascencio
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: aascencio@austin.rr.com
Unit: 1st FSSG DSG-2
Name: Kelli Allard (Heller)
Service: Army
E-Mail: kelli.j.allard@us.army.mil
Unit: 22nd MPAD
Name: Shawn Y. Mccandless
Service: Navy
E-Mail: shocka_shawn@hotmail.com
Name: Maj (R) Mark Raines
Service: Army
E-Mail: herni81@hotmail.com
Unit: 111th Ordnance Group
Name: Robert Ross
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rross@directcon.net
Unit: Delta Co. 2nd Battalion 23rd Marines- renamed Gol
Name: Mark Cruz
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: markcr@attachmate.com
Unit: A Company, 4th Tank Battalion, 5th MEB
Name: Rusty Tingen
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ating124@earthlink.net
Unit: 916th ARW, KC-10's, Moron, Milan, Azores
Name: Laura Zorza
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Sciatic@Aol.Com
Unit: USS Puget Sound AD38
Name: William Dickinson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: brarms@midmaine.com
Unit: 8th MTNB CSSG
Name: Eric Heino
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: daheinoz@yahoo.com
Name: Frankie DALE Baker
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dbaker@texasbb.com
Unit: 2951ST CLSS / ABDR
Name: David Leach
Service: Navy
E-Mail: finis55@fmtcs.com
Unit: USS Marvin Shields (FF-1066)
Name: rachael thompson
Service: Other
E-Mail: surrell@comcast.com
Unit: pfc
Name: Arthur Zaczkiewicz
Service: Army
E-Mail: zaczkiewicz@yahoo.com
Unit: 4/32 AR
Name: ole l. aulie
Service: Army
E-Mail: drea@inu.net
Unit: 5-101st. abn.avn. regt.
Name: Susan Lewis
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: slewis20@hotmail.com
Unit: 32 AEG
Name: Robert McCullah
Service: Army
E-Mail: bertdyn@yahoo.com
Unit: D co. 1/227AVN, 1st Cav.
Name: Michael Le Marbe
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: miguel@fuse.net
Unit: 7440th combat wing
Name: Julie Bauer
Service: Army
E-Mail: JulieMock@aol.com
Unit: 87th Medical Detachment (Dental Services)
Name: Todd Phillips
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: flytier96@cox-internet.com
Unit: AT TOW Co Lt. 2nd Tanks
Name: DION
Service: Navy
Unit: HM15
Name: Randy Hyde
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rchyde02@bellsouth.net
Unit: USS Wisconsin
Name: T.I. Weintraub
Service: Army
E-Mail: tiw@earthlink.net
Unit: 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (12CAB)
Name: Mary Jensen
Service: Army
E-Mail: mjensen10@cox.net
Unit: 10th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
Name: Carl Roseberry
Service: Army
E-Mail: carl@carlroseberry.com
Unit: 326TH ENGR BN,
Service: Army
Unit: 3 43 ADA
Name: Patrick Malone
Service: Army
E-Mail: prjmalone@aol.com
Unit: C 4/27 FA MLRS
Name: Loretta R. Walker
Service: Army
E-Mail: lorettar_walker@yahoo.com
Unit: 193rd MIlitary Police Battalion
Name: armand "pete" fish jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: armandfish@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/16 inf regt, 1st ID
Name: Russell Severns
Service: Army
E-Mail: cyclone352@yahoo.com
Unit: 201st MI Bn
Name: Tom Bradley
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mobradleys@socket.net
Unit: 480AMU, 81FS, 52 FW, 4404 PROV.
Name: Kevin P. Cox
Service: Army
E-Mail: cjcox69@msn.com
Unit: 101st Div.
Name: William F. Polk II
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bnpolk@yahoo.com
Unit: 97IS
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bgcmspedro@aol.com
Name: Doug Stopher
Service: Navy
E-Mail: stopher55@charter.net
Unit: RNCB 22 Battalion
Name: Chris Heatherly
Service: Army
E-Mail: taccop3801@yahoo.com
Unit: Aco 4/325air 82nd abn
Name: Roland Moore
Service: Army
E-Mail: moorerr@msn.com
Unit: 300th Trans Det
Name: Samuel E Haines
Service: Army
E-Mail: mrhaines@earthlink.net
Unit: 2/82 AVN Brigade
Name: Jeff Sheets
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: HML-767
Name: michael t. willis
Service: Army
E-Mail: will3435@bellsouth.net
Unit: hhs,6/27th fa, 75th fa bde, fort sill,ok
Name: Marcus Eriksen
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: museumworks@earthlink.net
Unit: 3rd Btn./ 23Marines -2MarDiv
Name: Michelle D. Shorter
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mshorter.va@netzero.net
Unit: 189th
Name: James Butera
Service: Navy
E-Mail: butera13@adelphia.net
Unit: VF-142
Name: Scott Stone
Service: Army
E-Mail: scott_a_stone@yahoo.com
Unit: Dco 1st Sig Bn 93rd Sig Bde 7th Corps
Name: Jeremy J Berggren
Service: Army
E-Mail: campfun@jerandjulie.com
Unit: A co. 299th Eng. Bn.
Name: Mustapha Stokely
Service: Army
E-Mail: mustapha01@hotmail.com
Unit: Cmaoc
Name: Don Cornell
Service: Army
E-Mail: dltcorne@cooketech.net
Unit: 387th Qmbn
Name: cdolan
Service: Army
E-Mail: mryan95267@aol.com
Unit: 308 station hospital
Name: Barry Lawrence
Service: Army
E-Mail: barryllawrence@msn.com
Unit: 24 ID, 2/4 Cav
Service: Army
Name: David Schulke
Service: Army
E-Mail: bkybadger@hotmail.com
Unit: 299 ENG BN and 4/66 AR
Name: Sidney Aaron Sawyer Jr.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: drsidsawyer@aol.com
Unit: 1ST MARDIV (CSSD-10) 5/11 Tango
Name: Stephen Yardley
Service: Army
E-Mail: admin@ycgroup.com
Unit: 9th Eng Btn
Name: leroy thomas
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sharpbugzy2@aol.com
Unit: HQ 3rd Marine Regiment/comm plt
Name: Tina (Cook) Sippel
Service: Army
E-Mail: stsippel@excel.net
Unit: 890th Transportation Company
Name: Courtney McGrath
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: courtney_mcgrath@hotmail.com
Unit: Lima Co 3/5 1st PLT
Name: Ronald D. Stout
Service: Army
E-Mail: rdstout@aol.com
Unit: 3rd BN 5th CAV
Name: Earl A Morgan
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: earl.morgan@brooks.af.mil
Unit: 4409 Combat Support Group (MWR)
Name: Richard R. DiPirro
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rdipirro@savtcc.com
Unit: 1st Force Reconnaissance Company
Name: Chris Spellman
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: fortress_usa@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Supply BN, 1st FSSG, 1MEF
Name: John Feskanich
Service: Army
E-Mail: jf27804@hotmail.com
Unit: 651st Quater Master Co.
Name: Tom Musto
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: harleysickboy@gmail.com
Unit: 1st FSSG Graves Registration "GRREG-M105
Name: D'Ann Christian
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: christian726@insightbb.com
Unit: 23rd Medical Group/Pope AFB was in Dhahran
Name: joe masucci
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: joemasucci@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st battalion, 1st marines
Name: Thomas
Service: Other
E-Mail: hells_bartender@excite.com
Unit: Web Designer
Name: James Flynn
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: flynn198@comcast.net
Unit: *th Motor Transport Bat., 2nd FSSG
Name: John Dermody
Service: Army
E-Mail: jdermody@pica.army.mil
Unit: 101st Airborne
Name: rich westfall
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hosemanclfd@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd tank bn 2nd marine division
Name: joel
Service: Army
E-Mail: joel_marcott@hotmail.com
Unit: A-Battery 40th FA (WDFSAA)
Name: Robert Gdyk
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: robgdyk@gmail.com
Unit: 67 SOS
Name: Dan Gasbarro
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dan_gasbarro@hotmail.com
Unit: ACB-2
Name: James B. Wright
Service: Army
E-Mail: jamesbw124@bellsouth.net
Unit: 54th Engineer Battalion
Name: kent hessling
Service: Army
E-Mail: stephhess@frontiernet.net
Unit: 2/15 Infantry
Name: Mauricio Melendez
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mjmelendez@earthlink.net
Unit: AT TOW CO 3rd TKBN Task Force Ripper
Name: Albert Armijo
Service: Army
E-Mail: aarmijo@focal.com
Unit: A co 1st signal bn
Name: James Johnson
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: usuck@Fakemail.com
Unit: Resident
Name: Scott Platt
Service: Army
E-Mail: west@wa.com
Unit: 69
Name: howard kinsey
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bladelinx@msn.com
Unit: dwight d eisenhower
Name: Aaron Nonaka
Service: Army
E-Mail: anonaka@bigfoot.com
Unit: Bravo Co. 702nd Trans 7th Group (Damam)
Name: Adrian S. Parks
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: glowmaster1@hotmail.com
Unit: HQBN G-6 2nd MarDiv
Name: Thomas Cashman
Service: Army
E-Mail: tommy_cashman@yahoo.com
Unit: 1-7 INF, 3 ID, USAEUR
Name: John Perham
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jperham@sprynet.com
Unit: H Co. 2/8, E Co. 2/8, I Co. 3/8
Name: Michael Bann
Service: Army
E-Mail: mpmb150@optonline.net
Unit: 372nd MP Co., 89th MP Bde.
Name: Tom
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Root
Unit: VMO-2
Name: David W. Stacks
Service: Army
E-Mail: dstacks@satx.rr.com
Unit: 5-5 Cav
Name: chuck shilling
Service: Army
E-Mail: cshillingjr@aol.com
Unit: 632nd Maint Co. FT. STEWART
Name: Scott
Service: Army
Unit: C co 25th Signal BN
Service: Army
E-Mail: marianna8791@msn.com
Unit: royal army med corps
Name: L. Wayne Gilbert
Service: Army
E-Mail: major_09@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 3/41 Inf 2nd AD
Name: Douglas E Craven
Service: Army
E-Mail: ceedoug@classicnet.net
Unit: 5th Corp
Name: Christopher Vaden
Service: Army
Unit: 1st Inf. 5th Field Artillery
Name: Clint El-Ramey
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: CEl-Ramey@semtribe.com
Unit: TOW Co 8 th Tank Bn
Name: Christina Rhodes
Service: Army
E-Mail: bluepony@tampabay.rr.com
Unit: 101st Aviation Regiment, 101st Airborne Division
Name: Ron Whitehead
Service: Army
E-Mail: acrazy.painter@verizon.net
Unit: Ac0. 6/6 INF
Service: Army
Unit: DELTA CO., 1/64 ARMOR
Name: Thomas K Timmons
Service: Army
E-Mail: tktimmons@trac.atf.treas.gov
Unit: 92nd MP Company
Name: rodney D Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: rdlmiller @altell.net
Unit: 11th trans co 181st trans batt 3rd coscom5th corps
Service: Army
Name: Frederick D. Gambles
Service: Army
E-Mail: f.gambles@attbi.com
Unit: F-Btry 333
Name: Victor Becker
Service: Army
E-Mail: becker's_1_2@yahoo.com
Unit: C Btry.3D Batt. (Patriot) 43D Air Defence Art. Reg
Name: Brian Almquist
Service: Army
E-Mail: grandprixse93@hotmail.com
Unit: A co. 8-158th AVN REGT.
Name: Troy W. Baker
Service: Army
E-Mail: twbaker@att.net
Unit: 419th QM Bn
Name: rick dye
Service: Army
E-Mail: corduroy@insightbb.com
Unit: 4-229 AAHR
Name: Adam Riach
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Rkindbud666@aol.com
Unit: 2nd Recon Bn Bco
Name: Tyler Lewis
Service: Army
E-Mail: cryptotich@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co 3/187th
Name: David Cramer
Service: Navy
E-Mail: theteams2@firehousemail.com
Name: Tom Bennett
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Toms450@aol.com
Unit: B. Co 1/1
Name: sun rong
Service: Coast Guard
E-Mail: ssunrong@21cn.com
Unit: Iraq
Name: Anne
Service: Coast Guard
E-Mail: ss@ee.com
Unit: Iraq
Name: 1
Service: Coast Guard
E-Mail: 1
Unit: Iraq
Name: Daniel G. Lagnada
Service: Army
E-Mail: dayen@netfixers.net
Unit: B 2/325th AIR
Name: Pamela Monday
Service: Army
E-Mail: peaches_1201@yahoo.com
Unit: 4-101 Avn Regt
Name: Walter Nathan Norris
Service: Army
E-Mail: wnnorris@hotmail.com
Unit: 101st MP
Name: David Pedrazine
Service: Army
E-Mail: dpedrazine@hotmail.com
Unit: HHB 5/3 ADA
Name: reinaldo mendez
Service: Army
E-Mail: mendezrey@hotmail.com
Unit: 517th medical company
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: UYO
Name: robert l rettinghaus jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: bigred1infdiv@aol.com
Unit: hhc 437 ft riley ks
Name: Shawn Cox
Service: Army
E-Mail: shawn.p.20@att.net
Unit: D Co. 426th S & T Battallion (Gulf War)
Name: Mike Warren
Service: Army
E-Mail: mindstrap2000@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Eng Brdg, 401st Airborn-Civil Affairs
Name: Kenneth Martin
Service: Army
E-Mail: tenncreb@hotmail.com
Unit: A co. 5-159th AVN.
Name: David Meiring
Service: Army
E-Mail: aussie1@bright.net
Unit: 293rd MP Co (Mechanic)
Name: Robert williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: rob69hd@yahoo.com
Unit: 24th id Fort Stewart GA
Name: Jeff Deitz
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jeffdeitz2004@netscape.net
Unit: USS Ranger CV-61
Name: kenny fahs
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kfahs@carolina.rr.com
Unit: Ico 3/6 3rd Heard
Name: malik shakoor
Service: Army
E-Mail: milkshake9303
Unit: aco 1-125inf(mech)
Name: Rick Nelson
Service: Army
E-Mail: rickn@kapak.com
Unit: 4/34 armor 8th Infantry - attatched to the 3rd arm
Service: Army
Name: Mark Colindres
Service: Army
E-Mail: mark.colindres@austin.ppdi.com
Unit: HHC 2/69 Armor Scouts
Service: Army
Unit: Delta Co 3/8 cav 3rd armored division
Name: Kurt
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Kingwrangler2002@yahoo.com
Unit: Ciaro
Name: David Nettles
Service: Army
E-Mail: d_f_nettles@yahoo.com
Unit: 660th trans company
Name: William Snyder
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Tesskipper02@aol.com
Unit: 9th Comm. Bn.- A Co./ Task Force Troy
Name: Jeremy Baker
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jere01@hotmail.com
Unit: U.S.S. Mount Hood Ae 29
Name: Karla Graham
Service: Army
E-Mail: Ms.K31@juno.com
Unit: 450th Civil Affairs Unit
Name: Art Jeffries
Service: Army
E-Mail: artjeffries@lycos.com
Unit: C Co. 9th Engr Bn.
Name: P.K. Olson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pkolson@charter.net
Unit: 1st Force Recon Company
Name: Tammie Richardson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Dirtyangeleyes@aol.com
Unit: 755th AG Postal
Name: scott walters
Service: Army
E-Mail: badmopar@cox.net
Unit: B trp 1st sqd 2nd ACR
Name: James Vernon Prentice
Service: Army
E-Mail: Vernon.Prentice@state.tn.us
Unit: 502 SB. Bco. 2AD
Name: scott
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: fourbricks@msn.com
Unit: 2/8 Hotel Wpns Plt
Name: William C. Card
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: WllmCrd@aol.com
Unit: 1616 CCSP
Name: Jacquelyn A. Card
Service: Army
E-Mail: JACard@Novanthealth.org
Unit: 44th Med Brigade 28th CSH
Name: david baltierra
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mr_midnite12am@msn.com
Unit: 1/4 delta co
Name: Pinkerton, Richard {Redbo}
Service: Army
E-Mail: pinkerton91@msn.com
Unit: 1st Cavalry 27th MSB
Name: Robert Pierce
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rjpierce@cfaith.com
Unit: 2nd Recon Bn
Name: Raymond R Lester
Service: Army
E-Mail: drlector.lester@us.army.mil
Unit: 2 BN 70th AR, 2 BDE, 1 AD, 7th Corps
Name: philip snyder
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: hunts56@spearnet.net
Unit: 35th tfw
Name: Kevin P. O'Leary
Service: Navy
E-Mail: koleary3@hotmail.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital 6 Bahrain
Name: George C. Mitcheam
Service: Army
E-Mail: gmitcheam@yahoo.com
Unit: Bravo Battery1st Bn,82nd FA
Name: Chuck Modzinski
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cmodzins@hotmail.com
Unit: VAQ-133/USS Forrestal
Name: Richard Caldwell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rjfam88@aol.com
Unit: Alpha 1/7 Weapons Attached to 3rd Tanks
Name: Aaron James Livingston
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: stone1@chartermi.net
Unit: 144th
Name: Ted Burkman
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tburkman@charter.net
Unit: HqCo 1st Mar Div
Name: John Boyll
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jopamajo@gsinet.net
Unit: 19
Name: Tyrone R. Rankin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: MycoGeo@aol.com
Unit: 1st Marine Division during Desert Storm
Name: Annette
Service: Army
E-Mail: islandgirl_12_83@msn.com
Unit: E-2 (Supplies Specialist)
Name: Randy McCaslin
Service: Army
E-Mail: mac104@earthlink.net
Unit: A Btry 3/17th FA 210th BGE
Name: Sgt. Brandon R. Wheasler
Service: Army
E-Mail: brandon.wheasler@med.va.gov
Unit: 503rd MP Co.
Name: Don Phares
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rphares@neb.rr.com
Unit: VMAQ-2
Name: Deborah A Conway
Service: Army
E-Mail: debbiec426@aol.com
Unit: Delta 426 S&T
Name: Philip R Rowland
Service: Army
E-Mail: Prowler19_69@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 4/5 FA
Name: Alexander Brewer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: brewerad@montevallo.edu
Unit: 2ND aav bn
Name: David C. Marmolejo
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: d44marmolejo@yahoo.com
Unit: Det 1, 4th Air Supt Ops Grp, Frankfurt GE
Name: marty yaw
Service: Army
E-Mail: myaw@nycap.rr.com
Unit: HHC 2nd Bn,34th Armor, 1st INF DIV
Name: Craig Evans
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cevans3576@hotmail.com
Unit: HS-11 / USS America CV-66
Name: Don Whedomsr
Service: Army
E-Mail: donwhedonsr@hotmail.com
Unit: U.S. Army 50th General Hospital
Name: Lee Brame
Service: Army
E-Mail: lee.brame@housing.gatech.edu
Unit: Headquarters, VII Corps
Name: Joseph Dienstag
Service: Army
E-Mail: hellonwheels141@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd PLT Bco 1/41st INF 2AD (FWD)
Name: Roy Taitague
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: taitague5@adelphia.net
Unit: 9TH COMM. BN.
Name: Anita Knight
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: gtigerclaw@worldnet.att.net
Unit: Home
Name: Dan Cole
Service: Army
E-Mail: danlauracole@hotmail.com
Unit: 3/327 Inf
Name: delphus j wilbanks
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gunnywilbanks@aol.com
Unit: 1st radio bn
Name: phyllis bermudez
Service: Army
E-Mail: sistervet@aol.com
Unit: 85th evac hospital
Name: Cassandra (Long) Winterton
Service: Army
E-Mail: cass_d_w@yahoo.com
Unit: C. Co. 44th Signal Battalion
Name: kelvin horgain
Service: Army
E-Mail: kelvins_place@msn.com
Unit: 1-7 cav 1st cav div
Name: David K. Winnett, Jr.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dwinnett@torrnet.com
Unit: Headquarters Bn., 1st Marine Division
Name: David K. Winnett, Jr.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: davidwinnettjr@earthlink.net
Unit: Headquarters Bn., 1st Marine Division
Name: Billy Connel
Service: Army
E-Mail: bconnel@aol.com
Unit: 299th Engr Bn A company.
Name: Richard Dale Love
Service: Army
E-Mail: dalelovez@yahoo.com
Unit: I Copr Division
Name: Scott Kelly
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: arcticcatno1@chartermi.net
Unit: 2ND FSSG
Name: SSG Ralph Baxter
Service: Army
E-Mail: baxterr@wood.army.mil
Unit: A Btry, 6/52 ADA, TF 8-43
Name: kenneth messimer
Service: Army
E-Mail: wilijane@aol.com
Unit: 196
Name: Jose F Laborde-Morales
Service: Army
E-Mail: rmymdk7@aol.com
Unit: F co 122MSB 3 AD
Name: chad s. masi
Service: Army
E-Mail: gobon@waypt.com
Unit: 3/325 319ABFAR
Name: Bill Ewest
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bewest@mnic.net
Unit: Cco 1st bn 6th marines
Name: Billy R. Collins
Service: Army
E-Mail: imthinman@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB, 2nd Bn. 52 ADA
Name: Steven L. Chaapel
Service: Army
E-Mail: chaapels@msn.com
Unit: 423d Medical Company (CLR)
Name: lonnie w. cobb jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: lscatcat123@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 2/17th field artillery 212th brigade
Name: Chris Patterson
Service: Army
E-Mail: cwp1guy@msn.com
Unit: A Troop 1/7 Cavalry 1st Cavalry Div.
Name: Jeremy M Plaxton
Service: Army
E-Mail: mattplax1971@yahoo.com
Unit: 4/67th Armor Bn. 3rd Armored Division
Name: sean richter
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sean_richter@hotmail.com
Unit: vma (aw) 533
Name: Chris Arnold
Service: Army
E-Mail: christianjarnold@aol.com
Unit: 87th Chem. Co. 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment
Name: Christopher D. Bearden
Service: Army
E-Mail: capricorn_13@hotmail.com
Unit: HHD, 40th Sig Bn, 11th Sig Bde
Name: William C Croka
Service: Army
E-Mail: wolverine_1266@hotmail.com
Unit: Dco. 2-16th Infantry (Mech)
Name: William Maysonet
Service: Army
E-Mail: desertboy200@yahoo.com
Unit: 4-1 Aviation, 1st Inf Division
Name: Edward (Ed) Goodrow
Service: Army
E-Mail: ed@goodrowvia.com
Unit: 82nd Abn Div, G-2
Name: Troy Knapp
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: troyknapp@earthlink.net
Unit: 1st MarDiv HgBn G-3
Name: Scott Ganley
Service: Army
E-Mail: sganley@yahoo.com
Unit: 59th MP Company, Pirmasens Germany
Name: Benito Carrillo
Service: Army
E-Mail: benito.carrillo@sbcglobal.net
Unit: A Btry 2/41 FA, 3rd ID, 1st AD, Bad Kissingen
Name: Eduardo Flores
Service: Navy
E-Mail: eflores1119@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Mobile Bay CG-53
Name: Darren K Proby
Service: Army
E-Mail: dkproby@yahoo.com
Unit: HHT 4/7 cav 3rd armered division
Name: James Farmer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: xtex1995@adelphia.net
Unit: Forward COC Hdqt Bn 2nd MarDiv
Name: William Roseberry
Service: Navy
E-Mail: wjroseberry@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Spartanburg County (LST-1192)
Name: richard penrod (McMullen)
Service: Navy
E-Mail: penrodclann@earthlink.net
Unit: VAQ-133/ USS Forrestal
Name: Travis Lisenbee
Service: Army
E-Mail: charliecrusader@yahoo.com
Unit: C Co. 1/34 Ar. 1 ID Mech
Name: David T Stevens
Service: Army
E-Mail: dtstevn42@msn.com
Unit: 120thQMdetachment(combat supt)
Name: james pueschel
Service: Navy
E-Mail: daddyjimbo@webtv.net
Unit: USS Raleigh LPD-1
Name: Jason F Pipkin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Lpipkin@midsouth.rr.com
Unit: Lima Co 3rd Blt 5th Marines wpns plt
Name: Thomas R. Barker
Service: Army
E-Mail: fivebarkers@netzero.net
Unit: 870th Transportation
Name: Joseph N Rutherford
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mh101jr@socket.net
Unit: MWSS 374
Name: James Beckett
Service: Army
E-Mail: jmbeckett@comcast.net
Unit: 7th Corps
Name: Mark Kelley
Service: Army
E-Mail: mkelley5150@attbi.com
Unit: D-2-66 AR
Name: Connie M. Snell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bsnowolf@juno.com
Unit: Papa Bear
Name: jimmie d james jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: notvalid@aol.com
Unit: HHC. 2/5cav 1cd ft hood tx
Name: George A. Catron
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: george.catron@kirtland.af.mil
Unit: 377MSG/OTW
Name: dirk streater
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: streater@cox.net
Unit: 6 th marines
Name: Dale Few
Service: Army
E-Mail: www.jkazcld@yahoo.com
Unit: 516th Eng.
Name: Frederick A. Ploof III
Service: Army
E-Mail: plooff@msn.com
Unit: HHS, 1st Bn, 158th FA (MLRS)
Name: Marshal Andrew McGinnis
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ShylaTwister@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Germantown LSD-42
Name: Les Morrison
Service: Army
E-Mail: jim178@embarqmail.com
Unit: 1st US Cavalry Division
Name: Ron Ansel
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Ron7515@comcast.net
Unit: 1st FSSG,H&S Bn, MPCo./ MSSG-13/ 29 Palms
Name: kenschroder
Service: Army
E-Mail: kennethschroder@msn.com
Unit: 3/82 field artillery 1CD.
Name: Sean Martin
Service: Army
E-Mail: SimpleM9@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 1-35 Armor
Name: A J Seargeant
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: aj.seargeant@etrade.com
Unit: 35 TFW
Name: Charles L. Harris Jr.
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: charles.harris@deca.mil
Unit: 23rd TFW, KFIA
Name: michael peoples
Service: Army
E-Mail: jumpnpup@aol.com
Unit: 7th special forces group
Name: David Gleckler
Service: Navy
E-Mail: david@ncfreedom.net
Unit: USS Wisconsin BB-64
Name: Karl Weekes
Service: Army
E-Mail: karlweekes@hotmail.com
Unit: 101st ABN DIV--311th MI BN
Name: Shannon Dent
Service: Army
E-Mail: shan13021@aol.com
Unit: F co 701st
Name: David Allen
Service: Army
E-Mail: chickeridu@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/327 INF 101st
Name: Gene Rinck
Service: Army
E-Mail: grinck1@attbi.com
Unit: C-8-101 AVN
Name: Thomas W. Grisham
Service: Army
E-Mail: tommytwister2002@yahoo.com
Unit: 1138th MP CO.
Service: Army
Name: John Graves
Service: Army
E-Mail: jgraves6@earthlink.net
Unit: HHC 9th Engineer Bn
Service: Army
E-Mail: RSLR1959@aol.com
Unit: 101st Airborne 3rd 502nd Infantry
Name: Eric Carstensen
Service: Army
E-Mail: eric@jackscrib.com
Unit: 1/327 INF 101 ABN
Service: Army
E-Mail: tnredsoxfn@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/320th field artillery
Service: Army
Unit: D CO 1/41 INF 2AD (FWD)
Service: Army
E-Mail: FishyPig@aol.com
Unit: 114th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Danny M. Ross
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dannymr@excite.com
Unit: 3rd Tank Battalion
Service: Navy
E-Mail: micromikes@juno.com
Unit: NMCB-74, H-CO
Name: Edward L. Tucker
Service: Army
E-Mail: ctuck071@earthlink.net
Unit: 1122nd Transportation Company
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: wade_gibbs@bd.com
Unit: 2nd tank bn. (Scouts)
Name: Gavin Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: gsmith@pghmail.com
Unit: A Co. 3/187th 101st Airborne
Service: Army
E-Mail: jordansdad01@aol.com
Unit: 3rd ACR K Troop
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cnbdbezio@hotmail.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five
Name: David Thomas Coxe
Service: Army
E-Mail: doggaloose@hotmail.com
Unit: 501st Ordnance Company, 101st Ordnance Battalion
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 5th MEB, MAG-50 NBCD Plt
Name: Cassie
Service: Army
E-Mail: cassb2000@yahoo.com
Unit: 101st Airborne Div.
Service: Army
E-Mail: paulgould3@attbi.com
Unit: A battery 4/27th Field Artillary
Name: Terry J. Bush
Service: Navy
E-Mail: terry.bush2@verizon.net
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five
Name: Contact.Us@Army.com
Service: Army
E-Mail: Contact.Us@Army.com
Unit: 24th ID Ft Stewart GA
Name: ken schroder
Service: Army
E-Mail: kennethschroder943@msn.com
Unit: 3/82 fa.1cd fort hood tx.
Name: frank capocci jr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ksr50@aol.com
Unit: india btry 3/10
Name: Corey Brown
Service: Army
E-Mail: ghosthunter4357@Yahoo.com
Unit: 212MP Co
Name: Penelope L. Bennett
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: pbennet@ev1.net
Unit: 3rd Combat Comm Grp / 31CCSQ
Service: Army
E-Mail: andrew.raudabaugh@us.army.mil
Name: Joe Buonopane Jr.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bigquest@yahoo.com
Unit: BSSG-4, 4th MEB
Name: William K. Leatherwood
Service: Army
E-Mail: wleathe996@aol.com
Unit: 24th Aviation Regiment
Name: James D. Russell
Service: Army
E-Mail: swinginghappy2001@yahoo.com
Unit: 6th infantry division light
Service: Navy
E-Mail: john.hoover@echostar.com
Unit: U.S.S. Francis Hammond FF-1067 COMDESRON 9
Name: Timothy Bowman
Service: Navy
E-Mail: boogotshot@charter.net
Unit: USS John Hancock DD-981
Name: Denise Lovelady
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dml571@hotmail.com
Unit: 8 th Special Operations Squadron
Name: Jason Cunningham
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jason@rjgriffin.com
Unit: 1st BN 6th Marines
Service: Army
E-Mail: bobbyjr_68@yahoo.com
Unit: 6/27 field artillery
Name: John w. Jett
Service: Army
E-Mail: jettjohn@hotmail.com
Unit: 3/17FA
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: val@gonmail.com
Unit: none
Name: MAJ (R) James Goldberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: james.goldberg@attbi.com
Unit: 4-70 Armor, Iron Brigade, 1AD, VII Corps
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: billy37@cox.net
Unit: mwss 373
Service: Army
E-Mail: bodyprintsbmario @netscape.net
Unit: 18th PSYOP Det Attached to 4/37 Armor
Name: Susan Miranda
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Smira29595@aol.com
Unit: 325th Medical Group
Name: Charles J. Cashady
Service: Army
E-Mail: Cash9975@yahoo.com
Unit: 406 Trans
Service: Civilian
Name: Cpl.Steven Ross
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rossnwo@aol.com
Unit: Wpns Co. 2nd Btln. 2nd Mar. 2nd Mar Div.
Name: Joe Morris
Service: Army
Unit: A TROOP 1/2 ACR
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: serenity@nefkom.net
Unit: none
Name: Dan Roode
Service: Army
Unit: A/ 16E 1AD
Name: Kerry Erwin
Service: Army
E-Mail: taztankr@wabash.net
Unit: D 4/66 AR
Service: Army
E-Mail: rainesmark@hotmail.com
Unit: 111th Ord Group 22nd TACOM
Name: Brad Lucas
Service: Army
E-Mail: realaircav@aol.com
Unit: 4th Sqdn 2nd ACR
Name: Richard J Wadzinski Jr
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: flyboy8336@aol.com
Unit: 4th Maps/ 37th ALS
Name: Giles
Service: Army
E-Mail: yukon@ij.net
Unit: 54th 3rd ber.
Name: troas smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: tcleve1141@aol.com
Unit: 377th combat support hospital
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: Hq. Co. 6th. Mar. TOW Plt.
Service: Army
E-Mail: rosado@cfl.rr.com
Unit: D co. 3rdBatallion 5thCavalry Regiment
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: locknkey1@charter.net
Unit: 2ND LAI
Name: Tom Tripp
Service: Army
E-Mail: j.o.p.p.e.r@cox.net
Unit: 502nd Military Police, 2AD
Service: Army
E-Mail: bobcorrell@aol.com
Unit: C-BTRY 4/27FA
Name: Christine Axton
Service: Army
E-Mail: caxtonpa@cox.net
Unit: C Co 502nd FSB 2AD
Name: Eddie Robinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: skerritt13@nc.rr.com
Unit: 122 MSB Foxtrot Company (Medics)
Service: Army
E-Mail: gvw1@cdc.goc
Unit: 352d Civil Affars Command
Name: Shelley Bergquist
Service: Army
E-Mail: s_bergquist@hotmail.com
Unit: 170thMaitenance Company
Service: Army
E-Mail: grunt2@gci.net
Unit: 197th inf ft.benning Ga.
Service: Army
E-Mail: warhorse6758@msn.com
Unit: 20th Eng Bde
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: edfaber@earthlink.net
Unit: 4404 OSS
Name: Bryan
Service: Navy
E-Mail: hollygray9899@hotmail.com
Unit: VF-74
Name: Michael J. Machado
Service: Army
E-Mail: sirknt33@bellsouth.net
Unit: HHC 3/8 CAV (Mortar plt.)
Service: Army
E-Mail: sfcrob68@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 3/35 AR, 3rd BDE, 1AD
Service: Army
E-Mail: kgerardneill@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st Support Battalion (MFO), 18th Airborne
Name: Gary A. Bourne II
Service: Army
E-Mail: artie114@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 197 Inf Bde (m) (s) MP platoon
Name: Gary A. Bourne II
Service: Army
E-Mail: artie114@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 197th Inf Bde (m) (s) MP platoon
Name: Robert L. Miler
Service: Army
E-Mail: rmil@kempsmith.com
Unit: C Company 1/37 Armor
Name: James W. O'Rawe
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: James.O'Rawe@dhs.gov
Unit: 3/6 Lima Co. 3rd Plt.
Name: Robert S. Jensen
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: randcjensen@mindspring.com
Unit: Sierra Battery 5/11
Name: Don Deaton
Service: Army
E-Mail: deatond@your-net.com
Unit: FMIB, 513th MI Bat
Service: Army
E-Mail: mommitnpoppit@hotmail.com
Unit: D co 3/41 INF 2AD ( Tiger Brigade)
Name: Thomas Taylor
Service: Army
E-Mail: tank25@excite.com
Unit: C/2-325 AIR 82nd Airborne
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: James.Owen@Cox.net
Unit: 2nd Plt, "C" Company, 1/1
Service: Army
E-Mail: coolscout@msn.com
Unit: hhc 2-9 INF
Service: Army
E-Mail: todd.h.kirk@army.mil
Unit: C Co, 3rd Engr Bn, 24th Inf Div
Name: John Hendrickson
Service: Army
E-Mail: henrock88@yahoo.com
Unit: b btry 5/8 fa
Service: Army
E-Mail: ecurrie@charter.net
Unit: 1-8 Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division
Name: Lcpl Charles Sanders
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kali1069@excite.com
Unit: F 2/12
Service: Army
E-Mail: gmoore10@nc.rr.com
Unit: Support Squadron, 3rd ACR
Name: jim ellison
Service: Army
E-Mail: ellisonj@bellsouthnet
Unit: E.CO 123rd C.S.B 1ST ARMOR DIV.
Name: John Allen Noble
Service: Army
E-Mail: eaglesix30606@yahoo.com
Unit: Advisor to Saudi Arabian National Guard
Name: Scott Fay
Service: Army
E-Mail: ltfay@zoomtown.com
Unit: 24th Mech Id 3rd Eng Batt
Name: Marvin L.Marks
Service: Army
E-Mail: kiraalmaru@isot.com
Unit: 2nd Battalion, 3rd FA
Name: troy menth
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tazx@frontiernet.net
Unit: 7th ENG. spt. btn. 1st FFSG. C.co.
Name: G Cruzflores
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gcruzflores03@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd BN 1st Marines "K" Co 1st Pltn
Name: James N Hamann
Service: Army
E-Mail: hamanjam@hotmail.com
Unit: Scout Platoon, 4/37 AR, 1st Inf Div
Name: Chris Whittamore
Service: Army
E-Mail: chickn01@msn.com
Unit: 1/158 FA
Name: tim mitchell
Service: Army
E-Mail: dad3papaw1@yahoo.com
Unit: c - 1\17 fa
Service: Army
E-Mail: barnstj@optonline.net
Unit: C Co. 299th Eng. Bn.
Name: Lee (Strybosch) Milne
Service: Army
E-Mail: LEEonly@yahoo.com
Unit: 217th Evacuation Hospital
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Redolpho@hotmail.com
Unit: 7th MEB
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: shakuchisei@aol.com
Unit: 4409osg
Name: spcthomas
Service: Army
E-Mail: cito67@hotmail.com
Unit: b co 115th
Name: SSG Kevin J Ronzheimer
Service: Army
E-Mail: kronzheimer@lc.usbr.gov
Unit: 257th Trans Co.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: vandy@gtlakes.com
Unit: vma331 2nd marine airwing
Service: Army
E-Mail: S97Batess@worldnet.att.net
Unit: 15th Evac Hospital
Service: Navy
E-Mail: djentzen@cox.net
Unit: uss Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71
Name: John A Milardovich
Service: Army
E-Mail: Johnthai@mynra.com
Unit: 41st combat support Hospital
Name: Mark J DiBello
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: utjazz@juno.com
Unit: 42nd MMS
Name: Lori Anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: ladytopaz01@charter.net
Unit: A Co. 498th Combat Support Battalion
Name: jim bunker
Service: Army
E-Mail: kansasvet@cox.net
Unit: 4-5 FA
Name: spc.martin duran
Service: Army
Unit: hhb1/41f.a.
Service: Army
Unit: hhb141fa
Service: Army
E-Mail: o_rod@msn.com
Unit: 9th engr. bn.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dozniki@aol.com
Unit: Wpns1/1Hmg plt
Name: wesley karl morgan
Service: Army
E-Mail: wmorgan157@yahoo.com
Unit: 494 transportation company
Name: Jason R Scott
Service: Army
E-Mail: jason@funkypress.com
Unit: Dco 2nd Battalion 70th Armor 1st Armor Div.
Name: James Wilson
Service: Army
E-Mail: nmjameswilson@gmail.com
Unit: HHC 1-35 Armor (Scouts)
Name: Carlos A. Sanchez
Service: Army
E-Mail: carlosa1053@hotmail.com
Unit: 544th MP co
Name: wade a mitchell
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mitchellwade68@yahoo.com
Unit: nmcb-5
Name: Joe Hubbard
Service: Navy
E-Mail: pittsnipe@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Ranger CV-61
Name: pam french
Service: Navy
E-Mail: citigo1@yahoo.com
Unit: vr46
Name: Joseph P. Grimes
Service: Army
E-Mail: Josephgolf8@aol.com
Unit: 632nd maint co. 24th inf. div
Name: charley jo landers
Service: Army
E-Mail: gulfvetgal@aol.com
Unit: 122nd msb, 3rd armored division
Service: Army
E-Mail: boo969@fuse.net
Unit: B Co 9th Engr. 7th Corp
Name: Jon A. Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: jonm990933@aol.com
Unit: 3-41 Inf, 1st (Tiger) Bde, 2AD
Name: Neal E. Gouker
Service: Army
E-Mail: NealGouker@yahoo.com
Unit: 14th Quatermaster Detachment
Name: Scochrane
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: scochran@lsil.com
Unit: HMLA-367
Service: Army
Unit: 7 TNK TPR
Name: James M. Huskey
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ahuskey1@comcast.net
Unit: 341st Security Police Group
Name: Douglas Tony
Service: Army
E-Mail: drkrt@gci.net
Unit: 112th Sig. Bn (SO)(ABN)
Service: Army
Unit: HHC 1/7 ADA
Name: Paul R. Weilandt
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: swokie31@yahoo.com
Unit: 33 TRW
Name: Gilbert C. Gordon
Service: Army
E-Mail: gil_gordon@yahoo.com
Unit: 426th S&S Bn, 101st Abn Div
Name: ac everette
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ac_everette@hotmail.com
Service: Navy
E-Mail: docb29@yahoo.com
Unit: 2/3 marines
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Terry.archibald1@jsc.nasa.gov
Unit: I MEF, 1st FSSG, 2nd FSSG "Embarkers from Hell"
Name: Troy Goodman
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: gulfwar@comcast.net
Unit: India 3/14 attached to 2/11
Name: Jose Gonzalez
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: s.gonzo@verizon.net
Unit: HML-767
Name: Timothy Louard Bruce
Service: Army
E-Mail: LBAH423@aol.com
Unit: 1st Armored Division
Service: Army
E-Mail: rodney@scottsboro.org
Unit: C Company 92nd Engineer Battalion
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ceajaegirl@hotmail.com
Unit: USS. Emory S. Land (AS-39)
Service: Army
E-Mail: srick35@aol.com
Unit: a co 92 en bn
Service: Army
E-Mail: Ace1@ev1.net
Unit: 340TH Chemical
Service: Army
Unit: HHC 22nd Supcom
Name: Devin L Billings
Service: Army
E-Mail: devinb@ndak.met
Unit: 702 Trans
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Richresa30@aol.com
Unit: Marine fleet hospital delta com
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sidneysawyer12@aol.com
Unit: CSSD-10
Name: Wil Manner
Service: Army
E-Mail: wmananer@hotmail.com
Unit: A 1/41
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mlhopper@hotmail.com
Unit: 2nd FSSG 8th ESB C Co. 2nd Plt
Service: Army
E-Mail: usarmysoccersk@hotmail.com
Unit: 5th SFG(A)
Service: Army
E-Mail: rees_1@msn.com
Unit: C-Co 27th Eng. Bn.
Name: Fred Miller
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bigfred70@yahoo.com
Unit: 2nd Tank Battalion, 2dMarDiv, FMF
Name: Randall S. Crow
Service: Army
E-Mail: cro13@aol.com
Unit: 109th Evac Hospital
Name: Collier, Scott
Service: Army
E-Mail: schatz01@msn.com
Unit: HHB 5/3 ADA
Name: Lee
Service: Army
E-Mail: leemag@ticus.com
Unit: 37th engineer Battalion
Name: jack bolowskie
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rambolowskie@yahoo.com
Unit: Alpha Batry 1/12 3rd Mar Div
Name: Tommy Broussard Jr.
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tommy.broussard@mms.gov
Unit: USS Leyte Gulf
Name: Pat Franzen
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: falcon6298@yahoo.com
Unit: 4449 MOBSS
Name: Aaron "The Hippy" Garza
Service: Army
E-Mail: agarza@utep.edu
Unit: 1/8 Cav. 2nd Brd. 1CD
Service: Army
E-Mail: i_am_iron@yahoo.com
Unit: 299th engineer bn
Service: Army
E-Mail: bill.bowick@us.army.mil
Unit: S3- 457th CML BN-USAR
Name: Bruce Cox
Service: Army
E-Mail: sbnlcox@air-internet.com
Unit: A BTY 3/41 FA 24th INF. DIV
Name: Mike Pickens
Service: Army
E-Mail: mapickens@hotmail.com
Unit: 346th MP CO Det 1
Name: Reynaldo Lozada
Service: Army
E-Mail: reyluvsjill@directvinternet.com
Name: Frank Schwenning
Service: Army
E-Mail: Blackhawk521@MSN.com
Unit: 1st Staff @ Fac.
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: DR5Floyd1@netzero.net
Unit: 60th SPS Travis AFB C.A.
Name: Stephen Looper
Service: Navy
Unit: USS San Jacinto
Name: Edward "Eddie" Tapper
Service: Army
E-Mail: GulfVet233@aol.com
Name: Chuck Harper
Service: Army
E-Mail: retired75z40@aol.com
Unit: 22nd Support Command
Name: Pamela Thornton
Service: Army
E-Mail: patwo13@earthlink.net
Unit: F Co., 124th MSB, 2AD, Fort Hood, TX
Name: Charles D Lee
Service: Army
E-Mail: cdragon69_44657@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 3/505 PIR, 82ND ABN DIV
Name: Erik Simmons
Service: Army
E-Mail: Kushite17@hotmail.com
Unit: 325 LEMCO
Name: joseph gombos
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jnkgombos@att.net
Unit: USS T. Roosevelt cvn-71
Name: James Regan
Service: Army
E-Mail: jregan101@aol.com
Unit: A Co. 2/5 Cav
Name: Pamela Reynolds
Service: Army
Unit: 114 th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Keith Cooley
Service: Air Force
Unit: 1611 AES provisional
Name: Jim Townley
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Talon9396@msn.com
Unit: 2nd Assault Amphibian
Name: Ron Pembleton
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronpembleton@msn.com
Unit: HHB TF 8/43
Name: Roger D. Geary
Service: Army
E-Mail: rogergeary13f@al.com
Unit: 2nd ACR
Name: Richard A Anderson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rickanderson53@comcast.net
Unit: HMH-461
Name: Merrill Niswonger
Service: Army
E-Mail: radicalforGod@aol.ocm
Unit: B-Btry 1ST Bn 17th Fa 75th Bde Fort Sill, Ok
Name: Paul V Brown
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: readbofm@yahoo.com
Unit: 388 TFW, Hill AFB
Name: kenneth stivers
Service: Navy
E-Mail: stiversk@bellsouth.net
Unit: Special Boat Unit Twenty
Name: Delano Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: sirknightsmith@comcast.net
Unit: 426 Signal Battalion,35 Signal Brigade
Name: Donnie Cless
Service: Army
E-Mail: attitudx@cs.com
Unit: 197th INF BDE DCO 2/18 INF
Name: John Cassady
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jmc2@aol.com
Unit: Graes Registration
Name: Sean B. Dudley
Service: Army
E-Mail: dudleyjayluv@aol.com
Unit: 82nd Engr.
Name: Hollis J. Ensley
Service: Army
E-Mail: hensley@satx.rr.com
Unit: C Co, Academy Bn, Center Bde
Name: mark skoog
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: skoogmarks@hotmail.com
Unit: det 1-1 602nd tacw 1st cav 1-32 ft hood tx
Name: Melvin Allen Brown Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: dj_digum@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC, 299th Combat Engineer Battalion
Name: Ricardo A. Galicia
Service: Army
E-Mail: contacc@aol
Unit: C btry 3/17 FA
Name: Christopher K. Gooden
Service: Army
E-Mail: ckgooden@blueriver.net
Unit: D Co. 1/41 INF 2AD(fwd)
Service: Army
Name: Chaplain David Long
Service: Army
E-Mail: chappycdl@aol.com
Unit: 419th Transportation Bn - 7th Transportation Group
Name: Steve
Service: Army
E-Mail: gedaliyvi@aol.com
Unit: 3-10st Avn Air Assualt
Name: Kevin L. Dasing
Service: Army
E-Mail: Cavtrooper3d@aol.com
Unit: E Troop/ 3rd Armored Cavalry Regt.
Name: Christine E Blackston
Service: Army
E-Mail: christine.blackston@essroc.com
Unit: A Co, 426 Sig Bn, 35th Sig Bde, XVIII Airborne Co
Name: Jay Elliott
Service: Army
E-Mail: bleedingorange@broncosfreak.com
Unit: B Co. 2/32 Armor
Name: James Kevin Laughlin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jklaughlin@hotmail.com
Unit: **
Name: Lee Phillips
Service: Army
E-Mail: leroy902@insightbb.com
Unit: 2-5 cav 1cd
Name: Patluke Ragucci
Service: Army
E-Mail: patrickluke@hotmail.com
Unit: 3rd Armored Division /DAO
Name: Hernan Mendoza
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hernanmendoza406@cs.com
Unit: 3/9
Name: Joseph J. LaPlante
Service: Navy
E-Mail: peggi22@bellsouth.net
Unit: transport
Name: stephen boyd
Service: Army
E-Mail: sksboyd@aol.com
Unit: 2nd Armored Cav. Regiment
Name: John Loughran
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jar8502@aol.com
Unit: TransCo6thMTBN
Name: Thomas Masters
Service: Army
E-Mail: tmasters65@excite.com
Unit: C Trp 4-7 Cav 3AD
Name: John Erickson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Johnboy3276@aol.com
Unit: A.Co 54th FSB 3rd AD Friedburg, Germany
Name: George
Service: Army
E-Mail: octo1@fdn.com
Unit: C Co. 313th mi bn 82nd PIR
Name: William Stare
Service: Navy
E-Mail: billstar@pacbell.net
Unit: Samuel B. Roberts FFG - 58
Name: Patrick O'Neil
Service: Navy
E-Mail: PatONeil33(at)yahoo(dot)com
Unit: USS Samuel Gompers
Name: Karen Ferrell Coleman
Service: Army
E-Mail: karendcoleman@yahoo.com
Unit: 425th Quartermaster Company
Name: Sgt. Cook, Rhonda
Service: Army
Unit: C Co. 44th Med Bat. ABN (82nd Support)
Name: Stephen C. Combs
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: scmcombs@aol.com
Unit: S-4, H&S Company, 3/6
Name: Chanin A. Quail
Service: Army
E-Mail: Storm16s@nycap.rr.com
Unit: C battery 1/5 AAA, 24th I.D. mech
Name: robert shane morphis
Service: Army
E-Mail: shanee1m@yahoo.com
Unit: 1 I.D.
Name: Ray Lynch
Service: Army
E-Mail: RLynch5144@aol.com
Unit: 145 Medical Company
Name: Allison, Bradley
Service: Army
E-Mail: bladaman@coastalnow.net
Unit: HHC 3/7 Infantry (mortars)
Name: Scott Nicely
Service: Army
E-Mail: abninf504
Unit: Bco 1/504
Name: Jeffery Oxendine
Service: Army
E-Mail: abnchief@hotmail.com
Unit: 82d Abn Div
Name: Emmet
Service: Army
E-Mail: emmetbarta@alltel.net
Unit: 724th MSB Co D
Name: Ed Murray
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: reason9000@yahoo.com
Unit: civilian
Name: James D. Clifton
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: cliftonjd@ameritech.net
Unit: 41st Military Airlift Squadron
Service: Army
E-Mail: jcarter@cfl.rr.com
Unit: HHC TUSA,at'd HHC Theater Supt Command.
Name: Charles Gosman
Service: Army
E-Mail: cgosman@charter.net
Unit: SVC 3/29 FA
Name: Pete Knapp
Service: Army
E-Mail: knapp@aaahawk.com
Unit: C 3/27 FAR
Name: Joseph S. Brown
Service: Army
Unit: Bco. 312th MI Bn. 1CD
Name: james ring sr.
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jring@moscone.com
Unit: navy cargo handling 3
Name: Christopher Weaver
Service: Army
E-Mail: chris.a.weaver@us.army.mil
Unit: B co 782
Name: Matt Miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: matt.miller2@us.army.mil
Unit: 3rd Bat 75th Regt
Name: Louise
Service: Army
E-Mail: lexlou37@aol.com
Unit: 920th transp.
Name: martin t. teixeira
Service: Army
E-Mail: mteixeira@newbedford.k12.ma.us
Unit: 1058 trans co
Service: Army
E-Mail: mechanic182520@yahoo
Unit: 1/158 MLRS FA
Name: Jerry Havens
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 1/8 comm. plt.
Name: ruben roman
Service: Army
E-Mail: theromans@kc.rr.com
Unit: HHC 4/37 Armor
Name: John G. Robinson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: johngrobinson@alltel.net
Unit: 2Mar Div 2 Tk Btl
Name: melvin j shott
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 11th Marines
Name: Shawn Gallagher
Service: Army
E-Mail: spgld@aol.com
Unit: 82nd Engineer Battalion
Name: Shilene C. Raines
Service: Army
E-Mail: scraines@bham.rr.com
Unit: 215th FSU
Name: Michael Zarzycki
Service: Army
Unit: Cco3/15 inf 24th Inf Div
Name: jen bohl
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jbohlen71@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/2
Name: William Popeck
Service: Army
E-Mail: Wpopeck@rochester.rr.com
Unit: Atrp 4/7 cav
Name: Tracy Ridley
Service: Army
E-Mail: ridl28@aol.com
Unit: B co 1-64 ar bn 24th ID
Name: Rick
Service: Army
E-Mail: rrcottrell@canyoncountry.net
Unit: HHC1/64 AR
Name: ray b ivey
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: barryivy@gw.cherokee1.k12.sc.us
Unit: 354ags
Name: Glen Doski
Service: Army
E-Mail: abraxsis2001@aol.com
Unit: C co 2/69 AR
Name: David Warner
Service: Army
E-Mail: college_grad@worldnet.att.net
Unit: C omanche Troop 1/2 ACR
Name: Thomas WIlliam Darcy
Service: Navy
E-Mail: twdarcy@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Seattle (AOE 3)
Name: Mike Mauer
Service: Army
E-Mail: mikemauer@hotmail.com
Name: Steve
Service: Army
Unit: 1/124 Inf
Name: Vaughn Currie
Service: Army
E-Mail: vaughn_currie@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division
Name: James Madison
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: madjim@bigfoot.com
Unit: C 1/10 Charlie Battery
Name: Floyd Gladwell
Service: Army
E-Mail: pleadot@hotmail.com
Unit: D 1/504th PIR
Name: Curtis Williams
Service: Navy
E-Mail: curtwill_77@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Midway
Name: Jamie Guttenberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: jay.guttenberg@guttenbergorganicfarms.com
Unit: 502nd Military Police, 2AD
Name: James (Jay) Willson
Service: Army
E-Mail: james_willson@scotiacapital.com
Unit: 501st MI Battalion
Service: Army
Unit: 48TH FSB
Name: James Prause
Service: Army
E-Mail: yipeeiyay@hotmail.com
Unit: A Battery, 5-3 ADA
Name: David E. Grisham
Service: Army
E-Mail: dgrisham@alaweb.com
Unit: HHC 2/229 AVN BN
Name: David Figger
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: car00681@carrinter.net
Unit: Ammunition company(San deigo CA.)
Name: Samuel Hargrove
Service: Army
E-Mail: retired.army.2004@gmail.com
Unit: B & C Co 63rd Signal Bn
Name: Bruce Spaccarotella
Service: Army
E-Mail: Bspacc2180@aol.com
Unit: 1st Platoon B Co 3/58th AVN
Name: Jeffrey Halbstein
Service: Army
E-Mail: jhalbstein@yahoo.com
Unit: 122 MSB, 3AD
Name: richard caciola
Service: Army
E-Mail: cacric@aol.com
Unit: 7/101 avn reg ft campbell ky
Name: Martin A Murae II
Service: Army
Unit: 101ST MP CO &HHC LEC
Name: 1SG Alvino Lopez Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: alvinolopez@msn.com
Unit: HHC 30th Engr
Name: Virginia Williams
Service: Army
Unit: 122 MSB, 3rd AD
Service: Army
Unit: A Battery 21st. Artillery, 1st. Cav
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronduff99@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 1-41 2AD (FWD) 87' TO91'
Service: Army
Unit: ARCENT,330TH MCC, 1st Prt Spt Activity FWD(1st COS
Name: Mona Wright (Kevin Wright)
Service: Army
E-Mail: wrightstuff3833@hotmail.com
Unit: 1-18 INF
Name: Dwayne Taylor
Service: Army
E-Mail: iftheedare@aol.com
Unit: 4-12 Armor 8th Inf.
Service: Army
Name: John Ward
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: barjohn69@hotmail.com
Unit: 2nd LAAM Bn A btry. BFU
Name: Brian E Saip
Service: Army
E-Mail: b_saip@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/1 FA 1st AD
Name: Daniel Wisniske
Service: Navy
E-Mail: wisniske@hotmail.com
Name: Timothy M. Deane
Service: Army
E-Mail: tdeane22@hotmail.com
Unit: 129th Medical Clearing Company
Name: Joseph (Joe) L. Todd
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: JsphTodd@netscape.net
Unit: 37th TFS / 9th FS
Name: Michael C. Shultz
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: none
Unit: 4th TFW
Name: Stacey Ferrier (Moxham, Stiglet)
Service: Army
E-Mail: stacey.ferrier@us.army.mil
Unit: 533rd Trans Co.
Service: Army
Unit: 3504PIR
Name: Steven C. Carter
Service: Army
E-Mail: res0zs8l@verizon.net
Unit: 649th MP Co
Name: John T. Thweatt
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tomthweatt@aol.com
Unit: 1611 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (P)
Name: Charles DAVID Mc Gill, Jr.
Service: Navy
E-Mail: FISHorCAMP@ameritech.net
Unit: USS MacDonough (DDG-39)
Name: Joanna McKinney
Service: Army
E-Mail: jojomck@aol.com
Unit: 313th Signal company Ft Hood Texas
Name: wilbur king
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kjwilbur@msn.com
Unit: 1 st marine division
Name: Kevin W Vernon
Service: Army
E-Mail: kvernon8@comcast.net
Unit: 3/7 Inf Bco 24 Infantry Division
Name: Steven Thornton
Service: Army
E-Mail: cavattack@msn.com
Unit: 1-1 CAV, 1 AD
Name: Bruce Hayes
Service: Army
E-Mail: bkhayes1@bellsouth.net
Name: Brian O'Hare
Service: Navy
E-Mail: oharebrian@msn.com
Unit: Naval Security Group
Name: Jon B. Butler
Service: Army
E-Mail: oletimyman@earthlink.net
Unit: A/37 Engineer Battalion
Name: Kevin "Treedawg" Treiber
Service: Army
E-Mail: desertkev@aol.com
Unit: 429 Med Co (AMB) 44th Med Bde
Name: Brian Geving
Service: Army
E-Mail: legendmn@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC, 197th Mech Inf Bde
Name: Scott Taranovich
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: taran@attbi.com
Unit: 726th Tactical Control Squadron
Service: Army
Unit: 1245 TRANS
Name: Curtis Byas
Service: Army
E-Mail: curtisbyas@yahoo.com
Unit: B 4th Bn 67th Ar
Name: rickey miller
Service: Spouse of Vet
Unit: vma 231
Service: Navy
Name: Jim Davis
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: james.davis@hickam.af.mil
Unit: 354 TFW (P) / KFIA / Services
Name: David Figger
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: car00681@carrinter.net
Unit: Ammunition company(San deigo CA.)
Name: SGT Timothy A. Roper
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: taroper@hotmail.com
Name: Denise Henry
Service: Army
E-Mail: Ddhenry@aol.com
Unit: 513th Military Intelligence
Name: Mark A. Christiansen
Service: Army
E-Mail: lifttrainer@hotmail.com
Unit: !/37 MST, 125 SPT BN
Name: Mike Harrelson
Service: Army
E-Mail: mike.harrelson@med.va.gov
Unit: 1/504 82nd AID 18th Airborne
Name: Craig Foster
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cfoster@ucom.net
Unit: NMCB 24
Name: Tony Martinez
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: prekteach@haysco.net
Unit: 3/7 Lima Company Wpns Plt.
Name: Kevin Seal
Service: Navy
E-Mail: n2kiss44@hotmail.com.
Unit: Uss Saginaw
Name: Chuck Spoor
Service: Army
Unit: 2/325 Airborne Infantry Regiment
Name: Beth Hanscom (Sitton)
Service: Navy
E-Mail: redskinstats@hotmail.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital 15
Name: Richard F. Polley
Service: Army
E-Mail: rvpolley@aol.com
Unit: OPM - SANG
Name: Rodney Clayton
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rrodney21@aol.com
Unit: USS Kentucky
Name: Phillip W. Nelson, Sr
Service: Army
E-Mail: nels3609@bellsouth.net
Unit: 269th MP Co/ 800th MP Bridge
Name: Marcus Boudreaux
Service: Army
E-Mail: mama_home@mindspring.com
Unit: 82d Airborne/3rd Brigade
Name: Dennis Haas
Service: Army
E-Mail: dennisha@hsc.usc.edu
Unit: 2nd Armored Division
Name: Ronald Rayner
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rrayner007@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Independence (CV-62) S-7 Div
Name: Jeffrey HAUKE
Service: Army
Unit: 3rd battlion 15th inf 24th id
Name: Joseph(Joe) Bons
Service: Army
E-Mail: j_bons@msn.com
Unit: 73rd Engr Co.
Name: Fernando Arroyo Sr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: fernasr561@cox.net
Unit: Maint Trp 3 Armored Cavalry Regiment
Name: Annette Derkowski
Service: Army
E-Mail: wayander@yahoo.com
Unit: 612 QM
Name: Vicki J. Crawford
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ManateeZ@aol.com
Unit: 8th Engineer Support Company MTM
Name: Adam Shebroe
Service: Navy
E-Mail: asherby1@aol.com
Unit: USS Saginaw (LST-1188)
Name: Steve Casale
Service: Coast Guard
E-Mail: nunyabidness@yahoo.com
Unit: Squadron 2
Name: Dave Fulton
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: par0thed@yahoo.com
Unit: 61st Combat Comm, Riyadh AB
Name: William E. Dye
Service: Army
E-Mail: dye_777@hotmail.com
Unit: 24th Infantry, 3rd of the 15th Inf.
Name: Jim Wells
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: WELLS1969@webtv.net
Unit: 1stC.E.B.1st Mar Div.
Service: Army
Name: kevin nash
Service: Navy
Unit: hsl -45 det 2 uss jarrett
Service: Army
Name: Chris Wishcop
Service: Army
E-Mail: wishcop@hickorytech.net
Unit: 209th MP Co, Ft. Meade, Maryland
Name: Mark
Service: Army
E-Mail: demdawg@hotmail.com
Unit: Delta 3/5 Cav.
Name: Keith R. Foley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: tazfoley@juno.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five Aljubyl,Saudi Arabia
Name: Paul Platukis
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pickles@dssp.net
Unit: 2ndLAAM Btln. Comm. Plt.
Name: samuel dove
Service: Army
E-Mail: nezbi@aol.com
Unit: 82nd engineer battalion
Name: Santos Lucero
Service: Army
E-Mail: lostlzd@aol.com
Unit: 44th Chemical 2AD
Name: Bobby Heathcock
Service: Army
E-Mail: heathbabylove@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 3 AD
Name: clayton richard
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: clay_liz@bellsouth.net
Unit: 3rd battalion 11th marines
Name: Edward Dombrowski
Service: Navy
E-Mail: edombrowski@expanets.com
Unit: 3rd Army
Name: Ron Rosenthal
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: 83Corps97@military.com
Unit: 5th SSCT, HqBn 2MarDiv
Name: Troy Beauchamp
Service: Army
E-Mail: troybeauchamp@earthlink.net
Unit: A 5/62
Name: Gregory H. Peace
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: RetKyVet@aol.com
Unit: 22 Military Airlift Squadron Travis AFB California
Name: Michael D. Von Wert
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: VulcanRiderMike@bellsouth.net
Unit: 4404 CW/ 3rd Combat Comm Gp
Service: Army
Unit: 8/43 ADA
Name: Robert Wood "Woody"
Service: Army
E-Mail: woody869@aol.com
Unit: 2/187 INF. HHC. Co.
Name: Dwight Oliver
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: oliverd@netnero.net
Unit: 2nd Bn10th Marines
Name: HM1(SS/FMF)Kevin Jones, USN(ret)
Service: Navy
E-Mail: k.a.jones@attbi.com
Unit: 1stBN 8TH Marines, 2ndMARDIV
Name: shawn mclane
Service: Army
E-Mail: mclanesa@riley.army.mil
Unit: 122 msb
Name: Geno Rebellato
Service: Army
E-Mail: genoreb@charter.net
Unit: E co, 3rd Eng Bn, 24th ID
Name: Michael Smart
Service: Army
E-Mail: mcsmart_1999@yahoo.com
Unit: SVC 1/3 FA 2nd AD (1989 thur 1992)
Name: Aaron "Scott" Coomer
Service: Navy
E-Mail: aaronscoomer@prodigy.net
Name: Elizabeth Maupin
Service: Army
E-Mail: betty_maupin2000@yahoo.com
Unit: 1137th MP Co.
Name: Amanda Berry Holden
Service: Army
E-Mail: ammandaa@charter.net
Unit: 42nd FH, 98th Gen. Hosp.
Name: Andy Kennard
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: chak1@cox.net
Unit: Fox Co Wpns Plt. 2/2
Name: Pamela Kramer
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: pamelakramer@mybluelight.com
Unit: 57th MAS Altus AFB OK
Name: Brant L. Erickson Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: berickson.HOT.rr,com
Unit: 1/8 Cav. 1CD Ft. hood, TX
Name: Lenny Motley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Mmotley923@prodigy.net
Unit: USS America
Name: Toby A. Echelberry
Service: Army
E-Mail: echman@cnmnetwork.com
Unit: 174th MI CO (297th MI BN)/ 513th MI BDE
Name: Paul Jones
Service: Army
E-Mail: gijones@bigfoot.com
Unit: A Btry 1/41 FA
Name: George B Bock
Service: Army
E-Mail: VonnRyann@aol.com
Unit: 1137th MP CO
Name: Brian D. Ropers-Huilman
Service: Army
E-Mail: brian@ropers-huilman.net
Unit: 229th Engr. Co. CSE
Name: Daryl S. Sellers
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dssellers@mchsi.com
Unit: 633rd SPS
Name: wendell
Service: Army
E-Mail: wendellrichburg@msn.com
Unit: 638th Ordnance Company
Name: Clifford Williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: williams7188@charter.net
Unit: 8th Ord Co, Ft.Bragg,N.C.
Name: Michelle Blubaugh-Hews
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mlhews@aol.com
Unit: Fleet Hospital 15
Name: Karen (Mitchell) Henderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: kbhenderson@ups.com
Unit: attached to the 101st Medical
Name: Rich Eilers
Service: Army
E-Mail: richeilers@hotmail.com
Unit: Attached to 307th MI BN, 207th MI BDE
Service: DoD Employee
Unit: A co 54th FSB (MAINT. SECTION)
Name: Jeffrey Lohf
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jeffrey.lohf@eglin.af.mil
Unit: 33 TFW(P)
Name: Lee aka Biff
Service: Army
E-Mail: leebaker@totalise.co.uk
Unit: 21 Engineer Regiment
Name: David R. Sillaman Sr
Service: Navy
E-Mail: David.R.Sillaman@LMCO.COM
Name: luis r lopez
Service: Army
E-Mail: papi323@aol.com
Unit: Dco 1/505 pir 82nd abn
Name: Cliff Meixner
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: cliffmeixner@gmail.com
Unit: 6th MTBN "Bagdhad Express"
Name: Randy Evans
Service: Navy
E-Mail: cgsailor@adelphia.net
Unit: USS Moosbrugger (DD-980)
Name: Michael C. Chalmers
Service: Army
E-Mail: bull_dag@yahoo.com
Unit: 372nd MP Co. 89th MP Brigade
Name: Manuel, Wayne L.
Service: Army
E-Mail: CplwlManuel@aol.com
Unit: C Co. 2/66 AR, 2nd AD(Fwd), Garlstedt, Germany
Service: Army
E-Mail: norah21@juno.com
Unit: 201ST Evacuation Hospital
Name: Kristian Waite
Service: Army
E-Mail: kristian.waite@verizon.net
Unit: S2, 3D BDE, 3ID Aburg Germany
Name: chris salerno
Service: Army
E-Mail: luxussi@dav.net
Unit: 3-37 armor 1st inf div
Name: William Wilkinson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: wilkinsonwh@mfr.usmc.mil
Unit: MALS 14
Name: Sgt Lee Smith
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ls33853@alltel.net
Unit: HMM-161
Name: Sean Flaherty
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: www.flabo6@aol.com
Unit: 33 TFW
Name: mercy
Service: Navy
Unit: fghj
Name: mercy
Service: Navy
Unit: rtyu
Name: samantha
Service: Navy
Unit: ghyt
Name: Derek Watson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dwatson@zzzip.net
Unit: 354TH TFW (P) KFIA
Name: Patrick Hamilton
Service: Navy
E-Mail: doc_ham@hotmail.com
Unit: A 1/3, C1/3, 3rd Marine Tows
Name: Sam Laffoon
Service: Army
E-Mail: okhistmarker@hotmail.com
Unit: 2120th Supply & Service Co DS
Name: Donald Occhi
Service: Army
Unit: 101st Airborne
Name: Mark W. Melcher
Service: Army
E-Mail: melcher.mw@mellon.com
Unit: D 1/68 Armor (attached to 4/34 Armor)
Name: Nick Willard
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: nick@wackywillard.com
Unit: 92nd SVS
Service: Navy
Name: Garry Stevenson Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: Garryjr1967@aol.com
Unit: A CO. 12th Eng. Bn FRG./ APO NY
Name: John Wagner
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: www.JWASG064@AOL.COM
Unit: C Btry 1st bn 12 Marine K-bay
Name: William C. Worley
Service: Army
E-Mail: Desertstormvet6@aol.com
Unit: C CO 5th Bn 16th Inf, 1st ID Fort Riley, KS
Name: Adam Cranmore
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: adamcranmore@hotmail.com
Unit: CRC 30/CRB 20 2nd MARDIV
Name: Raymond Campbell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rcampbell835@msn.com
Unit: AT Tow Co. 3rd TK BN.
Name: Bob Davis
Service: Army
Unit: 7th trans group
Name: Kevin DeVos
Service: Army
E-Mail: fontan1@cnetech.com
Unit: Dco 2-502 INF
Name: Allan Pratt
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: 1fastfxr@bellsouth.net
Unit: 336th Combat Munitions Unit
Name: Stephanie alvarado
Service: Army
E-Mail: salvarado4@socal.rr.com
Unit: 229th supply co. stuttgart, Germany
Name: Jon Laymon
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jlaymon30@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st Bn 6th Marines
Name: Richard Mielke
Service: Army
E-Mail: iff@onemain.com
Unit: 181 Combat Support Engineers
Name: Robert Lower
Service: Army
E-Mail: boblower@earthlink.net
Unit: 1404th Transportation AZ Guard
Name: Timothy Theaker
Service: Army
E-Mail: timothy77@earthlink.net
Unit: 514th Sig Co
Service: Army
Unit: 311MIBN101ABN
Name: Joe Callan
Service: Army
E-Mail: Splinty2002@aol.com
Unit: D co. 4/7 INF 3rd ID
Name: Shawn M. Waller
Service: Navy
E-Mail: eyedoc29@yahoo.com
Name: Dale Padgett
Service: Army
E-Mail: shellchime@aol.com
Unit: C Btry 8th FA Regt.
Service: Other
E-Mail: robert.milburn@natick.army.mil
Unit: JCSE Joint Communications Support Element
Name: carrie rogers
Service: Navy
Unit: uss comfort
Name: George Cheves
Service: Army
E-Mail: gcheves@okplus.com
Unit: Svc Btry 5/18th FA
Name: marisela rodrigues
Service: Navy
Unit: uss ohio
Name: marisela wish
Service: Navy
Unit: uss kirk
Name: marisela shcults
Service: Air Force
Unit: 3d sps
Name: marisela cokes
Service: Army
Unit: 87 ibn
Name: marisela fish
Service: Navy
Unit: uss alabama
Name: marisela young
Service: Navy
Unit: uss dc
Name: marisela grotiu
Service: Navy
Unit: uss gyuio
Name: marisela rodrig
Service: Navy
Unit: uss gilaboino
Name: marisela ponotir
Service: Civilian
Unit: tertyui
Name: bjgivens lover
Service: Navy
Unit: usns love
Name: bjgivens rodicule
Service: Navy
Unit: uss htyui
Name: bjgivens rodrigues
Service: Navy
Unit: yuimklp
Name: bjgivens louytr
Service: Navy
Unit: tyuiop
Name: Scott Haltom
Service: Navy
E-Mail: quasisimian@yahoo.com
Unit: VS 29
Name: Altorlee Stokes Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: alstokes@yahoo.com
Unit: 15th Admin Co. and 17rh Mil Hist Det
Name: jeffrey lewis pauley
Service: Army
E-Mail: jeffreypauley@hotmail.com
Unit: 1/201st field artillery
Name: Carol (weller) Radcliff
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: fwcarol@lvcm.com
Unit: 69th fighter squadron, Moody AFB, GA
Name: michael philip cosenza
Service: Army
E-Mail: mcosenza@madisontelco.com
Unit: 101st airborne division, 501st signal battialion
Name: glenda chain
Service: Navy
Unit: uss comfort ah-1
Name: gary st.denis
Service: Navy
Name: malik shakoor
Service: Army
E-Mail: milkshak9303@hotmail.com
Unit: aco1/502infantry
Name: Chris Mendes
Service: Navy
E-Mail: christopher.mendes@walgreens.com
Unit: ACB 2
Service: Army
Name: Michael D. Berger
Service: Army
E-Mail: gambet234@hotmail.com
Unit: 15th FSB
Service: Army
Unit: Enginear Battalion
Name: cody miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: codymiller20@hotmail.com
Unit: 4/18 inf. 2bde 3ad
Name: Steve Hubbard
Service: Army
E-Mail: polar4@2xtreme.net
Unit: HHC 4/66 AR 3rd BDE 3rd ID
Name: Karen Dodge
Service: Army
E-Mail: Karen_Dodge@hotmail.com
Unit: 41st CSH
Name: Terry M. Tucker
Service: Navy
E-Mail: grepeorul@aol.com
Name: Scott A. Black
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: b52crewchief82@hotmail.com
Unit: 42 OMS, 42 BMW / 4300 BW (P)
Name: Lawrence B. Kelsey
Service: Army
E-Mail: kelseyrev@aol.com
Unit: GSC, 7th SFG(A), Ft Bragg, NC
Name: Larry J. Havard III
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: havardl@knology.net
Unit: 20th TFW RAF Upper Heyford
Name: Mark LaCasse
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mmlsdad@aol.com
Unit: 4401 SPS Al Kharj
Name: Patrick L. Hayes II
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: phayes2@ameritech.net
Unit: 8th Tank Bn. Tow co. / 2nd Tank Bn. Tow co.
Name: Mark August
Service: Navy
E-Mail: maugust@ficp.navy.mil
Unit: VA-115
Name: Rick Balian
Service: Army
E-Mail: RBalian1@comcast.net
Unit: 311th MI BN, 101 ABN Div (AASLT)
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bb@nationalbuildings.com
Name: luis a. colon
Service: Army
Name: David M. Hult
Service: Army
E-Mail: arb302@comcast.net
Unit: D. Co. 8/43 ADA VII Corps
Name: George W. Culver
Service: Army
E-Mail: georgewculver@cox.net
Unit: A Trp, 1st Sqdn, 3rd ACR
Name: Richard Mauch
Service: Army
Unit: 62nd S & S Company
Name: Emory G. Fristoe
Service: Army
E-Mail: fristoe@aros.net
Unit: 115th Forward Support BN, 1st Cav Div
Name: Stacy Triefenbach
Service: Army
E-Mail: striefenba@aol.com
Unit: C Co.1/32Ar 1st Cav Div
Name: Storm Rhodes
Service: Army
E-Mail: Justme32_2k2@Yahoo.com
Unit: 557th Maint Co
Name: Cornell Sankey
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: harddaug@yahoo.com
Unit: MWSS-271 fixed wing
Name: Albert Flores
Service: Army
E-Mail: CANES249@yahoo.com
Name: Hackstadt, rothie
Service: Army
E-Mail: rothieh13@hotmail.com
Unit: 93rd Evacuation Hospital
Name: mark dietz
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: markandjodidietz2@excite.com
Unit: hmm-365
Name: David L. Flinchbaugh
Service: Army
E-Mail: davidflinchbaugh@attbi.com
Unit: 420th MP Company
Name: adam cyr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: usaprotector2@aol.com
Unit: 5/11 sierra battery
Name: Shad Baxter
Service: Army
E-Mail: zrbaxter@aol.com
Unit: 2nd Platoon Delta Company 5th Batallion 18th Infan
Name: Sgt. James Feeney
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jmfandksf@mcleodusa.net
Unit: HQ Company, Anti-tank Platoon, 1st. Mar. Div.
Name: Ian Higgison
Service: Army
E-Mail: i_ehiggison@hotmail.com
Unit: Health & Emergency Services Company
Name: Rick E. McKinney
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rickyozks@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Ranger CV-61
Name: LaResa Anthony Hall
Service: Army
E-Mail: lhall66@yahoo.com
Unit: Regimental Headquarters, 3rd Armored Cavalry, Ft.
Name: justin harper
Service: Army
E-Mail: gunsfornuts@yahoo.com
Unit: C co. 3/8cav 3ad
Name: sandra owens
Service: Army
E-Mail: culito526@hotmail.com
Unit: 24inf div
Name: Dannie Decker
Service: Army
E-Mail: deckdl@yahoo.com
Unit: HHT, 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry
Name: Lori L. (Stiffler) Wittman
Service: Army
E-Mail: Pi1grim66@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC, 2/9th Aviation Regiment, Ft. Lewis, Washingto
Name: Mike Morris
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: MOKCGOSC@hotmail.com
Unit: 4th LSB/6th Motor Transport
Name: Jason Drew
Service: Army
E-Mail: djshrapnel@hotmail.com
Unit: 18th SF
Name: Peter Easton
Service: Navy
E-Mail: paradisepete73@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Mobile Bay CG-53
Name: Romeo Pulikkathara
Service: Army
E-Mail: rpulikk@hotmail.com
Unit: 808th Engr
Name: Alexander D. Casares
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: casares@interfold.com
Unit: Department of Information Management
Name: John H. Boyd IV
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: handleanybody2000@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co. 1/7 attached to 3rd Tanks, Task Force Ripper
Name: Irene C. Ernst
Service: Navy
E-Mail: eiernst@cox.net
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five
Name: Michael Crouch
Service: Army
E-Mail: glfwrvet71@hotmail.com
Unit: C Co. 27th Engr Abn
Name: tom gustafson
Service: Army
E-Mail: g_tom@mailexcite.com
Unit: 350thevac
Name: Leonard Allan Grates
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: grates@wna-linknet.com
Unit: Delta Co. 1st Bn 1st Marines
Name: Gregory W. Peppers
Service: Air Force
Unit: 43rd AES
Name: Steve Cunningham
Service: Army
E-Mail: SteveC87@msn.com
Unit: 4/7 CAV, 3AD
Name: Corey Van Horn
Service: Army
E-Mail: coreyvh@yahoo.com
Unit: A Company 23rd Engineer Battalion, 3rd Armored Div
Name: Jose
Service: Army
E-Mail: j_rod64@hotmail.com
Unit: C troop 1 / 11th ACR
Name: Kevin Earl Hines
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kthines32000@scican.net
Unit: VMA - 231
Name: Peter C Duras
Service: Army
E-Mail: petemv_99@yahoo.com
Unit: 257th Transportation Co
Name: james mako
Service: Army
E-Mail: jimsrshark@aol.com
Unit: 108th mp company,503mpbn
Service: Navy
Name: Joe B. Hinds
Service: Army
E-Mail: joebwahn@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 2-66AR (Scout Platoon)
Name: Bill Goins
Service: Army
E-Mail: bgoins11a@yahoo.com
Unit: 445 MP CO
Name: albert madrid
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: a915madrid@aol.com
Unit: 3/7 MARINES 81'S PLT
Name: PHELPS, Andrew J
Service: Army
E-Mail: ajphelps@ameritech.net
Unit: 193d MP Bn
Name: daniel martinez
Service: Army
Unit: HHB 1/17fa
Name: Samuel M. Benson
Service: Army
E-Mail: bensons01@hotmail.com
Unit: 324th Quartermaster Detachment
Name: Keith j Chapman
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dianechapman@suddenlink.net
Unit: 1st div, 1st tanks
Name: Mark G. Nickerson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bear34638@msn.com
Unit: HqCo,1st SRIG, Campen,CA 92055
Name: James Daniel Ornelas
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: chrisdan@trailnet.com
Unit: 9th Comm Bn Aco. and 11th Meu
Service: Army
Unit: 598TH MAINT. CO
Name: Brian Burke
Service: Army
Unit: 2nd MI BN (AE)
Name: Darrell V. Wofford
Service: Army
Unit: 73rd Engineers
Name: Mick Bretz
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: michaelpbretz@hotmail.com
Unit: 401TFW/614th Lucky Devils
Name: Larry S. Bassett
Service: Army
E-Mail: klbasset@itouch.net
Unit: 22nd Support Command
Name: Cesar Rene Villalvazo
Service: Army
E-Mail: crvillalvazo@msn.com
Unit: 316th Quartermaster Co.
Name: John A Jones
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: anteater000@msn.com
Unit: CSSD-17
Name: James R Collins
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jimc12345@comcast.net
Unit: 354TFW/353AMU/KFIA/KKMC/A-10 loader
Name: Randy Stamm
Service: Army
E-Mail: harely2001sport@aol.com
Unit: 1st Infantry Division (M)
Name: Brian Hollenbeck
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bri_guy329@iwon.com
Unit: 1660 Tactical Airlift Wing
Service: Army
E-Mail: desert_dog77@msn.com
Unit: 141st signal battalion
Name: R. Bryan Shockley
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bshockley@bigvalley.net
Unit: Fleet Hospital Five
Name: Patricia P. Powell
Service: Army
E-Mail: powellpatricia_@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC, 1st Signal BN
Name: tom beenick
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: tbeenick@dmv.com
Unit: 436 airlift control squadron
Name: Baade, David L.
Service: Army
E-Mail: david.baade@us.army.mil
Unit: B CO 4/34 AR
Name: Barry Warrenfeltz
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ammo21734@hotmail.com
Unit: 4404 CW
Name: Robert Everett Chapman
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: angevchapman@msn.com
Unit: DET 5 7th Weather Squadron
Name: Liam hall
Service: Army
E-Mail: liam_hall@hotmail.com
Unit: jt36
Name: James Neal
Service: Army
E-Mail: jamesneal6927@msn.com
Unit: 3/227th Atk Hel Avn Bn
Name: Randall Vallee
Service: Army
Unit: XVIII AB Cav Scout
Name: David Deckert
Service: Army
E-Mail: dhd123@hotmail.com
Unit: HHB 3/8th FAR
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jfm7117@charter.net
Name: William Supple
Service: Army
E-Mail: Yeti 250@MSN.com
Unit: 1/504 pir 82nd
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: MSSG-11
Name: Ramona Hood
Service: Army
E-Mail: hoodisfun@yahoo.com
Unit: other
Name: David Patino
Service: Army
E-Mail: davidpatino@hotmail.com
Unit: C Co. 1/32 AR
Name: Rhonda Thomas
Service: Navy
E-Mail: quietwoman@mail.usa.com
Unit: Naval Hospital Bremerton WA
Name: Richard M.Smith
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kikinhorse@webtv.net
Unit: 3/5
Name: Tod A. Hjulberg
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: hjberg71@connections-etc.net
Name: Ray Nicholas
Service: Army
E-Mail: ray_nicholas@hotmail.com
Unit: HHT 1/11TH ACR
Service: Army
Unit: 320TH MP CO.
Name: Ron
Service: Army
E-Mail: akron@gci.net
Unit: F Co. 24th Avn Regt 24th ID
Name: Julie Gifford Larson
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: larson@cafes.net
Unit: 164 th Reese AFB, TX
Name: Susan Naill
Service: Other
E-Mail: bluestarmom@hotmail.com
Unit: Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc
Name: Joel P. Perry
Service: Army
E-Mail: badkarmads@hotmail.com
Unit: C Co 2/18 th Inf (m) (s)
Name: Michael R. Cronrath
Service: Army
E-Mail: michael.cronrath@us.army.mil
Unit: 1-227th Aviation Regiment
Service: Marine Corps
Service: Air Force
Name: chad robinson
Service: Army
E-Mail: chadrob27@hotmail.com
Unit: D Co 3/5 CAV
Name: terry bargerstock
Service: Army
E-Mail: bargerstock31@aol.com
Unit: 54th QM
Name: James Keith Partney
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kcdpart@mail.ev1.net
Unit: 2nd Mar Div. BLT 1/8 H&S Co. Comm. Plt
Name: Darryl Cases
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dawn@plateautel.net
Unit: Reserves
Name: Kendall D. Gott
Service: Army
E-Mail: kgott1@kc.rr.com
Unit: 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment
Name: harry peagler
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hpeagler@military.com
Unit: bravo co. 1st bn 8th marines, 8th marine regiment
Name: robert probst
Service: Navy
E-Mail: palmthesenuts@aol.com
Unit: USS Vreeland
Name: Gary L. Orvis
Service: Army
E-Mail: gorvis@co.nobles.mn.us
Unit: A Co. 1/37th Armor, 1st AD
Name: paul burgess
Service: Army
E-Mail: xxbishop222@yahoo.com
Unit: 63rd signal division
Name: Francis Storer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: storerfv@2mawnr.usmc.mil
Unit: HMM-263
Name: David L. Klein
Service: Navy
E-Mail: superdavekl@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Paul F. Foster DD964
Name: m
Service: Army
E-Mail: donot@email.com
Unit: unit
Name: Donald R. Cowart
Service: Army
E-Mail: cowart@frontiernet.net
Unit: A. Co. 299th Engineer Bn. (Cbt.)
Name: John Meuser
Service: Army
E-Mail: mjohn6338@attbi.com
Unit: 3AD 3/8 CAV A company 3rd PLT
Name: Scott A.Bauer
Service: Army
E-Mail: sbauer4@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/66 Armor 2AD (FWD)
Name: scott walters
Service: Army
E-Mail: badmoparscott@yahoo.com
Unit: b trp 1/2 acr
Name: Keith Johnson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kjohnsonm@hotmail.com
Unit: VMA 121
Name: Humberto Marrero
Service: Army
E-Mail: humare@live.com
Unit: 276 Maint. Co.
Name: Scott Hamby
Service: Army
E-Mail: scott_hamby@hotmail.com
Unit: 2nd PLT, C Bat., 2/18th FA, 212th FA Bde in suppor
Name: Robert Lee Steffens 111
Service: Army
E-Mail: Txs_wanderer@webtv.net
Unit: B-BTRY 5/62nd ADA
Name: Jenny casella
Service: Spouse of Vet
E-Mail: footsu@aol.com
Unit: usaf retired
Name: Timothy W. Beltz
Service: Army
E-Mail: tbeltz@esi911.com
Unit: 132nd Maintenance Detachment
Name: William David Williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: Firefighter80_143@yahoo.com
Unit: 5th M.A.S.H./44TH MED. BDE.
Name: Gregory A. Porter
Service: Army
E-Mail: gporter68@earthlink.net
Unit: 1138th MP Co.
Name: Jerry Eddard Martin
Service: Army
E-Mail: janeeddard@yahoo.com
Unit: 807th Surgical Hospital (MA)
Name: Thea O. Bibbs
Service: Army
E-Mail: tob@theabibbs.com
Unit: 22d SUPCOM
Name: bob jones
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bojones@msn.com
Unit: 35th sps
Name: Timothy j. Vreeman
Service: Army
E-Mail: timothyvreeman@msn.com
Unit: A Co. 5 Bn. 159th Avn. Rgt. (Big Windy)
Name: Tom Marrelli
Service: Army
E-Mail: marrelli@wf.net
Unit: 101st ABN
Name: Ken Farmer
Service: Army
E-Mail: kfclfsimon@aol.com
Unit: 281st Trans
Name: SSG. John W. Moore (Ret.)
Service: Army
E-Mail: rockytop59@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 3rd Bn. 2nd ACR ( IRON FIST )
Service: Army
E-Mail: otto.duffjr
Unit: 1st battlion 16th inf 1st inf division
Name: Kevin A. Jackson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Kod62002@yahoo
Unit: AFort Riley Kansas
Name: Loida Salicrup
Service: Army
E-Mail: piry25@sprynet.com
Unit: 598th Maintenance Company
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: FOX 2/12
Name: Brian Everett
Service: Army
E-Mail: beverett@mckinneyisd.net
Unit: C Btry 2/18 FA, 212 bde, Ft Sill, OK
Name: Lorenzo Dominguez
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 4th LAAD Btry, 4th MarDiv (4th MAW)
Name: Laurie Little
Service: Army
E-Mail: lilwat@hot.rr.com
Unit: 233rd Transportation Company, 70th Ord. Bn
Name: Dennis W. Alexander
Service: Army
E-Mail: djalexander@am-media.com
Unit: C co 92nd Engr Bn
Name: Robert S. (Sean) Anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: sean.anderson@mindspring.com
Unit: D Co 4-34 Armor
Name: Brian Kittell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: BKittell@excite.com
Unit: C-Co.Wpns Plt 1st BN 25th Mar,1st Mar Div
Name: George Shileikis
Service: Navy
E-Mail: george_shileikis@hp.com
Unit: USS Jouett (CG-29)
Name: Christopher A. Hardman (Bart)
Service: Army
E-Mail: cahmagoo@aol.com
Unit: I troop 3/3 ACR
Name: Alonzo B. Sledge
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: alonzo.sledge@med.va.gov
Unit: 1stBn 5thMarines, 1stMarDiv (Task Force Ripper) Ca
Name: Hogan Wilson
Service: Army
E-Mail: hwilson@altera.com
Unit: 1-35 Armor, 2nd Bde, 1AD
Name: Mike Buell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hbuell@gvtc.com
Unit: Hotel 3rd Battalion 11th Marines 3/11
Name: Chris Corbin
Service: Army
E-Mail: corbinc4@juno.com
Unit: 82nd Engineer Battalion
Name: jeff wallace
Service: Army
Unit: B co. 37th Eng. Bn. Ft. Bragg
Name: william rodriguez
Service: Army
E-Mail: william.rodriguez@de.ngb.army.mil
Unit: 20th spec forces group
Name: David E. Edlin Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: edlin51756@aol.com
Unit: 5/3 ADA
Name: Benito T. Perez.
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: benperez-69-2000@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st. Marines
Name: John Schoon
Service: Army
E-Mail: schoonfam@charter.net
Unit: 892nd Trans. Co.
Name: brian boger
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bogerbrian@hotmail.com
Unit: uss taylor
Name: Mark Russell
Service: Army
E-Mail: msr6704@earthlink.net
Unit: 82nd ABN ADSO
Name: Sue F Cavanaugh
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: succi@aol.com
Unit: 38th APS
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dongourley@YAHOO.COM
Unit: Uss shreveport LPD-12
Name: Thomas K. Edwards
Service: Army
E-Mail: tkedwards2hotmail.com
Unit: 269 armer
Name: James Chrisman
Service: Navy
E-Mail: I_ATE_BREAKFAST@yahoo.com
Unit: NMCB 74
Name: Laurie Fletchall
Service: Army
Unit: 410th EVAC Hospital
Name: Allan Salmon
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: casaws912@msn.com
Unit: 3rd Tanks Charlie Company
Name: Troy RIchards
Service: Army
E-Mail: tdrichards@techemail.com
Unit: A Co. 327 Sig Bn (ABN)
Name: Craig Lindquist
Service: Navy
E-Mail: craigl29@yahoo.com
Unit: Seal Team 2
Name: Jonathan L. Staples
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jlstaples@onebox.com
Unit: 1st Recon Bn. Comm Platoon
Name: nothstein michael a
Service: Army
E-Mail: nothsteinm@monroe.army.mil
Unit: HHB, 2-17 FA Bn & US ARCENT-SA
Name: SSG Cheryl Beckjorden (Arends)
Service: Army
E-Mail: diamondlranch@tomah.com
Unit: 13th Evac Hosp (Wisconsin National Guard)
Name: James F Wentworth Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: bucsfan71@cfl.rr.com
Unit: B Co. 3/327 Inf 101st Abn Div.
Name: kenneth m. burton
Service: Navy
E-Mail: kmburton1957@earthlink.net
Unit: USS L.Y. SPEAR (AS-36)
Service: Air Force
Unit: 728 ACS
Name: eliasdavila
Service: Army
E-Mail: tx l delgado@prodigy.net
Unit: 647maint.co.
Name: shawn hergert
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hergsempfi@missvalley
Unit: C 1/12 and E 2/12
Name: shawn hergert
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hergsempfi@missvalley
Unit: C 1/12 and E 2/12
Name: Mark Hupp
Service: Army
E-Mail: mphupp@theriver.com
Unit: 1st Cavalry Division
Name: SPC Aaron G. Lages
Service: Army
E-Mail: lages.aaron@mail.dc.state.fl.us
Unit: B Co, 4/34 Armor, 8th ID, 1st PLT
Name: joe stritzel
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jwcs@mychoice.net
Unit: 2nd maint bn.2nd fssg
Name: Marcus Dees
Service: Army
E-Mail: marcus1526@aol.com
Name: Erin Cole
Service: Army
E-Mail: erin_cole@yahoo.com
Unit: 501st MI BN, 1st Armored Division
Name: James McAlister
Service: Army
E-Mail: macbeau@juno.com
Unit: Aco 319th MI BN (ABN)
Name: william c corgnell
Service: Navy
E-Mail: corgnellw@yahoo.com
Unit: navy cargo handling and port group
Name: Wayne E. Underwood
Service: Army
E-Mail: ssgrock303@yahoo.com
Unit: 442 Pers Svc Co (USAR)
Name: Timothy Gruba
Service: Army
E-Mail: tgruba@chartermi.net
Unit: 109th LEM Co.
Name: Lorrie Roberts
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: leroberts@ix.netcom.com
Unit: 730 AS
Name: Darrell A Harden
Service: Navy
E-Mail: dnjharden@cox.net
Unit: USS Puget Sound AD-38
Name: GySgt Estrada, Thomas (Ret.)
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: estradat@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st RPV Co. Direct Spt 1MarDiv G2
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: lopezpr39@hotmail.com
Unit: 3rd LAAM BN
Name: Robert Bruce Harrison
Service: Army
Unit: 782nd Maint BN, 82nd Airborne Division
Name: Paul Clyde
Service: Army
E-Mail: pclyde@leprekahn.com
Unit: HHC/367 AR 2nd AR Div
Service: Army
Name: Douglas Zalmanzig
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dzalmanzig@hargray.com
Unit: MALS-31 Ordnance
Name: Larry Stewart
Service: Army
E-Mail: ldstewjr@aol.com
Unit: 1-35 Armor (scouts)
Name: Dennis O'Keeffe
Service: Army
E-Mail: dok4933@aol.com
Unit: HHD 108th Medical Battalion
Name: Scott Niec
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: niec01@hotmail.com
Unit: 366 EMS
Name: Keith Nano
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: KNano2112@aol.com
Unit: 4409 Combat Support Group
Name: Randy Caltrider
Service: Army
E-Mail: RandyCRNA@aol.com
Unit: 10th MASH
Name: Kevin Gaston
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: 3rdG@msn.com
Unit: Q Btry 5/11 (Radio)
Name: Darrell Jolliff
Service: Army
E-Mail: bufftab@msn.email.com
Unit: 1st Cav. 32 bat.
Name: Fran Sausa
Service: Navy
E-Mail: LadieLiberty2001@aol.com
Unit: USS Yellowstone
Name: farouk jureidini
Service: Army
E-Mail: ringojam@hotmail.com
Unit: C.co 588th Eng Bn.
Name: Brad Elliott
Service: Army
E-Mail: ellcobrad@aol.com
Unit: 2/34th Inf, "DREADNAUGHTS"
Name: Richard Kinsey
Service: Navy
E-Mail: kinseyrn@swbell.net
Unit: Fleet Hospital Six
Name: Samuel T. Croker
Service: Army
E-Mail: s_coyote@yahoo.com
Unit: 1-37 Armor
Name: Edward D. Clark
Service: Navy
E-Mail: edclark65@hotmail.com
Unit: USNS Mercy
Name: MM2 rogie DELMANDO
Service: Navy
E-Mail: pinoy_usnavy@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Iwo Jima LPH2
Name: Michael Bulkley
Service: Army
Unit: A Co. 7-159th AVN
Name: Byron Childress
Service: Army
E-Mail: byronchild@msn.com
Unit: HHC, 24th Aviation Bde, 24th ID (M)
Name: Michael Cano
Service: Navy
E-Mail: canosing@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st Combat Engineer Battalion
Name: Trent Mohr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: trent.mohr@sodak-gaming.com
Unit: Lima 3/9 Task Force Papa Bear
Name: David Christianson
Service: Army
E-Mail: dchrist@itol.com
Unit: 1st Bn 7th Infantry
Name: Lisa King
Service: Army
E-Mail: lisa022766@yahoo.com
Unit: 593rd Signal Co.
Name: sammie green
Service: Army
E-Mail: sammie582000@yahoo.com
Unit: 9004 transportation
Name: Kenneth W. Sokol
Service: Army
E-Mail: sokol@floodcity.net
Unit: HHC 18th AVN BDE
Name: Edwin M. Rodriguez
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: us_marine_ranger@hotmail.com
Unit: Alpha Co 1ST Bn 3RD Marine Regiment (SOC)
Name: Richard Sloniker
Service: Navy
E-Mail: babykitty@wave.net
Name: John Disheroon
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jfdisheroon@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Tarawa LHA-1
Name: ross leith
Service: Army
E-Mail: rossleith@aol.com
Unit: HHC 2AD fwd
Name: Jeff Yates
Service: Navy
E-Mail: jefferyiyates@yahoo.com
Unit: USS Robison DDG-12/NAS North Island
Name: Tali M. Hillsgrove
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: talimark@yahoo.com
Unit: 1702
Name: Andrew Garza
Service: Army
E-Mail: garzasfc@yahoo.com
Name: Allen E. price
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: allenprice
Unit: 67th Medical/Spec Ops.
Name: Roger Pirie
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: rogerbddy@aol.com
Unit: 3rd Supply Battilion
Name: Clinten Lee Bohannan
Service: Army
E-Mail: bostyle@hotmail.com
Service: Army
E-Mail: WB222@AOL.COM
Unit: HHD 207TH MI BDE
Name: Steven P Balcom
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sbalcom@hotmail.com
Unit: HMH-464
Name: Jeff Malone
Service: Army
E-Mail: getonabuell@hotmail.com
Unit: 2nd Battalion 1st Aviation Regiment 1st Armored Di
Service: Navy
Name: Christopher Thomas Stein
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: csteinx2@earthlink.net
Unit: Combat Service Support Element, 1st LSB 1st FSSG
Name: Gary (Artie)A. Bourne
Service: Army
E-Mail: artie114@hotmail.com
Unit: 197th INF. BDE. (mech sep)
Name: Chris Benson
Service: Army
E-Mail: army@geeksaknockin.com
Unit: 104th Transportation Co.
Name: Robert Lemke
Service: Army
E-Mail: rlemk@gateway.wvi.com
Unit: HHB 1-3 FA 2AD Fist(88-91)
Service: Army
Unit: 4/27 FA
Service: Army
Unit: HHC 4/8 CAV
Name: Leo McCloskey
Service: Army
E-Mail: coresv@aol.com
Unit: 118th MP BN RIARNG
Name: Ronald Harmon
Service: Army
E-Mail: nharmon1@hotmail.com
Unit: 101st Airborne B-btry. 2/44th ADA
Name: ray long
Service: Army
E-Mail: raylong2222@hotmail.com
Unit: 226th maint.co. ft. sill ok
Name: Sgt.G.M.Ruby
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: saugeye101@columbus.rr.com
Unit: E&Gco.2/4 87 -1991
Name: Frank kien
Service: Army
E-Mail: busheagle@worldnet.att.net
Unit: Cco 1/502nd INF "WIDOW MAKERS"
Service: Army
E-Mail: busheagle@worldnet.att.net
Unit: 101 st Airborne Div Cco 1/502nd INF
Name: Ed Taylor
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: edster102@msn.com
Unit: Q Battery 5/11(guns) task force ripper
Name: Robert Maxam
Service: Army
E-Mail: rob_maxam@hotmail.com
Unit: 10th Mtn
Service: Navy
Name: Alex Avello
Service: Army
E-Mail: miamiguy_99@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co. 2/7 Infantry - 24th Infantry Division - Ft.
Name: James A. Heitmeyer
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: jheitm27@netscape.net
Unit: 745 MP Co Gd
Name: Carmine DiPaolo
Service: Army
E-Mail: cdipaolo@swartzcampbell.com
Unit: A/3/319 AFAR
Name: chad pagel
Service: Army
E-Mail: rushville_rocket@hotmail.com
Unit: 212th Military Police Co. 14th MP Brigade
Name: don besette
Service: Army
E-Mail: iampistol@hotmail.com
Unit: 249th engineers
Name: Patty Carrar
Service: Army
E-Mail: rcarrar@pacifier.com
Unit: 80th ord bn
Name: Kenneth Rucker
Service: Army
E-Mail: ruckers@alaweb.com
Unit: 82nd Airborne 4/3 ADAR
Name: shawn hopkins
Service: Army
E-Mail: shopkins2@nc.rr.com
Unit: 144 ord co. Wildflicken GE
Name: Steve Koehler
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: steven_koehler@hotmail.com
Unit: 773 Tactical Airlift Squadron
Name: lorne samaha
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: lgsamaha@yahoo.com
Unit: dco 3rd aav
Name: David Rewey
Service: Army
E-Mail: rewwdog@yahoo.com
Unit: 5/8 th FAR 18th ABN Coprs
Name: Jay Kruizenga
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: VMFA-121
Name: Joseph F. Wincek
Service: Army
E-Mail: josephwincek@home.com
Unit: 263rd Maintenance Company
Name: Darrell A Harden
Service: Navy
E-Mail: ~~~~~~~~~@HOME.COM
Unit: USS Puget Sound AD-38
Name: Craig A. Trosclair
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: ctros19@cs.com
Unit: H&S Co., 2nd AAV BN, 2nd MarDiv,
Name: Ricky Owens Morris Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: MMRicky2528@aol.com
Unit: A co 37th Eng Bn (C) (A)
Name: Timothy R Neumann
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Tim.Neumann@ncogroup.com
Unit: CSSD-31, 3rd FSSG
Name: Harvey Dew
Service: Army
E-Mail: twodews@surrealnet.net
Unit: 1/7th Inf
Name: Larry Pace
Service: Army
E-Mail: mals4sale@hotmail.com
Unit: C btry 3/20 FA 42 bdg.
Name: Lisa R. Harrison
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: lisarenee23@hotmail.com
Name: Deborah E. Kramer
Service: Army
E-Mail: dkramerusa@netscape.net
Unit: 85th Evacuation Hospital
Name: John Wokosky
Service: Army
E-Mail: jwokoski@ec.rr.com
Unit: 5th 62nd ADA
Name: Porfirio Domingurz
Service: Navy
E-Mail: sealteam25@attbi.com
Unit: 2nd battilion 3rd marines
Name: Ed Hetrick
Service: Army
E-Mail: sharkey31@alltel.net
Unit: 365 Transportation co.
Name: Bryan A. Tyler
Service: Army
E-Mail: tylerb@emh2.campbell.army.mil
Unit: HHC G/3 , 101st ABN DIV
Name: Jeff Dodge
Service: Army
E-Mail: threedodges@hotmail.com
Unit: 1-35 AR
Name: To Wells
Service: Army
E-Mail: mtdew68@webtv.net
Unit: HHC 2/5 cav 1st cd
Name: Ken Baldwin
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: spy4hire@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st ITP, 1st Intel Co, 1st SRI Group, I-MEF
Name: Jeff Ward
Service: Navy
E-Mail: salsgiversgirl@hotmail.com
Unit: Naval construction battalian
Name: paula freeman (hudalla)
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: phudalla@aol.com
Unit: holloman afb
Name: Michael Beck
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mbeck@qualcomm.com
Unit: I/7 Task Force Ripper
Name: Jason A. Wilkins
Service: Army
E-Mail: jasonawilkins@aol.com
Unit: A Btry 1/27 FA (MLRS)
Name: David B. Smith
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: smittydb@worldnet.att.net
Unit: 4th Bridge Company, Battle Creek , MI
Name: Larry Mekelburg
Service: Army
E-Mail: l-mekelburg@attbi.com
Unit: B Btry TF 8-43 ADA Patriot
Name: John M. Wells
Service: Army
E-Mail: Jmwshotgun@aol.com
Unit: LRSD 2/17th Cav. 101st ABN
Name: Kirc Breden
Service: Army
E-Mail: n5xjb@yahoo.com
Unit: 4/5 ADA
Name: Todd H. Ota
Service: Army
E-Mail: todd-ota@t-online.de
Unit: HHC 2nd BN 70th Armor
Name: Todd H. Ota
Service: Army
E-Mail: todd-ota@t-online.de
Unit: HHC 2nd BN 70th Armor
Name: Buell, Michael
Service: Army
E-Mail: spottedoi2@qwest.net
Unit: 82nd Airborne 3/504 B.co & HHC
Name: Randy Bowman
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rbowman@corestreet.com
Unit: 905th Air Refueling Squadron, Grand Forks AFB, ND
Name: David Cantrell
Service: Army
E-Mail: dlcantrellstl@gmail.com
Unit: 340th S&S CO
Name: Tobi Underwood
Service: Army
E-Mail: tobi.underwood@se.usar.army.mil
Unit: 321ST MI BN
Name: Ronald F. Maxime
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sgtmax@juno.com
Unit: 3rd RPV Co, 1st SRIG
Name: Pete
Service: Army
E-Mail: wettfly88@earthlink.net
Unit: 618th eng.(le)(abn)
Name: Pete G Fischbach
Service: Army
E-Mail: wettfly@earthlink.net
Unit: 618th eng.(le)(abn)
Name: kendell merritt
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: kmerritt@restel.net
Unit: 384th CES
Name: Jamen Shook (Shakey)
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: jacom@charter.net
Unit: 314 Avionics Maintenance Squadron
Name: Wayne Newlin
Service: Army
E-Mail: cozmo4334@aol.com
Name: Kevin E. Laver
Service: Navy
E-Mail: baldie01@hotmail.com
Unit: U.S.S. Ticonderoga CG-47
Name: Keith Beer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: usmc1811@rochester.rr.com
Unit: 1st Tank Battalion, Charlie Company
Name: SSgt Becky L Morgan
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: bkyDirks@aol.com
Unit: MACS-1, Camp Pendleton, CA
Name: Robert W. Jackson
Service: Army
E-Mail: rjackson48@kc.rr.com
Unit: Cco 502nd FSB 2AD
Name: Mark
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: MarkBrawner@hotmail.com
Unit: 612 AMU
Name: tonya r. barnes
Service: Army
E-Mail: tonya.barnes@first.army.mil
Unit: hq first us army, ft gillem, ga
Name: sean c lara
Service: Army
E-Mail: samson15s@iwon.com
Unit: H.H.D. 3 R.D. personnel grp K.S.A.
Name: William Mumaw
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ruck30@gmail.com
Unit: 436 ALCE
Name: John Q. Public
Service: Army
E-Mail: these.emails@get.harvested
Unit: C1/14FA & B1/41FA
Name: Patrick J McGee
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mcgeep@kornet.net
Unit: 2951 CLSS
Name: Mark Masten
Service: Contractor
E-Mail: mmasten@infi.net
Unit: 201ST M.I. Bn
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: william_cotten@hotmail.com
Name: Kevin S. Bateman "DOC"
Service: Army
E-Mail: Rescuediver7@aol.com
Unit: 229th MP CO
Name: Mark Petrie
Service: Army
E-Mail: killermongoose29@aol.com
Unit: 586th Maint. Co.
Name: SP4 Jeff D. Kurczek
Service: Army
E-Mail: jkurczek@swbell.net
Unit: 142nd FA BDE
Name: anthony miller
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: flashback1_@hotmail.com
Unit: 11th marines 1st mardiv
Name: Jon Pietka
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jonpietka@msn.com
Unit: 3rd Amph.Aslt.Bn.
Name: M. C. Agresti
Service: Navy
E-Mail: combatchop@aol.com
Name: Eddie Estevez
Service: Army
E-Mail: estevezz@netzero.net
Unit: C Co 124th MI Bn, 24th ID FSGA
Name: Henry L. Mays
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Hmays902@cs.com
Unit: AIMD (Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department
Name: James M Harkness II
Service: Army
E-Mail: www.jamesharkness@parfreytrucking.com
Unit: Assigned to 1/4 cav 1st inf div never made it to u
Service: Army
E-Mail: mgabor@kingcon.com
Unit: 4/17 AIR CAV (FORMALY TF-118)
Name: Alex Bishop
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: abishop@aptlimited.com
Unit: 3rd Tank Bn. T.F. Ripper
Name: Vernon Moore
Service: Army
E-Mail: vernonm@seanet.com
Unit: 48th Bde AVN Section
Name: Maria Gomez(Diaz)
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronniesgirl2001@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 2/1 ADA
Name: Frank Gomez
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronniesgirl2001@yahoo.com
Unit: B Btry 3/43 ADA 11th BDE
Name: AEC(AW) Askew
Service: Navy
E-Mail: keith.l.askew@saic.com
Name: Kirby Dickey
Service: Army
E-Mail: arianed@t-online.de
Unit: HHB 3-43 ADA
Name: Benjamin B. Davidson
Service: Army
E-Mail: BENBBD@aol.com
Unit: 101st AirAssult
Name: Vincent Rumsey
Service: Army
E-Mail: pantherpd12@yahoo.com
Unit: D co. 27th MSB
Name: William Andrew Thompson
Service: Army
E-Mail: CAThompson@Adelphia.net
Unit: Service Battery 4/5 FA
Name: William Scott George
Service: Contractor
E-Mail: rapid_one@worldnet.att.net
Unit: General Electric Company
Name: Phillip Durrell
Service: Army
E-Mail: ppsdrg@freenet.de
Unit: 2nd 82nd Field Art.
Name: Huguette Castaneda
Service: Other
E-Mail: hcastaneda@bloomberg.net
Unit: all
Name: Brent Varzaly
Service: Army
Unit: 313th MI BN
Name: Andrew Henderson
Service: Navy
E-Mail: spruceline@yahoo.com
Service: Army
Name: Allen
Service: Civilian
E-Mail: astrunk@comtrassgroup.com
Unit: Mainz-Kastel DETD
Name: Roger Owens
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: roger_owens_2000@yahoo.com
Unit: 2954 CLSS
Name: Sharon Martin
Service: Army
E-Mail: sharon.martin@miself.ang.af.mil
Unit: 1133rd Transportation Company
Name: Charles Rank
Service: Army
E-Mail: cdrank@earthlink.net
Unit: HHC 2'70th armor Ferris Brrcks.
Name: Brian Edwards
Service: Army
E-Mail: bomber6e@hotmail.com
Unit: 856th EOD
Name: Edward L. Braxton
Service: Army
E-Mail: ramikb@ameritech.net
Unit: C Co 498 SPT Bn, 2 AD (FWD) Garlstedt Germany
Name: Spc. Tracy Reid
Service: Army
E-Mail: tray4prez1@aol.com
Unit: HHC & A co. 1/327th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airbo
Name: Wyman H. Clark
Service: Army
E-Mail: whclark@yahoo.com
Unit: 269th Engr Co. (Const Spt)
Name: Ken
Service: Army
Unit: 180th Trans Co
Name: Douglas W. Kirby
Service: Other
E-Mail: topsailsun@msn.com
Unit: 1450th
Name: Wade White
Service: Navy
E-Mail: wadejoja@hotmail.com
Unit: H&S BLT 1/1
Service: Army
Name: matthew arnold
Service: Army
E-Mail: mea07@bellsouth.net
Unit: 249th eng. A company
Name: david cooke
Service: Army
E-Mail: feelmepants@aol.com
Unit: 10 air defence battery royal artillery
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 3/6 WPNS 81's
Name: Matthew M. Brewer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: xciterusa@netscape.net
Unit: Gulf 3/12
Name: Mark Reed
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: Awgdog@aol.com
Unit: D Co. 1st TKBN, 1st Mar. Div--H&S Co 1st tanks
Name: Chris Hardison
Service: Army
E-Mail: roskerah@hotmail.com
Unit: Bravo company 3/69 armor, 24th Infantry
Name: Boyd E Bond
Service: Army
E-Mail: bobond@nctc.com
Unit: B 3/319 AFAR 82nd ABN
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronnie.bauer@usarc-emh2.army.mil
Unit: A TRP, 4-7 CAV, 3AD
Name: Danny Evans
Service: Army
E-Mail: DLevans@bellsouth.net
Unit: E co. 724 th SB 24 th Infantry Div
Name: briansalinas
Service: Army
E-Mail: sulybri2002@yahoo.com
Unit: 1457 th engineers murray utah
Name: Christopher Rose
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: cbrose@pdx.edu
Unit: 4401 ARS(P)
Name: John S. Kircjenbauer
Service: Army
E-Mail: jkirche@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 2 Bn. 320th FA 101st Airbrone
Name: Michael
Service: Army
E-Mail: mmorris5301@altavista.com
Unit: D Co. 12th Engr.
Name: Steve Scott
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mod27@aol.com`
Unit: d co 2nd aav bn
Name: Ronald L. Bascue
Service: Army
E-Mail: rbascue@aol.com
Unit: 312th MI Bn, 1st Cav Div
Name: John Powell
Service: Army
E-Mail: JSPowell99@yahoo.com
Unit: C Co., 533 MI BN, 3d AD
Name: thomas russell
Service: Army
E-Mail: runningbear2058@aol.com
Unit: 406 gen supply co
Name: Juan Gabriel Montolin
Service: Army
E-Mail: juangabrielmontolin@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC, 26th SIG BN, 93rd SIG BDE, Heilbronn, Germany
Name: David Word
Service: Army
E-Mail: bword19427@msn.com
Unit: 1/5 Air defense artillery
Name: Darrell A. Cook
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dive2depth@yahoo.com
Unit: 48 TFW(P) / 3700 SPS
Name: Keith Froebel
Service: Army
E-Mail: froeb79@hotmail.com
Unit: b trp 1/2 acr
Name: John Redmond
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: redmondj@andrews.af.mil
Unit: 964th AWACS
Name: eric graff
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: graffman75@msn.com
Unit: 2nd marine division
Name: Ed Agee
Service: Army
E-Mail: spe502tennga@hotmail.com
Unit: B Co, 2-18 Infantry, 197th Inf Bde (M) (S)
Name: Tim Guinan
Service: Army
E-Mail: timandkendra@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/187 Inf, 101st airborne / air assault
Name: John Biggs
Service: Air Force
Unit: 99 AREFS
Name: Scott Ranzau
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: sranzau@yahoo.com
Unit: First Radio Battalion
Name: Ronald Hitchcock
Service: Army
E-Mail: unknown
Unit: Special Operations/counter-intelligence
Name: Jonas Patruno
Service: Army
E-Mail: jpatruno@hotmail.com
Unit: 121 Signal Bn, 1st ID
Name: michael granovsky
Service: Army
E-Mail: michaeljager@hotmail.com
Unit: c 3-77 ar
Name: cody miller
Service: Army
E-Mail: cody_miller_1967@yahoo.com
Unit: 4-18 INF, 3AD
Name: Michael E. Bulkey
Service: Army
E-Mail: go4it5376@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co, 7-159th AVN AVIM
Name: Greg Calloway
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dvildog1@yahoo.com
Unit: BSSG-9
Name: phil gift
Service: Navy
E-Mail: pgift31@hotmail.com
Unit: uss sampson
Name: Scott Forbes
Service: Navy
E-Mail: yolie221@hotamail.com
Unit: USS Okinawa LPH3
Name: Peter Scott
Service: Army
E-Mail: ppscott@rcn.com
Unit: 181 Combat Support Engineers
Name: William Blackburn
Service: Air Force
Unit: 436 Aircraft Generation Squad
Name: Scott Chandler
Service: Army
E-Mail: mail@scottchandler.net
Unit: 197th Support Battalion ELM
Name: Mark A. Thomas
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: quikdraw461@aol.com
Unit: G- 3rd bat, 24th mar, 4th marine div
Name: Mark Hobby
Service: Army
E-Mail: markhobby@verizon.net
Unit: 240TH S&S Company
Name: John Flowers
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jaflowersfamily@aol.com
Unit: 2nd Combat Engineer BN 2nd MAR DIV
Name: Mark Stears
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: bolgof@aol.com
Unit: Morale Welfare Recreation and Services RAF Chicksa
Name: Blaine A. Hardy
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: docharly@ev1.net
Unit: 2/5
Name: Donald Gifford
Service: Army
E-Mail: gifford@rushmore.com
Unit: 7th Eng. BDE/ 109th ENG Gp.
Name: Jennifer Shannon
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: shannon@eglin.af.mil
Unit: 33 LSS
Name: Michael S. Burec jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: mburec@prodigy.net
Unit: 101st Airborne Division, D Co 326th Med BN (Medeva
Name: Steven Gunn
Service: Army
E-Mail: Boobzii@aol.com
Unit: HHB 2/44 ADA 101st ABN Div
Name: david hoehn
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mcgregor0113@hotmail.com
Name: Donald R. Cobb
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dr_cobb@yahoo.com
Unit: G Co 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines
Name: Jamil Lee
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: j100697@aol.com
Unit: Kilo co. 3/6 wpns.plt 2nd MarDiv
Name: Russell Crawford
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: crawford_russell@hotmail.com
Unit: 1st BN 3rd Marines Comm Plt
Name: Loeb, Troy, A.
Service: Army
E-Mail: troy.loeb@us.army.mil
Unit: 121st Signal Battalion, 1st Infantry Division
Name: William Treece
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: treecewp@2mawcp.usmc.mil
Unit: MWSS-273
Name: Jim Norman
Service: Army
E-Mail: normanjames@hotmail.com
Unit: F Co 51st LRSU Airborne
Name: Ralph DeSanto
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rdesanto@netmost.com
Unit: 907 TAG/1660 TAWP
Name: Darin Warner
Service: Army
E-Mail: dwgeochem@hotmail.com
Unit: 513th MI BDE, 297 MI BN, 174 TF, ETUT
Name: Lynn R. Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: daughertylr@aol.com
Unit: D Troop 4/7th Cav 3AD
Name: Gregory C. Givens
Service: Army
E-Mail: greg72_98@yahoo.com
Unit: D co. , 7/6 Infantry, 3rd Bde. , 1 AD
Service: Navy
Name: Charles Bissett
Service: Army
E-Mail: dbissett@mindspring.com
Unit: 3/27 FA
Name: David Shepard
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dshep@a-znet.com
Unit: 37th TFW/ 415Th TFS
Name: Beatrice Aguado
Service: Army
E-Mail: BAguadoMD2005@msn.com
Unit: 41st csh Combat Support Hospital
Name: James Siemen
Service: Army
E-Mail: jsiemen@us.army.mil
Unit: 362nd Engineer CSE, 20th Engineer Bd.
Name: Ricardo Palmer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: veepalmer@netzero.net
Unit: 2nd Marines 5th Division or 25
Name: tracy collins
Service: Army
E-Mail: thc_collins@hotmail.com
Unit: 16th ENGR BN
Name: David J Schaerrer
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: djs1213@aol.com
Unit: VMFA 451
Name: Rick Seneff
Service: Army
E-Mail: seneff@psci.net
Unit: 1133 transportation co.,68trans batt
Name: cassb2000
Service: Army
E-Mail: cassb200@yahoo.com
Unit: 311th MI
Name: robert clark foster
Service: Army
E-Mail: robclark@mail.com
Unit: HHC 1/34 AR, 1st Inf
Name: Michael Lyons
Service: Army
E-Mail: mpl-lyons@home.com
Unit: 2nd ACR, 1st Squadron, Bravo Troop
Name: Gareth O'Bannon
Service: Army
E-Mail: obannons@erols.com
Unit: 4 -159 Avn Regt/ 2/6 Cav Regt
Name: sean anderson
Service: Army
E-Mail: amanaman10@home.com
Unit: 4/18 inf. 3rd armored division
Name: Charles C McLeod
Service: Army
E-Mail: themcleods@prodigy.net
Unit: B btry 1BN 82FA
Name: Rob Jessee
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: shooter_rob@yahoo.com
Unit: 93ACW
Name: Joy Lippert
Service: Army
E-Mail: jacohen3@home.com
Unit: USAR
Name: Timothy R. Cornett
Service: Army
E-Mail: timocornett@aol.com
Unit: 8-158th Aviation Battalion (AVIM)
Name: Arthur
Service: Army
E-Mail: ArtimusRocks@aol.com
Unit: 795th Postal
Name: Kevin Cowgill
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kevinc@cavtel.net
Unit: 6th Motor Transp. BN
Name: CW2 Johnny Burrus
Service: Army
E-Mail: Jburruscw2@aol.com
Unit: 101st Airborne 8/101st
Name: Mark A. Hawley
Service: Army
E-Mail: hawley2001@hotmail.com
Unit: 761 St Chemical Company
Name: Kenneth Motley
Service: Army
E-Mail: Motley_99@msn.com
Unit: 296TH Trans
Name: Philip Akin
Service: Army
E-Mail: philakin@bellsouth.net
Unit: B Co 24th Signal Bn
Name: Jeff Schwartz
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jeffusmc@ureach.com
Unit: 9th Comm Bn.
Name: Christopher W. Meeks
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: m.a.meeks@worldnet.att.net
Unit: "C" Co 1st Bn 6th Marines
Name: George Godfrey
Service: Army
E-Mail: plutonium1@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 3rd Bde 3rd ID - Phantom Brigade
Name: Kim B Catoe
Service: Navy
E-Mail: greenhornet@onlinexpress.net
Unit: NMCB 40
Name: Peter Pessoni Jr
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pcpessoni@hotmail.com
Unit: 2nd LAAM Bn
Name: SFC (R) Richard L. Bice
Service: Army
Unit: HHB 3/82 FA - B Co 1/8th CAV 1st CAV DIV
Name: Michael Siler
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: usmarine068@cs.com
Unit: 2nd Tank Bn, 2nd Marine Div
Name: jim Fisher
Service: Army
E-Mail: JFisher13@neo.rr.com
Unit: 2/2 ACR 6/41st FA
Name: William "Wes" Nall
Service: Army
E-Mail: nallw@armyocs.com
Unit: C 1-41 Infantry (M), 2 AD (FWD) / 3rd BD 1st ID
Name: Jeff Seidel
Service: Army
E-Mail: jefsy@aol.com
Unit: 501st ord
Name: Scott Freeman
Service: Army
E-Mail: Scott.freeman@verizonwireless.com
Unit: 66 Military Intelligence
Name: daniel sell
Service: Army
E-Mail: dansell45@hotmail.com
Name: Pete DeRose
Service: Army
E-Mail: pderose@prac.com
Unit: A co. 1-8 Cav 1st CD
Name: James David
Service: Army
E-Mail: james.david@footstar.com
Unit: 16 Engr Bn
Name: Darin
Service: Army
E-Mail: dbrand63@aol.com
Unit: HHC1\7- attched to 1st Armored in SWA
Name: Gregory
Service: Army
E-Mail: halls4@gateway.net
Unit: 3/ 327 INF
Name: Calvin Carmon
Service: Army
E-Mail: cccarmon@aol.com
Unit: B 4/43 ADA Giessen Germany
Name: Peter Jackson
Service: Army
E-Mail: pjackson3@stny.rr.com
Unit: Alpa Company 3rd Armored Division
Name: Peter Jackson
Service: Army
E-Mail: pjackson3@stny.rr.com
Unit: Alpa Company 3rd Armored Division
Name: Michael Blackwell
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: MBlack3424@msn.com
Unit: "B" CO 8TH Communications BN
Name: Gerald J. Simmons Jr. "Butch"
Service: Army
E-Mail: gsimmons@twcny.rr.com
Unit: 4-229th AAHR
Name: Daniel McMullen
Service: Navy
E-Mail: danmcm@aol.com
Unit: BB-63
Name: Sean
Service: Army
E-Mail: CibGrunt@cs.com
Unit: 2-22 Infantry, 1-87 Infantry , 10th Mountain Divis
Name: Robert D Farmer Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: rdfarmerjr@cox.net
Unit: 581st MI Company
Name: Terri (Walden) McLaughlin
Service: Army
E-Mail: okie_69301@hotmail.com
Unit: C 5/7 ADA
Name: Shannon Schuhart
Service: Navy
E-Mail: skunkfat@aol.com
Name: David L. Miller
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dlmiller6@hotmail.com
Unit: Mag-26,Mag-15,Mag-13,Mag-11,MWSS171,Mals-11,Mals-1
Name: Kenneth Pokrywka
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: cybermause@aol.com
Unit: 4404th Munitions
Name: Joey Caviedes
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: jcaviedes@firstlegalsupport.com
Unit: GOLF CO. 2/4
Name: Randy Kamradt
Service: Army
E-Mail: randykam@swpc.net
Unit: D Co. 2/325 AIR, 82nd ABN
Name: leon
Service: Army
Unit: HHC 24th Sig BN
Name: Odell Williams
Service: Army
E-Mail: odell.williams@us.army.mil
Unit: 1245th Trans
Service: Army
Name: Bill
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Byshu@aol.com
Unit: A--Division
Name: antonio h ortega
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tony7_11@yahoo.com
Unit: gsm co 1st maintbn 1st fssg
Name: Troy McVay
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: troy_mcvay@excite.com
Unit: 1611 AES --Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (P)
Name: Spann, Amos Roosevelt
Service: Army
E-Mail: cajunsecrets@yahoo.com
Unit: Romeo 262th QM BN
Name: Paul McCord
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: paul@paulmccord.net
Unit: 510 Fighter Squadron
Name: Shaun Stanley
Service: Army
E-Mail: stanley@wvnetworks.com
Unit: 1/201s FA - WVNG - Fairmont, WV
Name: Russell Palm
Service: Army
E-Mail: russellpalm@hotmail.com
Unit: C Co. 101st MI BN
Name: William E. Wetherell
Service: Army
E-Mail: billwetherell@tds.net
Unit: A Company 3/66th Armor, 2 AD (Forward)
Name: Scott F. Gould
Service: Army
E-Mail: sfgnspd21@cox.net
Unit: 118th MP Bn
Name: Charles Lee
Service: Army
E-Mail: alee@tecwrite.com
Unit: 4/325 82ND Airborne Div.
Name: Tina L. McClintock
Service: Army
E-Mail: jharryl@hotmail.com
Unit: 236 Med Co
Name: Denzil Jones
Service: Army
E-Mail: dj3802@netzero.net
Unit: 491st ACD 24th Trans Bn 7th Trans Gp
Name: Seldon, Michael A.
Service: Army
E-Mail: maseldon@aol.com
Unit: 800th MMC
Name: Neville Lyons
Service: Army
E-Mail: neville@iclub.org
Name: michael dunfee
Service: Army
E-Mail: mittlthunder@aol.com
Unit: tanker divison
Name: Jim Stranahan
Service: Army
E-Mail: jstranahan181mds@yahoo.com
Unit: 28thCSH
Name: Walter V Tanner Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: wtanner@rconnect.com
Unit: 1133 Trans Co.
Name: carl maurer
Service: Army
E-Mail: apache1962@webtv.net
Unit: 7th BN,6th INF (MECH) 1 AD
Name: Ronnie Delgado
Service: Army
E-Mail: delgadorad1@aol.com
Unit: B Btry 3/4 ADAR 82nd Aurborne
Service: Army
E-Mail: grilljr@aol.com
Unit: CCO 249TH ECB
Name: John w. Caldwell
Service: Army
E-Mail: jascr1@msn.com
Unit: 703rd and 710th
Name: Richard Gallagher II
Service: Army
E-Mail: gmaner2@hotmail.com
Unit: 368 Trans .co Ft Story , Va 23459
Name: Francisco Diaz III
Service: Army
E-Mail: diazf@mpinet.net
Unit: C co 4/34 Armor
Name: Eric S. Shilling
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: eshilling@c-cor.net
Name: Kent Hall
Service: Army
E-Mail: ekhall@hotmail.com
Name: Philip J. Creek
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Salvozero@hotmail.com
Unit: S.E.A.L. Team 6
Name: Mark S. Parrish
Service: Army
E-Mail: markjuliemax1@home.com
Unit: 41 HHC - 162 Btln
Name: Pablo Feliciano
Service: Army
E-Mail: pablo.feliciano@forscom.army.mil
Unit: D 5-3 ADA
Name: Steve Welch
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: FormerMarine7@email.com
Unit: Kilo 3/5 2nd Platoon 5th MEB
Service: Marine Corps
Name: Arthur L Fleming jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: Lt Lafayette@.com
Unit: Bco 3rd eng 24 Inf Div
Name: Shawn W. Truelove
Service: Navy
E-Mail: catfishcatfish@hotmail.com
Name: william d. price
Service: Army
E-Mail: otherbrother36
Unit: 542 maint.comp ft. lewis, wa.
Name: SGT. Fredrick Brown
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: fjb1@ix.netcom.com
Unit: 1/5 & 2/11 Task Force Ripper
Name: William F Gerling Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: gerlingw@home.com
Unit: HHB 4/82 FA - 3AD
Name: Frank Santos
Service: Army
E-Mail: frank.santos@us.army.mil
Unit: HHC 121st Sig BN, FT Riley KS
Name: Scott Benson
Service: Army
E-Mail: Scottt1966@hotmail.com
Unit: 7th Corps HQ
Name: Michael G Bennett
Service: Army
E-Mail: michael751@freenet.de
Unit: HHT 2/2 ACR
Name: Jesse C Hayes
Service: Army
E-Mail: carlhayes@hotmail.com
Unit: 22nd Maint Co. TACFIRE/42FA BDE
Name: Todd Newell
Service: Army
E-Mail: redleg62n@netscape.net
Unit: A/94 FA (MLRS)
Name: SFC Langford, Ronald W.
Service: Army
E-Mail: ronwlangford@hotmail.com
Unit: HHC 7th Sig Bde
Name: Dennis P. Mawn
Service: Army
E-Mail: dmawn@hotmail.com
Unit: 372nd MP Co
Name: don wicks
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: riverew@home.com
Unit: India Co. 3/5 3rd plattoon
Name: Richard Mayer
Service: Navy
E-Mail: rick@mayeronline.org
Unit: USS Manitowoc
Name: shirley james
Service: Army
E-Mail: wessonshi@yahoo.com
Name: Bruce D. Tait
Service: Army
E-Mail: btait@erols.com
Unit: 972 MP Company
Name: Sara Phoenix
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: saraphoenix@hotmail.com
Unit: 2MarDiv
Name: Chris Buckius
Service: Army
E-Mail: chris_buckius@yahoo.com
Unit: D BTRY 5\3 ADA
Name: Carl Jenkins
Service: Army
E-Mail: yotis_hootis@yahoo.com
Unit: B.Btry 5/18th fa 75th Brigade
Name: mark smith
Service: Navy
E-Mail: snipe1967@aol.com
Unit: uss niagara falls (afs-3)
Name: Chris Enzweiler
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ckenz@insightbb.com
Unit: 305th AREFW (1703 AREFWP)
Name: Mark A. Davis
Service: Navy
E-Mail: e_z_keyel@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Blue Ridge
Name: John A Laczko
Service: Army
E-Mail: harvestu@iexaltmail.com
Unit: C co 801st Mt Bn/ 101st Airborne Div
Name: Vincent Kerchenski
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: kerchenski.1@osu.edu
Unit: 438 APS
Name: Chris Millikin
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: chris@sec-comm.com
Unit: 3rd TAC Fighter Group
Name: Frederick (Rick) Turner
Service: Army
E-Mail: skypilt1@bellsouth.net
Unit: 3-101 Aviation Regt, 101st (AirAssault) DIV
Name: Michelle White
Service: Army
E-Mail: gapeach6206@aol.com
Unit: 533rd Trans Co. (Now 104th Trans Co)
Name: Chris S. Turner
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: cst_007@msn
Unit: 1st Battalion, 1st Marines
Name: sam moses
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: samoses@alltel.net
Unit: 9th marines
Name: Charles (Rick) Gottschalk
Service: Air Force
Name: Ty Gibney
Service: Army
E-Mail: tygibney@aol.com
Unit: 7th Corp
Name: eric widmer
Service: Navy
E-Mail: widmerdgr81dawg@aol.com
Unit: uss constellation cv-64 p-1 4mmr
Name: Jeffrey Adams
Service: Army
E-Mail: copierdr@yahoo.com
Unit: HHC 3/7 INF s-3
Name: Merreld K. Clegg
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mclegg69@aol.com
Name: Rich Young
Service: Army
E-Mail: Peakhigh@earthlink.com
Unit: 8/158th Avn bn
Name: Brian Clampitt
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: ripctt@hotmail.com
Unit: 354 TFW/CES
Name: Kevin Coker
Service: Navy
E-Mail: kevin.coker@compaq.com
Unit: USS John F. Kennedy CV-67
Name: Richard E. Hamilton, II
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: preacher_deohge@military.com
Unit: C Co. BLT 1/4, 13th MEU SOC. USS Okinawa
Service: Air Force
Unit: 6 ARS
Service: Army
E-Mail: jtlsjl3@aol.com
Unit: 1404 TC AZ national guard
Name: David G Worley
Service: Army
E-Mail: dgwandafw@aol.com
Unit: Aco 50th Signal
Name: Todd Plesco
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: tplesco@hotmail.com
Unit: 2d MEF, BSSG-6, CSSD-28
Name: mark cannon
Service: Army
E-Mail: canman2m@netscape.net
Unit: 1st cavalry div.
Service: Navy
E-Mail: shane_mora@hotmail.com
Unit: uss merrill
Name: William Breck Bradley
Service: Army
E-Mail: skyclad40@yahoo.com
Unit: A Co. 299th Engr. Bn.
Name: Freeda M. Nelson
Service: Army
E-Mail: tessnel27_@excite.com
Unit: HHC Discom /101st Airborne Air Assault Division
Name: David Lusk
Service: Army
Unit: 525 MI Bde and 101st Airborne Div (AASLT)
Name: Andrew Clark
Service: Army
E-Mail: andrew@ssdi-vet.com
Unit: B Co 7-159th Avn Regt
Name: Paula Fluharty
Service: Navy
E-Mail: exsquid@hotmail.com
Unit: HC-6
Name: Michael McAvoy
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: mcavoymike@hotmail.com
Unit: 5 Maps
Name: SGT Rodney G. Malcolm
Service: Army
E-Mail: casucci80@cs.com
Unit: B. Co 2/502 INF REG
Name: Landon Varnell
Service: Army
E-Mail: lltk4evr@aol.com
Unit: 2/325 AIR 82nd Airborne
Name: Price William D.
Service: Army
E-Mail: otherbrother36@yahoo.com
Unit: 542nd MT.CO. Ft.Lewis Wa.
Name: Brian Wool
Service: Navy
E-Mail: bwool@hotmail.com
Unit: USS Marvin Shields FF-1066
Service: Army
Name: Alicia Denton
Service: Army
E-Mail: papeace@msn.com
Unit: 320th AG Postal
Name: Heidi Lee Gendreau(was Cardoza)
Service: Navy
E-Mail: westport31@aol.com
Unit: MCAS Cherry Point, N.C. & Quantico, VA
Name: Todd Uhl
Service: Navy
E-Mail: todd09@excite.com
Unit: USNS Comfort
Name: Hector J. Castro
Service: Army
E-Mail: impalass42@hotmail.com
Unit: B-CO, 1-41 INF. GARSTED, GE.
Name: John Klewicki
Service: Army
E-Mail: DesertRatMP@aol.com
Unit: 361st MP Co. North Canton OH
Name: Conrad Blair
Service: Army
E-Mail: gingerbloke@blueyonder.co.uk
Unit: R.EM.E. Att to 12 A.D. REG Royal Artillery
Name: Paul G. Vaughn
Service: Army
E-Mail: pgvaughn2000@yahoo.com
Unit: D Co. 2-227 AHB 3AD.
Name: Daniel Nightengale
Service: Army
E-Mail: ddnight@yahoo.com
Unit: C Troop, 1/11th ACR
Name: Richard J. Brodmann
Service: Navy
Unit: USS Saginaw (LST-1188)
Name: mark ivey
Service: Army
E-Mail: markeydmark@gmx.de
Unit: C -A 1/27 FA mlrs
Name: Samuel Ellias
Service: Army
E-Mail: sellias@oz-online.net
Unit: HHC 2-70 ar
Name: Valentin Castro
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: Kilo Company, 3rd Bat., 9th Marines
Name: Gary Graham
Service: Army
E-Mail: alpha1@centurytel.net
Unit: 107th maint co (-)
Name: Eric M. Crawford
Service: Army
E-Mail: ecrawford@kscable.com
Unit: 301 MP
Name: Robert Lewis
Service: Marine Corps
Unit: 3rd RPV Co., 1st SRIG
Name: Lt. Dwayne Fergusson
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: dfergusson@bentall.com
Unit: US Rangers Recon
Name: Christian R. Richter
Service: Army
E-Mail: richters4@earthlink.net
Unit: 1/27-FA-41brigade
Name: Matt Lambert
Service: Navy
E-Mail: mlambert@pressenter.com
Name: victor lopez
Service: Army
E-Mail: yogisoul@hotmail.com
Unit: 85th Evacuation Hospital
Name: Ernie Rubottom
Service: Navy
E-Mail: elruby71@yahoo.com
Unit: Uss Wisconsin (BB-64) 1st Div.
Name: Sgt. Shannon Vanoss (Hancock)
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: shannonvanoss@home.com
Unit: HQCO, HQBN, 2d Marine Division
Name: Bill (Pops) Webster
Service: Army
E-Mail: ddingus1@msn.com
Unit: HHC 1/18th Inf Bn, (197th Inf Bgd) 3/24th Inf Div
Name: Derek Kannenberg
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: derek.kannenberg@wcom.com
Unit: CSSD 26
Name: Christopher J. Albrecht
Service: Army
E-Mail: chrisambor@cs.com
Unit: 307th Engr 82nd Airborne
Name: Ted Jones
Service: Army
E-Mail: tjones09@snet.net
Unit: 142 med company clr
Name: Bill Bates
Service: Army
E-Mail: webates123@aol.com
Unit: hhc 5/16 inf Scouts 1st ID
Name: Michael Gilbert
Service: Army
E-Mail: 1stCavTanker@msn.com
Unit: HQ Tanks Section, HHC 1/32 Armor, 1st Cavalry Divi
Name: Craig
Service: Navy
E-Mail: xxxnavyseal@aol.com
Unit: phibseabee2 blue 2
Name: Jody D. Crockett
Service: Army
E-Mail: jodycrockett@hotmail.com
Unit: HHD 7th Transportation Battilion
Name: CW2 Thomas W. Baxter, Jr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: thomas.baxter@drum.army.mil
Unit: 10th Mountain Division (LI)
Name: John F Donaldson
Service: Army
E-Mail: jfd67@hotmail.com
Unit: B Co. 307th Abn Med Bn
Name: Tom Luepkes
Service: Army
E-Mail: tluepkes@yahoo.com
Unit: HHB 5/18 FA
Name: Hayward T. Smith
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: Titleist2006@home.com
Unit: 728 ACS
Name: Lori Nordel/Zimmerman
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: zmann@epix.net
Unit: 913th / 1660th
Name: Benjamin Hernandez
Service: Army
E-Mail: bengiehs@hotmail.com
Unit: 201st evac hospital
Name: Dearick Smith
Service: Army
E-Mail: DearickSmith@Hotmail.com
Unit: 2BN/70TH ARMOR
Name: Vernal Hairston
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: hairston7@home.com
Name: Richard D. Terry
Service: Army
E-Mail: richard_terry2000@yahoo.com
Unit: C Btry 1/319th AFAR
Name: Mike Kloppenburg
Service: Army
E-Mail: mklopp@opulence.com
Unit: A CO. 1/327 INF 101 ABN
Name: Bryan Harris
Service: Army
E-Mail: BryanMHarris@worldnet.att.net
Unit: Bco,3/35Ar.Bn.1stAD(BamburgGer)
Name: Johnny K Christon
Service: Army
E-Mail: johnnychriston@prodigy.net
Unit: HHT 3/3 ACR
Name: Anthony (Tony) Soika
Service: Army
E-Mail: SoikaT@usmma.edu
Unit: 644th Ordnance Company
Name: Michael Ray
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: the_rays@msn.com
Unit: 7 th Marines, TOW Plt, Task Force Ripper
Name: Mark Moss
Service: Army
E-Mail: moss29@qwest.net
Name: Eugene Kriner
Service: Army
E-Mail: genekriner@schoollink.net
Unit: HSB 2/319th AFAR 82 ABN DIV
Name: Alex Powers
Service: Army
E-Mail: inffighter6@aol.com
Unit: TF 6/6, 1st Armored Division, Bamberg, GE
Name: Oswaldo M. Brau
Service: Army
E-Mail: oswaldo.brau@us.army.mil
Unit: 557th Maintenance Company, 87th BN
Name: Morgan P. Byington
Service: Army
E-Mail: Panda19d@aol.com
Unit: BDEcout PLT 2AD (FWD)
Name: william r. ziegler
Service: Army
E-Mail: tnff@attglobal.net
Unit: 2nd ACR
Name: Don Barber
Service: Navy
Unit: U.S.S. Raleigh LPD-1
Name: Mark Schantz
Service: Army
E-Mail: markschantz@hotmail.com
Unit: 101st Airborne Div.
Name: Robert Rider
Service: Army
E-Mail: SgtRider@aol.com
Unit: B Co, 13th Sig Bn, 1st Cav, Ft Hood Tx
Service: Other
E-Mail: asterfazal@yahoo.com
Unit: single
Name: Kevin T. Ryan
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: kryan1969@juno.com
Unit: A Btry 1/12, KMCAS, HI
Name: John E. Gebhards
Service: Army
E-Mail: jegebhards
Unit: Kuwait Task Force
Name: Daniel Cowdery
Service: Army
E-Mail: danielcowdery@comcast.net
Unit: 101st Airborne Division
Name: Jim Kelly
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: pipefittr01@yahoo.com
Unit: 3/3 Comm
Name: M.J. Ashcraft
Service: Navy
E-Mail: netgoddd@earthlink.net
Unit: U.S.S. Enterprise, CVN-62
Name: Donnie Ganzer
Service: Army
E-Mail: Donnie_Margie_1@hotmail.com
Unit: 17th ENG. 2AD (FWD)
Name: Robert Ainsworth
Service: Army
E-Mail: pastorbob@cathedralofthevalley.com
Unit: 513th MI BDE
Name: Salvador Tucker
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: setucker1@yahoo.com
Unit: 354 TFW
Name: Bernard E. Williford, Jr
Service: Army
E-Mail: willifordb@hotmail.com
Unit: 5th BN 18th IN, 3rd AD
Name: Joseph Karkula
Service: Army
Unit: 1st Maintenance Battalion
Name: Ron J. Pate
Service: Army
E-Mail: Darkman519@aol.com
Unit: B Co, 501st Signal Battalion
Name: Keena Cochise Sydnor Sr.
Service: Army
E-Mail: k_sydnor@hotmail.com
Unit: 24 ID, A Bty 1st Bn, 5th ADA
Name: Chris Tabor
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: crtabor@yahoo.com
Unit: E Co., 2nd Bn, 7th Marines
Name: Shawn Rowe
Service: Army
E-Mail: shawnrowe1@yahoo.com
Unit: 3rd Armored 6th Batallion, 6th Infantry
Name: Margaret K. Quigg
Service: Army
E-Mail: pquigg@moact.org
Unit: 1267th Medical Company
Name: Clayton D. Crummey
Service: Army
E-Mail: combatvet8691@msn.com
Unit: 822 Military Police Company
Name: Richard (Chad) Balwanz
Service: Army
E-Mail: stewartsville@hotmail.com
Unit: 5th Special Forces Group
Name: Shane Womack
Service: Navy
E-Mail: swomack@moultriega.com
Unit: 1/11 (H Btry 3/14) TF Papa Bear
Name: Lonnie Sessions
Service: Army
E-Mail: spook@intrstar.net
Unit: E. CO 3/15 inf 24th inf Div
Name: Thomas G. Lee
Service: Army
E-Mail: tlee@unitelwps.com
Unit: E Company, 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment,
Name: jeremy black
Service: Army
E-Mail: jermy342@yahoo.com
Unit: 595 clr 2nd plt
Name: Daniel Soderberg
Service: Army
E-Mail: daniel.soderberg@us.army.mil
Unit: 2-67 Armor
Name: John Hawkins
Service: Army
E-Mail: hawkins9091@cs.com
Unit: 403rd MP Company
Name: Robert C. Bebout
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rbebout@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Communications Squadron
Name: Robert C. Bebout
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rbebout@yahoo.com
Unit: 1st Communications Squadron
Name: charles (big al) allen
Service: Army
E-Mail: chuckshi3@hotmail.com
Unit: 194th transportation (res,sc)
Service: Navy
Name: Charles L. Speir
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: dudeipms@juno.com
Unit: 301 Military Airlift Squadron (C-5)
Name: Robert Long
Service: Air Force
E-Mail: rlong2666@aol.com
Unit: Blueball Express
Name: Dave Haner
Service: Navy
E-Mail: drdefib@sbcglobal.net
Unit: 6th Marine Regiment
Name: harold Martinez
Service: Army
E-Mail: sapper_662000@yahoo.com
Unit: C co. 19th Engr Bn
Name: Don Angel
Service: Army
E-Mail: ngl1123@hotmail.com
Unit: 8th Psyop Bn.(A)
Name: James B. Durham III
Service: Navy
E-Mail: Bulldurham3@juno.com
Unit: 2nd Marine Air Wing Cherry Point MCAS
Name: Robert Giordano
Service: Army
E-Mail: bob.giordano@cagwin.com
Unit: 24th Infantry division
Name: Jessie Bolado
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: taytay83@yahoo.com
Unit: 1/8
Service: Marine Corps
Name: anthony hardiman
Service: Army
E-Mail: harman@bellsouth.net
Unit: 549th qm co
Name: Joseph Hazuka
Service: Army
E-Mail: josephhazuka@yahoo.com
Unit: 181st MI Btn
Name: Shawn P. Brown
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: www.wma_dcct@hotmail.com
Unit: 2/4 echo company
Name: David Wiggins
Service: Army
E-Mail: Wolfdnd1@msn.com
Unit: 3rd armored 3/8th cav
Name: Hale, Adam
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: admhl@cs.com
Unit: Wpns. Co. 2/3 81's plt. Kmcas Hi.
Name: Richard Grega
Service: Army
Unit: HHC 43rd CSG
Service: Army
Name: Michael K. Bailey
Service: Marine Corps
E-Mail: mcq8vet@earthlink.net
Unit: Bravo 1/2 2nd Plt
Service: Army