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Carl Shires

Each photo is approximately 35,000 bytes in size.

These photos were extracted from a videotape which was made by various units of VII Corps at the direction of General Franks. He directed the purchase of several hundred cameras and had them placed on combat vehicles throughout the corps. The various films were edited by a KY Army National Guard unit into a 6-hour tape.

Tank in action
Tank blows up
Destroyed Iraqi tank
Same as above / new angle
AH-64 Apache on tarmac
Close-up on pilot in cockpit
F-14 leaves carrier deck
Soldiers on firing line
Hummv / TOW missile fires
Thumbs up
Soldier with M16 / Sunset in background
Tank Commander
F-14 Takeoff from Carrier
American Flag
Pilot Radiates Happiness from Cockpit
MLR Launch
Cobra Gunship
A-10 Warthog
F-18 Takeoff from Carrier (wide shot)

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