Copyright 1996 by Bo H. Friesen
This picture may be distributed freely as long as there is no money charged for its retrieval and it is not altered in any way.

Officers of I Troop, 3/3 ACR 10 km south of the Iraqi border
on 20 February 1991 (4 days before the ground war started).

Standing (l-r): 1LT Mel Wilson (Red 1), 2LT John Drake (White 1),
1LT Jon Negin (Blue 1), 1LT Scott Landry (Support Plt Leader),
Sitting (l-r): 2LT Bill Martinez (Green 1), CPT Bo Friesen (Black 6),
1LT Bob McPeak (Fire Support Officer). Kneeling: 1LT Aaron McClain (Black 5).