National Gulf War Resource Center

Gulf War Syndrome Self-Help Guide

Table of Contents
A Letter From the President of the NGWRC

What is Gulf War Syndrome?

Known Exposures

Chemical And Biological Weapons (CBW)
Drugs and Vaccines
Depleted Uranium (DU) Munitions
Environmental Exposures
Leishmaniasis & Endemic Diseases

Who Has Gulf War Syndrome?

Civilian Participants
Civilian Non-Participants
Families & Close Living Contacts
Communicability & Blood Ban
Symptoms and Private Medical Research

Common Symptoms
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
Private Medical Research
Alternative Medicine

Congressional & Federal Actions

House Committees
Senate Committees
Government Accounting Office (GAO)
Persian Gulf Veterans' Coordinating Board
CDC Research
Presidential Advisory Committee

VA Programs and Actions

Medical Treatment
Checklist for Application for Medical Benefits
Medical Exam Protocol

Filing VA Disability Claims

Service Connected Claims
Non-Service Connected Pensions
Rules for Undiagnosed Illnesses

DoD Programs and Actions

Medical Treatment
Discharge Options

Counseling and P.T.S.D.

Vet Centers
Symptoms of P.T.S.D.
VA Readjustment Counseling

How to Live with Chronic Illnesses

Social Security Admin. Programs

Litigation Against Chemical Companies

Topical Bibliographies

Resources or "Where to Get Help"

Health and Research Organizations
Gulf War Syndrome Organizations

Veterans Service Organizations
Other Veteran & Military Organizations
WWW Sites, Bulletin Board and Email List
State and County Agencies
Legal Aid and Legal Services Offices
Private Attorneys

Appendix A - Gulf War Syndrome Health Questionnaire

Appendix B -
Checklist of Symptoms

Appendix C -
VA Regulations: Compensation for Undiag-
                        nosed Illnesses of Persian Gulf Veterans

Appendix D
- VA Form "Guidelines for Application for
  Medical Benefits

Appendix E
- VA Form 10-10T Application for Medical

Appendix F - VA Form 10-101(R) Insurance Information

Appendix G - VA Form 10-10F(RS) Financial Worksheet

Appendix H
- National Gulf War Resource Center Inc.
          Application for Membership

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